In November 2011, with the help of Mr. Ma, I began to use WeChat. I found that he is a very “stingy” and even monotonous “WeChat friends”, each month, he sent the message never more than 10, and almost all of the contents of Tencent’s new business is extremely simple referrals and comments, such as “The first large-scale experimental reality show, a great challenge,” “has been bought, ready to experience the red envelope delay”, “Bite battles rivers and lakes, new kind of drop express, support a”, “process response is too slow, optimization”……

18 years, he was a former colleague do not remember the name of ordinary programmers, become an irreplaceable leader in the Internet and one of the richest people. However, his life does not seem to change the status of many, he still does not like communication, focusing on each new product, his men will still be at midnight to receive his critical of a particular detail and recommendations.

This is a good curiosity to control their own people, and at the same time, he can make his interest in the endless possibilities to be extended, in this sense, he was like lying in front of the telescope overlooking the unparalleled star of the Southern Science and Technology youth. October 22, 2016, Tsinghua University, a dialogue in the School of Management, Ma talked about the youth astronomy hobby: No matter what, think carefully, there is no big deal.This can help themselves in the face of setbacks when the stable state of mind, want to open.

In recent years, the only increase in social activities is to participate in public charity, he launched a donation for children with congenital heart disease activities, become One Foundation, the Nature Conservancy Association of China, also involved in sponsoring the Peach Blossom Spring Foundation. In these occasions, he and Ma often interact with the seats, all the outside world on their grudges seem to be rumors.

This is an imperfect business story, as if we have never seen a perfect life, it is full of youthful cruel atmosphere, like a goal of their own rush to the whirling of the juvenile, the appearance of tenacious uninhibited, but has a ubiquitous heart Of the fear – from birth to me writing this work, it was 18 years old.

The success of China’s Internet is very similar to the reform and opening up, is the pragmatist victory. Compared to their American counterparts, the Chinese may not have invented revolutionary Internet technologies, but their efforts in business models and user experiences are remarkable. This is also a vivid presentation of the so-called American-style and Chinese-style advantages: Americans invented the technology to promote progress, while the Chinese people to find a profit methodology. In a broader sense, the Chinese Internet people on other areas – manufacturing, retail services, media industry and the penetration of the financial industry more deeply, and this has only just begun.

In an exchange, Mr. Ma said with emotion, he said: “No matter how many large companies have emerged, the human being is still in the Internet age at dawn, a little morning light is not bright too far way. The magic of things, in its promotion, the entire human society has become a witless laboratory.Our generation, everyone is the great experiment designer and participant, this experiment is worth our breath, Awe, whole – heartedly.

Beginning in 2013, together with the founder of Tencent Tencent Ma have a few old classmates have retired from the front line.

In 2013, Chen Yidan retired as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), instead of Tencent Charity Foundation honorary chairman. Under his leadership, Tencent to play the advantages of social networking platform, charitable causes in the public often have impressive activities. September 2015, Charity Foundation launched China’s first Internet public welfare day – “99 Public Day” in just 57 hours and 18 minutes to raise 100 million yuan in donations. At the same time, Chen Yidan investment in education, in June 2015, Zhongnan University of Economics and Wuhan University will be stripped, approved by the Ministry of Education, transferred to an independent private undergraduate university, Chen Yidan first investment 2 billion yuan.

In September 2014, Zhang Zhidong resigned as chief technology officer (CTO) duties of retirement, since then, his identity is a lecturer at Tencent. In internal mail, Ma Huateng wrote: “more important than the technology itself, Tony is the company’s user values, the most insist on the practice of people in the General Office of the meeting, Tony is the most user-friendly point of view Compromise, and always maintained the ‘stubborn. “Tony insisted, but also into the company’s strong user-oriented concept of genes.

I remember the summer of 2012, Zhang Zhidong has not retired in his office to accept my interview, in our conversation under the high window, is surrounded by a green Shenzhen University, from where a green ignorant students to China One of the most powerful people in the Internet sector, he and Ma trended by the era of coerced, all the way stumble forward, interpretation of a section can not be copied wonderful life.

