The second half of last year’s popular bicycle sharing, leaving a clear impression to the outside world: aside from the cost of repairer, low prices encountered bad weather and unexpected damage even second-hand platform for recycling, it seems slim profit margins or earnings cycle long.

In contrast to public perception, the capital market enthusiasm for the sharing of cycling all the way higher, in addition to pioneer Mo worship, small-ming bike, small blue bicycle, Youbai cycling, white bicycles competing to reach, Ali, drops, millet and other well-known Internet company’s presence.

It is not difficult to see that, in the interests of no early investors than anyone else, despite the shared bicycle weather and other force majeure factors, as well as man-made destruction and other social bad habits, but with the massive high viscosity users compared to the great prospects Not worth mentioning, or loss within the bear range is more accurate.

On the one hand, the sharing of bicycles is a multi-scene high-frequency demand, in addition to the campus, shared bicycle can also be used for large residential areas, parks, shopping malls and other scenes, and travel is the user just need to travel up to hundreds of millions of times a day; , The sharing of bicycles can not only effectively solve the big city congestion caused by travel problems, and can save the road space, compared with the open car, each bike can save 9 square meters to the road.

Despite the current regulatory policy is not yet clear, but the face of this cycle of low-carbon bicycle sharing, saving space for the road keeping up with the trend of the times the way the government will promote, encourage bad, but at least not forbidden. Therefore, all kinds of good to promote shared by the crazy pursuit of capital markets, not only into the game more and more players, and access to 100 million yuan financing has become almost standard, and investors are not a small head.

It is foreseeable that 2017 will be an important year to share the outbreak of cycling, which proves the overestimation of the share of bicycle market competition fierce, exactly that sharing bicycles are still in the staking stage, from the battle is too early , The latter has been clamoring for “within 3 months to end the cycling war.”

It is undeniable that the share of cycling industry in the influx of hot money has become more powerful, has a considerable influence in the first-tier cities, but I still have to share in the rising stage of a bicycle spilled cold water. According to past experience, a popular field from obscurity to capital pursuit and then to the rapid cooling, although entrepreneurs quit or transition for different reasons, but the capital is undoubtedly an important factor can not be ignored, even with “capital is also capital failure” to Described is not excessive.

Right now, shared coiled by the capital has been opened to expand the mode of madness, with the continued into the new city, the number of cycling climbing, the profit is not a priority for the sharing of cycling players, the cash flow is undoubtedly a huge test. In addition, I think that shared cycling in Happy Valley enclosure process there are three major worries.

First, the blind pursuit of expansion and slack product standards

Entrepreneurship is fast not broken, especially when competitors rush to the entrepreneurial business growth rate of higher demands, shared bicycle is also true. Uphold the capital will not slow down the expansion of the pace of the players, the new city to speed up and increase the intensity of vehicle delivery is to enhance the user volume and activity, the two key indicators are the focus of competition to share bicycles. However, shared bicycle is not burn money will be able to solve all the problems, pre-burn more, the greater the cost of inputs, the later issue may be more serious.

On the one hand, the sharing of bicycles by the capital ripening may be in the details and product quality is difficult to control, and hardware products usually take time to uncompromising attention, while cycling riding experience and riding safety has always been the focus of user attention. Whether it is self-built factories or hand bicycle manufacturers, most of the current share of cycling players did not enter the bicycle supply chain, master the right to speak of manufacturing bicycle is out of the question, leading to large-scale production is missing, inevitably defective.

On the other hand, the more the burden of sharing the more heavy cycling, to some extent limit the follow-up development. Sharing cycling players need to be considered is that shared cycling can be improved through the upgrading experience, optimize costs, but also before the large-scale cycling as a burden, and only properly resolved in order to achieve sustainable development.

Second, the sharing of cycling operations did not give full play to technological superiority

In the capital under the help of shared cycling has always been a fundamental breakthrough in the user experience, bear the brunt of finding a car is difficult, because the technical advantage is not fully exploited, and O2O early subsidies, red envelope fame and criticism of competition The level is too low is exactly the same.

On the surface, looking for cars and cycling density is directly related to, but in the final analysis and cycling strategy. At present, the sharing of bicycles mainly concentrated in the important transport hub and the central business district, the dead of night and then manually through the chaos to stop the random cycling to regular parking place. In other words, shared bicycle mainly based on experience-based, technology does not effectively intervene.

I always wanted to Tucao point is that sometimes not because of bicycle to find a car less, but its location on the map shows inaccurate or not in time display, the use of bicycle in the process of convergence is particularly evident, which is not immature technology is not without relationship. In my opinion, sharing the intensity and speed of cycling is important, but the essence of Competition is the operation, that is trying to optimize the user experience to enhance user stickiness, which plays an important role in technology.

For example, shared cycling players can understand the cycling trajectory and distribution through big data, the former can know the hot starting place, which can be informed of illegal parking “hardest hit.” Based on information transparency, it can be more popular in the starting point of the bicycle, in order to fully meet the needs of users, and the “hardest hit” users to push the direction of civilized parking warning to reduce post-maintenance costs.

In fact, the shared bicycle market is bound to be a protracted war or marathon, riding cycling CEO Zhou Hai has said that the physical product is a jogger. This means that run fast business model run, and simply by virtue of explosive power may not be able to laugh at the end, only the strength and patience of the players to the ultimate winner, day-to-day operations play a technical advantage is particularly important, its application areas far more than In cycling and governance illegal parking.

Third, the uncertainty of government regulation

Cycling is always the core of cycling operations, shared bicycle and government-led planning and implementation of public bicycle riding experience is almost the same, the advantage is to play mobile Internet convenient features, no substantive innovation, if you have to hook with innovation , I think the biggest innovation is to share the cycle to cancel the parking pile. At the same time, although the sharing of bicycles full of commercial color, but its low pricing, medium and short-distance green travel, so that the public property is better than commercial properties, and public bicycles to form a positive competitive situation. As a result, the Government’s attitude towards the sharing of bicycles is of paramount importance, making it the largest variable affecting its prospects.

On the one hand, the App to replace the traditional car to pay the deposit to pay the way to do the card threshold is not high, the Government can do it, but also wielding administrative sticks to suppress the operation of the market share of bicycles, the latter parry; , With the increasing number of shared bicycles, illegal parking caused by social problems for government regulation to provide sufficient grounds. Although the attitudes of regulators have not been clearly defined, it should be clear that shared cycling players are more proactive in working with the government than barbaric growth. Moore, ofo, Hellobike and the local government have reached a cooperation, mainly to the designated parking area based, although with its shouting “anytime, anywhere with the ride”, “stop with” and other slogans contrary, but this one Compromise is conducive to the smooth conduct of business in the local.

In fact, shared bicycle in some cities has led to the rapid development of the involvement of local regulatory authorities, Chengdu, Shenzhen introduced the relevant parking regulations or parking requirements draft, but in view of the shared bicycle has not yet infiltrated the country and have a huge impact, Chengdu, Shenzhen supervision Policy on the overall expansion of the shared bicycle has little effect. In my opinion, as the new field of travel things, shared bicycle regulatory path may be similar with the network car, that is, in the country blossom results in social hot and government concerns, the introduction of state-level regulatory regulations around the re-introduction of the relevant rules. This means that the future shared cycling fate remains variable.

In short, the 2017 shared bicycle will usher in a large outbreak, but high-speed expansion will often cover up the development of the shortcomings of the product quality, technology must be in operation, regulatory policy trends and other core issues doubly concerned.