ASUS Transformer3

ASUS Transformer3 continued the typical design of such equipment, flat panel + keyboard combination makes a person can distinguish this is a combo computer. The fuselage is the most interesting part of the natural fall on the screen, Transformer3 is equipped with a 12.6-inch touch screen resolution of 2880 × 1920 3K level, it also has 121% sRGB wide color gamut And 450 nits of screen brightness, which also means that it can bring a very good display.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to be able to make the screen display further, Transformer3 with ASUS exclusive Tru2Life imaging technology. The intelligent software algorithm, regardless of what the video screen, each pixel sharpness and contrast can be optimized, so that the video looks clearer, more richer and more realistic. In addition, Eye-Care mode can reduce the harmful blue light emitted by the screen, so as to achieve the effect of protecting the user’s eyes, very intimate.

Now a lot of time, we evaluate the traditional notebook products tend to selectively ignore the front of the camera part, but for the Combo device is concerned, is still very important. ASUS Transformer3 is equipped with a 500-megapixel front camera, the actual imaging effect is great, if you often self-timer or video chat, then it will not let you down.


Its power button is located on the top left side of the fuselage, adjacent to a group of volume control buttons. I do not know if you noticed, Transformer3 power button and many similar products on the treatment is different, it uses a concave design. From an intuitive visual point of view, this approach is good to take into account the overall aesthetics. Of course, the more important point is that its integrated fingerprint recognition.

To be honest, fingerprint recognition is not uncommon in today’s notebooks. Its arrival for the user’s data security provides a higher level of protection, which for the business office crowd, undoubtedly has enough attractive. Another point, ASUS Transformer3 will be fingerprint reader and power integration with the design, but also makes the system from the boot to enter the system more convenient this process.

Compared to a glance can see the overall exogenous, often the details of the part of the polished to better reflect a product is fine enough. You can see, Asus Transformer3 edge using a metal cutting process, which also makes it seem high-end range of children full.

Compared to traditional notebook products, two-in-one equipment is often more emphasis on some audio and video entertainment, which also put forward a higher sound requirements. This part of the Asus Transformer3 with SonicMaster Premium sound master sound technology, and in the fuselage on both sides of the distribution of the two speakers, the results of intelligent amplifier technology, can bring great shocking sound. Personal feeling, to create a surround effect, it’s quite a force to the performance.

Due to their own property constraints, both the recent listing of the light of today or we are talking about combo equipment, external expansion capabilities are not satisfactory. Interface section, ASUS Transformer3 is equipped with a headphone / microphone combo interface and a Type-C interface. And Apple 2016 MacBook Pro, want a richer external expansion, can only choose another equipped with docking station to solve.

Speaking of this part of the configuration, I deliberately went to the official mall looked under the ASUS. Currently available in two different types of docking station optional, one is three-in-one million with a docking station to support the type of transfer USB-C, HDMI and USB 3.0 interface; the other is the seven-in-one million with a docking station, Support for the type of SD card reader, headset, microphone, USB-C, 2 × USB 3.0, RJ45, VGA and HDMI interface.


In contrast, three-in-one million with the advantage of the dock is cheap (compared to seven-in-one dock to 370), and a head should be smaller, easy to carry, casually throw bag on can. Seven-in-one docking station has obvious advantages, the interface type and number of support than the former more, the disadvantage is also clear. As for how to choose, and if I do not like the local tyrants, then a better cost-effective three-in-one, the latter can be purchased in addition to the adapter can be.
Transformer3 back of the fuselage treatment and before we have done Ling Yao 3, it also continues the family has always been drawing concentric design. You can see, in the light irradiation can show a strong metal texture, rather personality.

Front we talked about it equipped with a 500-megapixel front camera, can be said to force enough. The rear camera, Transformer3 also not disappointing, up to 13 million pixels, means that when you travel, you can rely on to record along the scenery along the way, the imaging results are quite satisfactory.

