Razer  shine in the CES Consumer Electronics Show, and today’s “Razer” not only focus on light peripherals product design and development, gaming Notebook and many other product line completion will also “Razer” to a new brand height.

Today, we return to the “Razer” the most expertise peripherals product line to DIY enthusiasts to bring a new mechanical keyboard products – “Razer Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2”.

This product is still part of the Razer “Black Widow” keyboard product sequence, which is a well-known netizens a keyboard product line, but this latest “V2” model keyboard is exceptionally mysterious, even this year the world’s largest One of the exhibition “CES”, we have not seen this kind of product. The 23rd article on the evening of 23:00 release time is precisely this product the world’s NDA can be the earliest exposure time.

From the model point of view, we can see that “BlackWidow Chroma V2” is “BlackWidow Chroma” upgrade products, these two products at first glance very much imagine, but “V2” is a newly designed keyboard new products, in the This we also got the first generation of “BlackWidow Chroma” in the content inserted for comparative evaluation.

Evaluation of the content we will use a large number of details of the previous generation contrast

The same RGB backlight concept, the same number of buttons, different details and materials, the new listing of “Chroma V2” does have a very strong sense of technology; this evaluation will be based on product appearance, design 1, two generations of details, And other multi-dimensional test. Players have any suggestions and views on this product please go to the comments below to say what you think.


First of all, we take a look at this “Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 keyboard,” the design, a mysterious masterpiece of Chinese New Year has finally opened its veil.


“BlackWidow Chroma V2” keyboard and the same number of the first generation of the keycap, also uses a 104 +5 the number of keys, V2 version of the left side of the main keyboard area still retains five additional keys. The keyboard as a whole is more angular than the early generation, fashion and avant-garde at the same time reveals a retro style.

Primary keypad

Small keyboard area design

The upper right corner of the keyboard lights enable a new design, the indicator is no longer hidden in the panel below, but in the new development of the mirror area to show a separate attitude out. Making the keyboard as a whole more complete, light identification has also been greatly improved; this part of the design and “Razer Black Widow 2016 Ultimate Edition” keyboard is roughly the same.

Keyboard side design

The keyboard as a whole FN functional area and the basic layout of the various parts of the basic and consistent with the first edition, and also used Razer and most of the keyboard manufacturers Yan Yongde ABS light-permeable keycap, the ABS light-permeable keycap whether it is working feel or light transmission effect Are first-class standards. To say that the keycap in fact there is a detail worthy of praise, single keycap inside and outside the paint stains have a very good secondary treatment.


Additional keypad

In the previous article we have talked about the V2 version of the keyboard continues the original version of the main keyboard area on the left of the 5 additional buttons, and different from other manufacturers in here, “steal material”, Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 keyboard keyboard even additional keypad Also uses a native mechanical shaft switch.

Closing base bracket

Key-in-one design

Keyboard connector design

Razer Keyboard shaft switch

Can be opened and closed the angle of the base bracket, key-in-one design, USB HUB access function, Razer original green axis switch, a series of designs follow the “Black Widow” series of remarkable product advantages, The latest V2 version of the keyboard is more competitive. Perhaps the netizens saw this did not see the new listing of “Blackwidow Chroma V2” and “Blackwidow Chroma” What is the difference, then the next two pages we will use the article to answer your questions and doubts.


So, then to the text of the “main event”, since it is “V2” version of the new product, then in the end compared to the first generation What is the difference? Let’s take a look at it!

The keys are redesigned

First, we talked about the key layout, pay attention to the figure of these two keyboards of “F1” button, the new product “F1” button located directly above the number “2” button, rather than the first generation of “2” and “3” This is good news for many gamers who want to play the gaming game. Optimizing the layout of the buttons is also a good experience for gamers in a tight, intense gaming experience.

Redesigned keyboard I / O interface

Keyboard I / O area interface, the new product integration of the audio interface, the design has become a combination of interfaces, and USB HUB design remained unchanged, this design is to meet the current mainstream combination of headset audio interface, to meet the mainstream industry Of the design.


Another very large design changes are reflected in the keycap, and from the modeling point of view is not too big difference, but the paint coloring process more perfect. And also done in the font optimization, cut out the old black and thick black font design, but with a simple and smooth fine lines fonts.

V2 version of the keyboard comes with the original base is not compatible with the first generation of the keyboard

The biggest difference between the old and new is the original palm rest, and in the “Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2” keyboard box implanted in the original cortex palm rest, and the keyboard inside the main shell implanted magnet, you can easily The palm rest is fixed to the keyboard. But one thing to note, after our actual test, V2 version of the new keyboard products with the palm rest is not backward compatible with the first generation of the keyboard.

Brand: Razer Keyboard5 first generation of add-ons & V2 Reviews
First generation & V2 add-ons evaluation

Finally, we take a look at “V2” keyboard and the first generation of products, “additional items” and it comes with accessories.

The BlackWidow Chroma V2 keyboard comes with a native cortex palm rest

We have compared the keyboard in the previous article has been referred to the V2 version of the new product with the box with the palm rest of the cortex, and this palm rest is not backward compatible with other “Black Widow” series of keyboard products, so like a full set of design “Faith” or to choose the latest listing of the “Blackwidow Chroma V2” keyboard.

More excellent material and workmanship

With the box comes with the test button device

Press and hold to trigger RGB lighting

The “Blackwidow Chroma V2” keyboard comes with a test shaft that is visible on the front of the product package. The user does not have to unpack the package to feel the keyboard keypad body, unlike the other “brother” products in the family. Feel. We open the keyboard packaging, pull out the insulation bar, long press the test device can be RGB feedback backlight, very worthy of collection.

Evaluation Summary:

Into the first month of 2016, many DIY manufacturers with “CES” CES exposure of many technology products, but Razer has come to the front, the first in China before the New Year release of this “Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2” keyboard. Perhaps many users at first glance this is in the “fried rice”, but according to the evaluation of this article, I believe netizens also on this new “black widow” keyboard with more understanding, the price of this keyboard we Temporarily not known, but the product attributes and specific point of view, this must be thousands of dollars and even higher keyboard products.