Intel 200-based motherboard and 7th generation CPU has a grand debut, but still nothing to enhance the toothpaste, so we look for hope in AMD body, that is to say there is a long, long time RYZEN CPU, and It is said that the top RYZEN to about half the price war i7-6900K, it is still very good. Today, the United States Las Vegas CES2017 above, MSI on the first show of the RYZEN 300 series motherboard with a look at how the work materials.

And we started off when the display of the MSI Z270 from the same series, is to limit the overclocking as a selling point of the XPOWER, at least that RYZEN is certainly open overclocking. MSI X370 XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM appearance almost 90% followed this series of design, when I first saw the Z270 is a mistake to see … the most obvious feature is AMD’s CPU base, this is one I can identify / N the biggest feature of the motherboard.

DDR4 Boost, Audio Boost, lightning USB interface supports USB 3.1 Type A & Type C, M.2, dual CF / SLI, three-way CF, a variety of the latest types of interfaces are equipped.

From this generation, APU and RYZEN share the same interface, you can work on the same motherboard. This means that if you do pre-APU to do the transition, the future can be upgraded to high-end RYZEN without having to replace the motherboard, which is done very well. I hope AMD will allow the service life of this interface to extend, like FM1, FM2, FM2 + a few years ago, the frequency of replacement is still relatively high.

This is the high-end X370 chipset motherboard, which is certainly not less support for multi-card, provides three PCIe slots, the above two have alloy solidification design, can enhance the strength of the slot to support dual SLI and the highest Three-way CF. Also equipped with two M.2 SSD interface, this interface is now more and more fire, certainly not backward, but did not use the Z270 XPOWER M.2 SHIELD design.

I / O interface, the most important is the lightning interface USB 3.1 Type A and Type C, and DP and HDMI display output, is prepared for the APU.

B350 is the mainstream class AM4 slot motherboard, and positioning is similar to the original 970, A75, this chipset sales will theoretically be the highest generation.

There are also four memory slots, I / O interface does not use USB 3.1, but after all, is the mainstream level of the motherboard. VGA output interface, very take care of old users. Indicating that this generation of APU can also support VGA output.

These are the heavy new products MSI booth, after all, is the first public display AMD 300 series motherboard manufacturers, and look forward to the full evaluation of RYZEN it.