In the final analysis, two-in-one device to assume the main role or office, which is it compared to the traditional Tablet PC’s advantage. Although in recent years, Apple is trying to indoctrinate the iPad to meet everyone’s office needs, but from the actual use of point of view, whether software or hardware, you want to replace the traditional PC, there is still a long way to go.

I do not know if you have experienced Apple’s iPad equipped with that section of the keyboard, personally, the overall handling is not satisfactory, long text entry, you will find it very “suffer.” The other hand, ASUS Transformer3, it is indeed part of the keyboard tuning under the Fan Kung Fu, 1.4mm key way and a strong combination of feedback force, the overall impression does not lose the general light of this.

In addition, it’s this keyboard also supports three backlit, you can according to their actual use needs to adjust the light brightness. In addition, the official also provides, including the colorful orange, quartz white, and reckless coffee, including three other different kinds of keyboard protective sleeve color, in addition to the black, To a large extent to meet the needs of different groups of people.

Not long ago, a friend asked me which combo election, when it comes to why the choice of such equipment, his answer is: when the usual office when (traditional) notebook, at home when watching movies You can remove the keyboard, directly as a flat, it is in line with their own needs. I believe that many want to start combo friends should be like him, multi-mode use is the reason we choose.

Tablet mode, ASUS Transformer3 can achieve all the features of the Windows tablet. Even in the blanket, you can easily hold it in the hands to browse the web or read the information, which is a traditional notebook can not be achieved (even 13.3-inch, the volume is still too large). The adaptive screen, to meet the different grip in the normal display, it is convenient.

With the mobile office has become the norm, we portable devices for notebooks also put forward higher requirements, and the future of thin and light notebook equipment is the development trend. Benefit from their own attributes, two-in-one portable device in terms of the traditional notebook is undoubtedly more advantages. Official given Transformer3 fuselage thickness of 6.9mm, with a dollar coin from the point of view, the thinner than the latter.

Weight, ASUS Transformer3 travel weight of 1432g. The weight of the whole machine is 690g, the weight of the keyboard protection cover is 559g and the weight of the power adapter is 192g. It should be noted that due to the error of the measuring instrument, the weight of the three items is slightly different from the actual measurement value, but the gap is not Big. On the whole, such a weight for the frequent business travel office crowd, is undoubtedly quite attractive.
Everyone in the discussion of whether the notebook is good enough, often around the two, but life and cooling issues. For the two-in-one audio and video entertainment equipment is concerned, the performance is no doubt that we are more concerned about the part, but because of the thermal performance of the strength will directly affect the user experience, which can not help but let us Transformer3 of the cooling performance is quite looking forward to. This part of the test I chose a closer to the actual use of the environment video playback, as well as the traditional PCMark 8 life test in two ways to carry out.


First, under the video playback test environment, the screen brightness is set to 100%, while opening the keyboard backlight. As can be seen, the test starting charge was 97%.


After 30 minutes of uninterrupted video playback, the battery power from 97% to 87%. From the screenshot below shows the results of the power display, the remaining capacity can support 4 hours and 8 minutes use of time. Of course, this part of the test is only for everyone to provide a reference, different use of the environment, the battery life is also different. Here we look at some of the more objective PCMark 8 battery life test.


PCMark 8 is a set of comprehensive performance analysis for the PC system test suite, it will be various projects were classified, these projects are Home, Creative, Work, Storge and Applications. One of the Storge main test is the computer’s storage performance and stability, and Applications are mainly for Microsoft Office and other third-party software for testing.

PCMark 8 test conditions: screen brightness of 75%, while opening the keyboard backlight. PCMark 8 in the test environment, Transformer3 to produce a 3h22min results. For a two-in-one device, this performance is quite good, used to move office or entertainment, fully meet our normal needs.

Cooling part of the test also chose the same idea with the previous life. The difference is, this time I did not Furmark pager test, but by playing 30 minutes of video to the way. For a two-in-one device, the ultimate cooling test is clearly not much practical reference. Ling-huan 3 to see the actual performance of heat.