After the interview, Zhang sent me to the elevator. The elevator door opened, he suddenly muttered to himself: “If one day Tencent encountered a greater challenge, perhaps a new day began.

I have not responded, the elevator door slowly closed, and I only had time to see him Shuo Zhuang figure.

“He is a mail madman”

The virtual world of the Internet is no different than the real world, although it always presents a chaotic scene, but is a highly open structure, full of creativity, surprise, freedom and potential. As Bakhtin reveals, such a world is “irreducible,” and its continued evolution depends, on the one hand, in the creation of freedom, on the one hand, and on the other, on moderation. In such an ecological environment, the trend and the details of the control is equally important two capabilities.

Ma Huateng self-Chen is “a poor man”, he used to promote iterative evolution approach is to personally participate in almost all of the product development, and then by mail means “guide chess”, he can be regarded as China’s premier “Mail Madman.”

Tencent people accept all of my interviews are on Ma’s “send mail power” expressed surprise, or even feel incredible. Tencent is known for its long product line, but Mr. Ma is able to focus on the details of all iterations.

Has chaired the QQ space development Zheng Zhihao told me that Mr. Ma and his team of mail exchanges at least more than 2000 copies; in 2007, Zhang Xiaolong master QQ mailbox revision, which at the time Tencent system is a very marginal product, and Ma in Over a year and a half, more than 1,300 messages were exchanged with his team.

A programmer told me about this experience: Once, he made a PPT, two o’clock at midnight sent to the pony, wanted to wash sleep, did not expect more than 20 minutes, Ma on the hair Back to the proposed changes. QQ member of the business in charge of Gu Sibin recalled that Mr. Ma on the page font, size, color, etc. are very sensitive, and once he received an e-mail, Ma pointed out that the spacing between the two words seems to be a problem.

There is a widely circulated in the Tencent is the script: one morning came to the company and found Pony (Ma English name) 4:30 of the message, the president quickly returned to the message, vice president of 10:30 back, a few General manager of 12 points to reply to the conclusion of the discussion, to 3 pm, technical solutions have been, 10 pm, product manager issued a detailed schedule of the project, a total of 18 hours. Zhang Zhidong therefore that: “Tencent product iteration is a Ma pushed by the mail to go the process.

Through these examples can be seen, if there is no insight into the needs of users, there is no rapid response to product improvement. Henry Ford once said: “The secret of success is to put their feet into the shoes of others, and then from the perspective of others to consider things, the service is such a spirit, standing in the guests stand to see the whole world. To, from the customer point of view of business, is an open secret.

I have consulted Mr. Ma: “So many products, how do you well know?”

His answer seems to be nothing special:

First, as the average user, every day round to use each product.

“Product Manager found that the lack of products, the simplest way is to use your product every day.Product manager is only more sensitive to find the product’s shortcomings.I often feel very strange, and some product manager that can not find the problem.I believe, If the product line on the product manager can insist on using three months, will find a lot of problems.The problem is limited, one day found a solution to out, you will slowly approach that ‘very word of mouth’ point. Because there is no technical content to work do not do a lot of good products are made by this method out of our leadership not only to arrange the following people to do, we must do it themselves These are not difficult, the key to uphold, Heart must think ‘this weekend does not try, certainly an accident’, until a basic product shape.

Second, often to various product forums to “dive”, hear different voices and feedback.

High-end users disdain to the forum to ask questions, we should take the initiative to catch up with the product, to check, to search, and then take the initiative and the user contact, to solve some of the problem. The user is wrong, and some of our own problems and our mentality to be very good, I hope the user can find out the problem we solve it. Even a small problem to solve is to complete a major event. , Pay attention to many aspects, often to see the operation, for example, your product is slow, the user will not control your IDC (Internet data center) or other reasons, only know your slow. The company did not expressly requested, but Tencent engineers have formed a habit: every two hours in turn monitoring, reply to the views of users appear online.

In Ma’s promotion, Tencent formed a “10/100/1000 rule”: product manager must do 10 users per month survey, 100 users concerned about the blog, collecting feedback 1000 user experience.

Ma’s own words, “this method looks a bit stupid, but very useful.”