Tip 1: Turn off idle software

If you run a number of software after starting the Windows 7 system, you can turn off the idle software. Especially those who boot automatically run the software, not only consume memory, but also a waste of power.

Tip 2: Control the number of bootable software

System Configuration

Use the Windows 7 system comes with the system configuration tool to detect the boot service or software is too much. Or use third-party software such as RegHunter system optimization class procedures to help prohibit too many startup items.

Tip 3: Disk Debris Cleanup

Windows 7 system provides disk fragmentation, through the use of this gadget can help you organize the disk, expand the space, but also help you find junk files. After cleaning up, the system may be thin laps Oh.

Tip 4: Scan for malware

If the system is unfortunately infected with malware, then these malware will not only peep the file, but also affect the system performance.

MSE antivirus software

Use genuine Windows 7 users, you can download from the Microsoft official website MSE antivirus software to help you detect malicious and virus software, security must be done without omission.

Tip 5: Turn off gorgeous effects

Windows 7 gorgeous effects make the system look beautiful, but the truth is that these visual effects will slow down the system speed. Want to adjust gorgeous effects, and do not want to reduce the running speed? Click “Start” – “Control Panel” – in the search box, enter the “performance information and tools”, then click to enter, select “adjust the visual effects” – select “visual effects” – “adjust to the best condition” to complete the above steps, You can upgrade the Windows 7 system speed, let it run faster.