From the heat distribution map, Transformer3 fuselage high-temperature area is located at the bottom of the junction with the keyboard protective cover, the maximum temperature of 30.8 ℃, the other part of the temperature control is satisfactory; the back of the high-temperature region appears in the left, the highest Temperature 28.0 ℃, and because the fuselage is made of metal material, Transformer3 back temperature is very uniform. Overall, thanks to its ultra-low heat carried by the m3-7Y30 processor, Transformer3 thermal performance can be said to be very stunning.

PCMark 8 is for Windows system performance benchmark test software, home (Home) test is one of the test mode (a total of 5), mainly to simulate the use of ordinary users of the environment, the test project covers web browsing, document processing, Video chat, and light load games, etc., and includes OpenCL acceleration and traditional two test modes.


● AS SSD test

AS SSD Benchmark is a German SSD test software, you can test a continuous read and write, 4K alignment, 4KB random read and write and response time performance, and gives a comprehensive score. The software also comes with the Compression Benchmark project, which can give a curve, describing the data model with the compressed data occupancy rate (compression ratio) increases, the performance of the transformation.
The article here almost come to an end. Looking back ASUS Transformer3, family-style concentric design of the introduction, making it look full of personality, will not appear too mediocre, quite recognizable. Hardware configuration, the seventh generation Inte Core m3-7Y30, 8GB memory, 256GB SSD combination, the performance is not strong enough, but for audio-visual entertainment and light office it fully able to cope. Or that sentence, according to their actual use needs to choose it.

Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512G SSD

SSD market has been completely captured by TLC flash, almost the same color of the new TLC SSD new products. We know that, compared to TLC SSD, MLC SSD addition to price disadvantage, the remaining advantages are obvious, such as speed performance, stability, reliability, erasure life. Helpless, TLC SSD manufacturing costs to prevail, resulting in the darling of the MLC SSD was gradually ignored.

Finally, at the end of 2016, let us see a SATA interface MLC SSD new, it is from the Toshiba-OCZ VX500 series SSD, in the end this a new MLC SSD performance? Today to give you a detailed evaluation.


OCZ, once all-powerful SSD brand, after incorporating Toshiba’s, began a new life cycle. Toshiba will OCZ after the integration of the product line for major adjustments, the original number of products is now only 3, also streamlined a lot of naming, respectively, RD400, VT180 and TR150, respectively, located in the high-end, midrange and mainstream, where the new VX500 is to replace the old VT180.


Capacity, a total of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB four specifications. As for the life of the consumers are most concerned about the problem, the life data into the amount of 74TB, 148TB, 296TB, 592TB, the maximum daily write volume of 40GB, 81GB, 162GB, 324GB, and the average time between failures is 1.5 million hours. The maximum sustained read and write speeds of the four specifications were 550MB / s and 515MB / s, the maximum random read and write speeds were 92000 IOPS and 65000 IOPS. The domestic has not started selling, the price has not yet been announced, the official reference price given, 512GB pre-sale 152.52 US dollars, to provide 5-year warranty after-sales service.


In the product packaging, we can still see the OCZ traditional style of small fresh blue packaging, and full of technology, a “TOSHIBA” logo tells us that it comes from Toshiba storage.


If the packaging is “OCZ”, the appearance of the product that it is, “Toshiba”, almost with Toshiba Q Series (Q200, Q300, Q300 Pro) nothing essentially different from the familiar Toshiba SSD users know that Toshiba SSD never liked For “shell”, and diligent for “core.”


Continuation of the design of Toshiba Q series SSD family style. Aluminum alloy material, a unique metal wire drawing process, feel good texture. The only people who can find OCZ SSD shadow, is affixed to the front of the SSD blue stickers.


Toshiba-OCZ VX500 on the back, and Toshiba Q300 series is exactly the same. But the label is different, the specific model VX500-25SATA3-512GB, 2.5 inches, SATA3.0 interface, 512GB capacity (our evaluation capacity, as well as 128G, 256G and 1TB optional).



