China Unicom today officially announced the Asia-Europe 5 (SMW5), Asia-Pacific direct access (APG) submarine cable has been officially opened in the near future and put into use.

Two submarine cables in the Singapore neutral POP (network service point) interconnection, opened up the Chinese mainland, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries to Africa, the direction of the large bandwidth of the channel, 100Gbps (12.5GB / s) In one second can transmit two or three 720p HD movies.

Asia-Pacific direct submarine cable from China Unicom joint domestic and foreign operators to finance the construction, connecting mainland China, China Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and other 8 countries and regions, the system design capacity of more than 54Tbps, Singapore neutral POP point.

Among them, China Unicom in the domestic Shanghai Nanhui landing station, while in Shanghai Chongming, Hong Kong also has landing points.

China Unicom has participated in the construction of Asia-Europe 5 submarine cable in 19 countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, Pakistan, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Italy and France. Capacity of 24Tbps, direct extension to France, Italy, Singapore neutral POP point.

With the success of these two submarine cable opened, China Unicom will be “Maritime Silk Road” extended to Japan and South Korea, opened the “Silk Road on the Sea” a new era of information highway.

China Unicom opened two submarine cables: 100Gbps connection Eurasian

According to China Unicom’s global network planning, Asia-Europe 5, Asia-Pacific direct access to the submarine cable will be open to the upcoming Asian and African Europe on the 1st (AAE-1) submarine cable to achieve the dual direction of Asia and Africa to protect each other.

Yemen and Asia-Europe submarine cable will be connected to 14 countries in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France and Italy. Access to Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Turkey.

The completion of several submarine cable will improve China Unicom in the direction of the Asia-Africa international network layout, reduce communication delay, will also greatly enhance the overall network communication capabilities and security.