In Win7, Microsoft has its own system built on the anti-virus software, but the function is relatively tasteless, and in the latest Win10 system, Microsoft still retains this Windows defender antivirus software. However, for many computer users, they may not need Windows defender. So how to close Windows defender? Today we share a method for you:

As Windows defender comes with anti-virus software is not strong, but often there will be some security upgrade, see also very annoying. In addition, if the computer has been installed you are familiar with some of the anti-virus software, Win10 comes with Windows defender is not necessary to open, in view of its default is open, in order to save system resources, it is recommended that you still shut down, the following is specific Close the steps.

1. From the Win10 Start menu, open the “Run” operation box, (you can also use the ” Win + R ” shortcut keys to quickly open), open, type the command: gpedit.msc finished, press the Enter key or click ” Ok “to open as shown.

2, then open the Group Policy Editor, and then we expand: Administrative Templates -> Windows Build -> Windows Defender as shown.

3. Then click on the “Windows Defender” option, and double click to open the right side of the “Close Windows Defender”, as shown.

Finally, in the pop-up Close Windows Defender operation box, the default “not configured” to “enabled” and click on the bottom of the “application”, save, click “OK” to complete.

Through the above settings, we can successfully close Win10’s Windows Defender antivirus software, and close it helps to save system resources, improve fluency