Although the Nokia 6 hardware configuration is not high, but there is no denying that the official return of the Nokia’s popularity is much higher than many have Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor phone.


The following PConline mobile channel for the first time to bring you to get started evaluation, which we are concerned about the system and camera experience. Nokia 6 starting in Jingdong platform, which is currently in Jingdong Mall have seen the product shelves, only a 4 + 64GB version, priced at $ 1699, and officially listed shipping January 19th .

Nokia 6’s monologue:
A Nokia’s first Android smart phone Nokia 6 can withstand the pressure of 150 cattle, 200 round of rotation, the market is the most stress-resistant products, one of the NB. Can withstand +85 and -40 degrees of extreme temperature, 95-97% of the high humidity, winter snow shot is not afraid of freezing off, with a mobile phone sauna is not a dream [cool] Although not open to sell, but soon soon! Must catch up with you to send the Spring Festival gift ~ PS: content from official micro @ Nokia phone
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Hardware parameters

The Nokia 6 is equipped with a combination of a 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM and a 5.5-inch In-cell screen (1080p, 450 nits, 85% NTSC gamut) covering the Corning Gorilla 2.5D glass.

Nokia 6 parameters
CPU Qualcomm Xiao Long 430 eight-core processor
ROM 64GB supports up to 128GB Micro SD card expansion
screen 5.5 inches 1920×1080 2.5D In-cell IPS Screen NTSC color gamut 85%
camera 8000000 Front (F2.0) 84˚ wide-angle, 16-megapixel rear , color temperature LED flash
system Android 7.0
size and weight 154×75.8×7.85mm
battery capacity 3000mAh , charging standard 5V / 2A
Network standard Netcom 4G dual card dual standby single pass
Special feature Native system, dual stereo speakers, Dolby sound

Camera front 8 million pixels (1.12μm, F2.0), while the rear of the 16 million pixels (1.0μm, F2.0), supports PDAF phase focusing function, next to the two-color temperature flash. Battery capacity of 3000mAh (charger specifications 5V 2A), and the latest running Android 7.0 system.

Design: 100 refining into steel, quality first
Nokia 6 a release, I believe we are first to come to mind is the question: “? This stock also hit walnuts do,” Nokia’s mobile phone has always been synonymous with quality, rumors of it can not only hit walnut, can Dang Zidan, from the 5th floor fell into forty-five together’ll ring …… simply marvelous. Of course, in addition to the quality of hard enough, Nokia’s handsets in the aesthetics of the same people do not lose, many of today’s mobile phone also draws on the design of the year Nokia phones. Here we take a look at this for the Nokia brand to return to the mobile phone market leading the performance of Nokia 6 in the end “6” not “6” it.


A quick glance in the past, Nokia 6 easily able to evoke old memories Connaught pink hearts, having been changed, but the Nokia 6 who can still see a glimmer of the Nokia N9 and Lumia phones early hint of a familiar figure . On the positive side, Nokia 6 Founder tough, great metal texture. But the use of four rounded chamfer and 2.5D glass just right, but also make it just in the soft. And because the machine is used black jade-like black design, looks beautiful and deep.


Front of the top light and distance sensors, the handset, front camera and flashing memories of the five letters: NOKIA lined up, the familiar Silver Logo people can not help but see more glances.


The front bottom of the middle of the strip for the fingerprint sensor, not press, touch can return to the home page, left and right sides for the back button and multi-tasking keys, touch when there will be backlighting, when not in use, the machine more concise.


The back is also very delicate and concise, the most compelling is still Nokia shine silver logo, it is noise reduction microphone, 1600W camera, color temperature LED flash in the same axis line.


Antenna aspect, Nokia 6 also uses the most popular U-shaped dome antenna design , and Nokia will be to maximize this design, the upper and lower two antennas with almost close to the edge of the back, not looking back almost hidden in the black , Very harmonious and beautiful.


Nokia 6 6000 series aluminum alloy body in one piece after 50 minutes polished molding , and after two anodized frame in terms of the use of diamond cutting process, each machine polishing nearly 12 hours, both solid and durable and balanced appearance. It is said that Nokia 6 can withstand the pressure of 150 cattle, 200 rounds of rotation, is one of the strongest compression products on the market! The same can tolerate +85 ℃ and -40 ℃ temperature, so it seems, with Nokia 6 on the volcanic glaciers are a piece of cake.


Feel, the metal scrub has always been excellent, coupled with well-polished fit ergonomic 3D pillow arc, very fit the palm.


Another point has to mention, Nokia 6’s screen panel and metal body fit very tight, its use of the whole week fit, hide the plastic ring frame technology so that the screen glass and metal frame clearance is less than 0.05mm, the machine so More seamless.
System: even equipped with native Android 7.0 Nougat
System, Nokia 6 equipped with the Android 7.0 system, but only for a set of themes of the native Android 7.0 system. As the original system to remove unnecessary pre-redundant load content, so the system runs more smoothly. But the native system also has shortcomings, is less customized features and convenient service system.

Nokia 6

Icons, the Nokia 6 system also uses a flat design style, color is relatively monotonous, mainly in blue and white two colors.


Into the system menu, we can find its interface design is still in blue and white two tone-based, and interface design style and basic to maintain the same.

It is worth mentioning that, Nokia System 6 supports the latest Android Doze technology to improve power system optimization, can bring better battery management experience . Overall, Nokia 6 equipped with the original Android 7.0 system, although the overall running smoothly, but the lack of customization system rich features and convenient services .

Camera experience: Unexpected performance
Nokia 6 front 8-megapixel camera (1.12μm, F2.0), with 84 degrees wide angle for self-timer, while the rear camera is 16 million pixels (1.0μm, F2.0), support the phase focus function. After the rear camera with dual color temperature flash, turn on color reproduction than the average mobile phone flash more accurate.


If the phone workmanship and quality is “expected”, so good “photo quality” can say is “unexpected” from the scene in terms of really making proofs, Nokia’s performance 6 gives a lot of surprises.


Nokia 6 sensors have 1.0μm pixel area is not high, but not equipped with optical image stabilization feature, but from the top of the screen you can see, when even in low light conditions were taken, proofs still maintained a high purity degrees , and the color performance is also pleasing to the human eye, people are looking forward to the future there will be Nokia’s flagship performance machine.

Performance testing: focus on practicality, enough for ordinary people to use
Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 using eight 28nm process Cortex A53 architecture core, the core frequency of 1.2Ghz, and GPU for the Adreno 505 graphics chip, with 4GB RAM +64 GB ROM with. The hardware specifications of the phone is not high, is the focus on practical configuration, but the configuration control Virgo may be tangled.

From the rabbit rabbit test can be seen, Nokia 6’s running points is not tough, but the smooth running of common applications and small game or not a problem, to meet the needs of the average user.

to sum up

In brief experience among people feel Nokia 6 or year heritage of quality , work with top international manufacturers of style, but it seems that these advantages are “expected, in the sense of” public feel that “high quality” Nokia should be done, and more people want is a more powerful performance products appear .


I believe equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 Nokia 6 or a “small scale chopper” products , prior to the official Q which is also referred to, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 products, it will be made public when the time is right. If there is “smashing the quality of walnut + powerful performance,” matched with a slightly close to the people of the price, so you can endure the Nokia do not chop it?