Horrible Things about Devon Virus You Should Know

Devon Virus is one of the worst computer virus you will never want to encounter. It is listed as the top file-encryption infection that sneaks into computer silently. Our tech team found that Devon Virus is packed on third party freeware and spam email attachments. At the moment you run the freeware installer or open attachments of spam emails, Devon Virus will be loaded in a flash.

Once that has happened on your system, it will drive you to crazy. Devon Virus will encrypt all your personal files by changing their extension. Your documents, photos, emails, PDF files, music, movie, video and other types of files will be all diseased. With time going on, you will find that more and more files cannot be open any more. Devon Virus shows you warning messages to tell you that you have to pay money to acquire Bitcoins and send the money to their account if you want to restore the encrypted files. It warns that you will be able to restore any files if you do not buy the decryption key, and they will ruin all your files if you try any other way to recover your files. But it has been revealed that, even you pay the fees to exchange the decryption key, the restoring of your files cannot be guaranteed. You may pay for nothing and still lose all your files. Therefore, it’s best not to send any money to these cyber criminal.

At this moment, removal of Devon Virus will be the right action you should perform, thus you will have chance to decrease the number of encrypted files and guarantee the safety of your system. After you delete Devon Virus completely, you can count on some famous software specialized in file restoring to recover some files. Now follow this guide to save your system and files. Hope it can help you:

Infected by Ransomware – What Should You Do?

[NOTE – The following guide is only written to introduce you a possible way that has the best possibility to restore files. We cannot promise that the recommended tools can 100% restore your files. You can decide to try them or not at you will. If a 100% proven method to recover the encrypted files is found we will update this guide!]

Firstly – Confirm Security Status of Infected PC

Secondly – Try Legitimate File Decryptors


First Section – Confirm Security Status of Infected PC

Before Trying Any File Decryptors , it’s necessary to check your infected PC and confirm its security status. Because Ransomware such as Devon Virus may bring more risks to infected PC besides the file encryption issue. To do so, we Recommend downloading WiperSoft Anti-malware to scan PC and check if it detects any potential risk or threat.

WiperSoft is an advanced malware protection and remediation application that offers subscribers a comprehensive method for protecting PCs from malware. It may cut down your checking time from hours to mins.

– Download WiperSoft Anti-Malware:

Download WiperSoft AntiMalware

( To understand WiperSoft’s policies and practices, please visit EULA, and Privacy Policy.Learn more about WiperSoft and its key features. If you wish to uninstall WiperSoft, follow the steps to uninstall instructions. WiperSoft scanner is free. Once it detects a virus or malware, you’ll need to purchase its full version to remove the threat.)

– Once downloaded and installed, click SCAN NOW to detect unsafe items or computer threats like Devon Virus.

– Once it completes the scan, click REMOVE THREATS to clean up your machine:

  • If you want WiperSoft help you clean up the detected items, you will need to purchase its full version.
  • Alternatively, if you do not want to register the full version, you can try to manually find and delete the detected files one by one according to the scan results. BUT Please Note That, this process may take hours and you may damage PC if you do something wrong. So If you decide to do it manually, be carefully! You have to take all the risks at your own.


Second Section – Try Legitimate File Decryptors

Keep in mind, paying ransom to hacker is the worst solution for decrypting your files. Don’t trust these cyber criminal. You may just fund them to create more ransomware.

The right thing you need to do is to find legitimate decryption tool from popular tech companies. Here are some famous data recovery and decryption tools you can try:

[NOTE – We can only recommend the possible file decryptors for you, but we cannot promise that these tools can 100% decrypt your files. You can decide to try them or not at you will. If a 100% proven method to recover the encrypted files is found we will update this guide]

Data Recovery Pro (Not Free)

Download Data Recovery Pro To Recover Damaged Files

(To read about Data Recovery Pro’s policies and practices, please visit EULA, and Privacy Policy. Learn more about Data Recovery Pro and its key features on it site. )

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