In 2013, left the grand Hou Xiaoqiang has 38 years old. He served five years in the grand CEO, the company’s annual income from tens of millions to grow to more than 1 billion, and even some people have evaluated “If there is no Hou Xiaoqiang efforts, the network literature may be accepted by the public may slow down for two years.”

Later, all kinds of praise with that “starting point of the founding team resignation” after a sudden turn of events, “change the Chinese network literature” Hou Xiaoqiang became vocal opposition “dictator”: “there is a forum, tens of thousands of people Which called me, slander me “,” the media called me, he said you talk about yourself, in the past 5 years you do in the end what happened. ”

Until now, still occasionally out of the old news to Hou Xiaoqiang confirmation, “some time ago I refused an interview, and then others came out nonsense, that I am discriminatory text … anyway, I will not go with this speculation, and I Do not be afraid of others say I … casually. “Hou Xiaoqiang speed of some urgent, it seems irritable and fearless, he said he was a pursuit of decent media people, these years the greatest harm to him is that these negative public opinion.

Hou Xiaoqiang is now more appropriate than three years ago to deal with their own sensitive sensitive, but in some moment – as in the moment that he is still around with all the very clear preparedness, as if just climb On the river who fell into the water, clothes are dry, but also some worry that a person is not careful to push down.

In the Hou Xiaoqiang to “sick” on the excuse to resign after a grand CEO, has been interpreted as a teacher, this was later interpreted as a “hype” thing, in Hou Xiaoqiang seems most worth mentioning, “In fact, I was more than 20 years of Buddhism, and I know the outside world that I was hit so worship Buddha, I come out (leave the grand) certainly a little low, but more or want to do their own thing.

In April this year, Hou Xiaoqiang to the identity of the film and television CEO once again into the public eye, in the exchange of film and television conference site, he brought the Higashino Keigo “suspect X’s dedication” and 33 IP, of which 16 are Was adapted into a film, drama and network play – Hou Xiaoqiang is still doing the IP line of work, but the IP derived story, he felt at least three years late.


The grand literary period Hou Xiaoqiang, once conceived the grand literature from the copyright company into a copyright operating company. But then the “IP” concept has not yet formed, the major network text platform for the exclusive author and works, the platform keyword is “resist piracy” rather than “shadow roaming linkage.” Hou Xiaoqiang tried to talk to others IP video, people only when the strange power of God.

Hou Xiaoqiang handled hundreds of copyright transactions, including the low price of 3 million yuan to sell Wanda “ghost blown light.” “At that time I sold” ghost blown light “, need to do a lot of persuasion to others.As long as you sell an IP, I am very excited, I even said to you, as long as you can do it, I give away. This was later called “find dragon tactic” of the movie derivatives, to Wanda brought over 1.6 billion yuan at the box office, the box office ranking in the mainland ranked No. 5.

“Ghost Blowing Light” copyright structure is complex, although a variety of disputes continue, but one thing can not be denied, “Ghost Blown” is a symbol of IP with the concept of fire events, upstream producers aware of the importance of copyright management, a large number Water companies began to run up, later, including “Tomb notes”, “spend a thousand bones”, “Langya list” and a large number of network IP was developed in the past “cabbage” copyright trading, it was quickly lifted the past .

In people talking about the head of the IP has been carved up in 2016, the Department of hand holding 33 heavy IP appears, like a rich family of children, and in 8 months later, the figure rose to 70, of which 40 IP is under development – flat down, Hou Xiaoqiang to purchase 2 IP per week.

From the grand IP holder, into today’s buyers and operators, in a certain degree of film and television to complete the Hou Xiaoqiang has a vision. In the list of partners in the exchange, including Wanda, Ali, light, Huayi and other first-line film and television production company, and Hou Hongliang, Bai Yicong, Liu Jiang, Liang Zhenhua, Guo Jingyu, Chai eggs and other producers. And each work, the film will vote in the 20% -50% range, and participate in script research and development.

Hou Xiaoqiang: typical entrepreneur anxiety, atypical entrepreneur ambition

# The picture shows the film is hatching in the film project

This year in March, the new film and television listed in the board. After August, March 37 Entertainment announced the acquisition report, plans to issue shares and pay cash, to all shareholders in the exchange of film and television to buy 100% stake in the film, a total price of 1.2 billion. Upon completion of the transaction, Zhonghui Film and Television will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Panax Entertainment. The two sides will realize docking in the areas of literary IP-based video roaming, other derivative products and product development.

For a time, in the exchange of film and television no two, the media interpreted as “only less than six months to complete the A shares into the gorgeous film industry legend.” The March 7 investment in the entertainment sector, said the acquisition of the biggest reason is fancy Hou Xiaoqiang accumulation in the field of literature and the accumulation of a large number of their own IP.

However, the legend behind an unavoidable logic: IP incubator this thing is too slow, just a film and television projects at least 1-3 years to complete, plus the cost of the script adaptation, and a lot of working capital, Uncertain risks in the development and realization of copyright are greatly increased.

Announcement of the acquisition from the March 7 can be seen in the film and television have promised to its 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 net profit of not less than 30 million, respectively, 90 million, 126 million and 170 million Performance on the gambling. However, the performance of the film in terms of performance, 2014, 2015, 2016, 1-4 months of the net profit of 3.984 million yuan, respectively, 13.8190 million yuan, -136.8 million yuan – not less than 30 million yuan this year net Profits difficult to achieve.

October 13, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the restructuring, March 7 inter-entertainment re-adjustment of a major asset restructuring program, the original price of 1.2 billion in the purchase of the film and television program removed. However, due to the previous commitment to 300 million debt-to-equity swap, 37 will continue to share the entertainment in the exchange of film and television, through the debt-equity approach to holding 23% of shares in the film.

Some people think that the failure of the acquisition is due to a substantial fluctuations in the performance of the film and television. In this regard, Hou Xiaoqiang told 36 krypton: “This transaction is delayed, and performance does not matter this year, the performance of the exchange is very good, the transaction is not complete is a technical reason.

There are more than 40 IP is being developed, which makes Hou Xiaoqiang feel at ease. From the point of view of others, Hou Xiaoqiang in the Department, as had a grand airborne, he must personally hand out a clay figurine, be considered a real return.


In May 2015, Hou Xiaoqiang in personal micro-Bo released a long article “tonight, I went to a dating does not exist,” announced the 40-year-old atypical entrepreneurs identity re-entry, the introduction of review + critics Community App “Poison”. Although the App later Tucao “a watercress and microblogging hybridization of genetically modified products,” but it is still in January this year, received A + round million dollar financing – which is also atypical entrepreneurs will have the bargaining ability.

Hou Xiaoqiang invited 1000 cultural celebrities as poison seed users, and focus on maintenance, hoping to use the star effect to drive the fans economy. This has let Sina blog break millions of users of the play, on a decade ago is ahead, but in the App bonus period has passed 2015, poison to face is a group of Internet “custom” out of the audience, they Pay attention to product experience and no longer feeling, not to mention already have a watercress, poison the emergence of untimely.

Poison App finally stopped at 4 million users. Now open the poison, the previous UGC comments have become PGC content distribution platform. Hou Xiaoqiang said: “In March and April this year, when the traffic growth rate of poison has been declining, a lot of fragmented comments on how I help?”, He finally admitted to App is an outdated thing, late set Did not catch up, it seems that the wrong car, so that “WeChat position was lost.”

Hou Xiaoqiang face a choice, 400 million users eventually failed to hold him. In May this year, the poison App outage, at the same time, the poison again from the identity of the media appear in WeChat public account, in this piece of the Red Sea, the poison directly to the standard “poison tongue.”

“At the beginning of the team when there is actually a dispute, they say you will do that APP, for a public number, and that now the public number has been a poison tongue, how do you go beyond it?” Hou Xiaoqiang contemplated poison From the professional start to interview some of the domestic film company’s high-level, well-known producer, but the team immediately refuted: “professional things are to see the old guys.”

Hou Xiaoqiang did not listen, he desperate to think that this “differentiated” admission posture can make poison based: “This is what I do best, because China does not I interviewed people, others do not have this resource to do this Well, I have, why do not I?

At present, the poison has nearly a million fans, the daily powder about 10,000, “really hard”, from the initial one to two hundred now average of thirty thousand headlines, the entire network traffic even monthly record more than two 10 million, Hou Xiaoqiang think this train from the media, poison finally caught up.

But now the whole living environment from the media has been quite different. Now the market is that, as the text reading is gradually replaced by short video reading, have been out of the graphics by cutting into the large video creation, access to the remaining few remaining traffic. On the other hand, the ability to realize the media has been constantly tortured, if the electricity providers and advertising is verified, there is no more choice of liquidation, then how should the media attract more high-quality gold master and channels ??

Hou Xiaoqiang response is to do the flow matrix: “Poison will do their own series of public numbers, and now there are poison and dirty demon said that next year will continue to build 4,5 large in addition, we will buy Some can be used for our number. ”

Recently sent to employees in the internal mail, Hou Xiaoqiang once again stressed the idea of ​​the traffic matrix: the era of traffic portal is monopolized, the mobile Internet era of traffic removed from the center, but the dividend has been in the future of the Internet era, Traffic is fragmented, “how to effectively obtain high-quality debris flow test our ability to this point to attach great importance to have an effective approach.”


Poison App before the outage, had tried to do a few adjustments, hoping to regain a bureau. For example, cut off the book review, only film critics, and then, for example, Hou Xiaoqiang has been envisaged in the App on-line novels plate, in order to promote the increasingly stagnant poison users. And from the beginning of March this year, preparations, even in the App just two months before the outage of more than 6,000 works under discussion – this is the text of the App read “Mars novel” the birth of foreshadowed.

Until the “Martian novel” appeared, Hou Xiaoqiang was like to complete a sense of the return. Martian novels like the starting point of the Chinese network, has signed more than 10,000 authors, more than 10,000 works of the exclusive copyright, including Tencent Sina writer ranked No. 1 on the ramp oblique shadow, there are known as the “network Literature four big love days, “the rattan Ping et al, by reading the pay, reward, etc., as of now Mars fiction has tens of millions of revenue.

Compared with the grand era, now the network market has BAT access disk, but when a market is monopolized, there is a steady stream of productivity appears, means that the market is still not saturated, Mars fiction opportunities still exist.

“The general network platform for writers very strict, at every turn to sign the writer 10 years, 20 years, in fact, the development of the writers play a counterproductive, and then a mature network platform has long been the gods of that wave People, second and third line writers is difficult to have the opportunity to appear, the type of work is also particularly single, top-ranking are fantasy … … these are my opportunities.

The high-quality writer resource is the lifeblood of a network platform, the initial plan of Mars novels is to complete a “millions of projects”, that is to ensure that “the platform must have a stable income of 1000 writers, 100 writers can live comfortably, A large income of millions of God, “in the algorithm, the Martian novel will increase the cost of manual editing to help have the potential to touch the work of more users. The film and television resources in the seamless docking, but also to the authors of Mars novels have been looking forward to.

Hou Xiaoqiang: typical entrepreneur anxiety, atypical entrepreneur ambition

From the upstream content production (Mars fiction) to the downstream film and television production company (Zhonghui), even the long tail content distribution (poison), Hou Xiaoqiang under this chess big let people bore, but he told 36 krypton, The three companies in the short term will not do the unnecessary linkage, the three companies like a poor family of three children, a good weaving straw sandals, a good at selling umbrellas, and one may be good at other labor , We are very poor, there is no basis for mutual help. ”

Unlike other industries, entrepreneurship in the cultural arena tends to be slow. Mars alone novels, Hou Xiaoqiang now intend to first captive it up, “It is a fishing ground, I have to first Hunting, the things inside are fattened to say.”

But Hou Xiaoqiang team recently some anxiety, in the past rely on Hou Xiaoqiang personal IP, they do not bother to do an IP hunter, good resources will always find their own door. But now Hou Xiaoqiang constantly PUSH they “digging three feet to find a good work,” “do everything possible to promote good works”, because the network IP has been completed after a Nuggets tide, the Martian novels must now break the curing IP assessment standards, In the next explosion paragraph.

IP is the first step is a continuous cycle of regeneration, the test is the ability to capture resources, not purchasing power, “he allowed to do so, IP hatch the road to go slower, but the team must be sensitive to smell.

Mars Neo beta has been on the line for 5 months, has not made any promotion, Hou Xiaoqiang said it was “eat poison lesson”: “At that time there was always reminder, how the poison is not on-line ah, I later could not stand , And quickly on the line, did not expect the first day of the performance is very good, nearly 200,000 registered users, but then to die, because the product can not keep up, the operation can not keep up … … so I would like to delay Mars novels, To ‘marry her daughter’, or to dress up some decent to say. ”

Do not say Hou Xiaoqiang mouth, and now every day will spend a lot of time in the circle of friends, microblogging and other social platforms, Amway, he continued the progress of some of the three projects. Someone told him, the most cattle X people will not write a circle of friends, to write also write philosophy, “only you this low-stock is your chicken every day plus your company’s introduction, as a micro-business-like” Hou Xiaoqiang some Grievances, “I said that no way, from the mentality, I really and micro-business, are in the arduous pioneering.”

Hou Xiaoqiang feel all in the entrepreneurial state has been maintained for two years, the former deputy editor of Sina, former Grand CEO of the halo did not let him fall less somersault, “this thing (business) really like a roller coaster, Will be low, you are worried that this problem has passed, the results of the next problem has emerged, and again and again, and you never know where the end.