Toshiba-OCZ VX500 is still versatile, strong compatibility SATA3.0 interface, backward compatible with the old SATA2.0 / 1.0 interface.



Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512GB aluminum alloy shell by the four screws, not the current popular button-type design, unscrew the screw can be easily opened, the back without any components.


Standard 2.5-inch PCB board design, each chip has a thermal silica gel, is conducive to quickly ease the heat generated when the chip work to extend the work of the chip life.


PCB board layout of the front of a master chip, and eight flash memory chips, single 64GB, composed of 512GB capacity. There is no component on the back.


Flash memory particles, from Toshiba 15 nm MLC, 8 single 64G form 512GB capacity, unlike most TLC SSD market, which a MLC flash memory advantage, not only reflected in the performance speed (with a long time after the capacity out of speed) But also in reading and writing stability, fault tolerance and life are very good.


Master, from the Toshiba Toshiba TC358790, very familiar with the feeling, from Q Pro to Q300Pro, are Fengyun master, Marvell Toshiba customized version, 8-channel, with no external cache design of the firmware. Firmware version: JYCX0101, and Q300Pro, Q200EX are not the same as the newer version.

3 Toshiba -OCZ VX500 512G SSD Performance Test
testing platform:

CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K (turn off all power-saving features)
Motherboard: Asus (ASUS) Z170-DELUXE
Memory: G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-3000 16G (8G × 2 )
hard disk: 1TB SSD (system tray)
Toshiba -OCZ VX500 512G SSD (test disc)
systems: Windows 10 professional Edition
drive: The system default Storahci

Read and write performance tests:

1, CrystalDiskMark performance test

CDM measured, the Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512G SSD continuous read and write speed of 552/522 MB / s, while the 4K QD1 random read and write speed of 24/142 MB / s, the test results are satisfactory.

2, AS SSD Benchmark test

Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512G SSD 4K random IOPS read and write to 91680 and 60131 (358,234 MB / s), with the official read and write data is basically consistent.

3, PCMark7 test

SSD test
Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512G SSD test results

In the relatively light load of the PCMar7 test, the Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512G SSD score of 5596 points, may be in the above two test software, MLC SSD compared to TLC SSD does not account for what advantage, that in the actual application test environment PCMark7 only reflected the power of MLC SSD.

4, PCMark8 test

SSD test

Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512G SSD PCMark8 score of 5001, breaking the 5000 mark, in my test many TLC SSD products, there is no one can break through 5000 points.

5, Anvil’s Storage Utilities software testing:


In the Anvil’s Storage Utilities software test, the Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512G SSD total score of 4428 points, eye-catching performance.

6, TxBENCH software testing:


Can be seen in different read and write conditions, the Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512G SSD performance will not be disappointing, such as the maximum 128KB QD32 read and write up to 552 / 523MB / s, QD1 also reached 311,440MB / s, In the home environment, this speed performance can greatly enhance the efficiency of PC computing.


Toshiba-OCZ VX500 series SSD to own master and MLC NAND V-Flash as a selling point, but also the preparation of optimized firmware algorithm, performance is good. Especially the practical application of the test PCMark7, PCMark8 test, the Toshiba-OCZ VX500 performance is better than some of the TLC SSD on the market. And 512GB official maximum write capacity of 296TB, the maximum allowable users to write up to 162GB per day, showing that in addition to performance, it is suitable for the pursuit of stable, reliable, long life in the high-end users.

At present, the Toshiba-OCZ VX500 SSD has not yet officially opened in the country to sell, but it is certainly a direct competitor to hide the Toshiba Q300 Pro, which will not play their own people to play their own situation? To see how you choose!

Sony Xperia XZ Review

Xperia XZ high-pass Snapdragon 820 processor, equipped with a 5.2-inch full HD screen. The main camera with 23 million pixel IMX300 sensor, equipped with 24mm wide-angle G lens; front camera from 500 million pixels to 13 million pixels.

When we are full of joy that there should be no short board, 3GB RAM +64 GB ROM storage portfolio has some spicy eyes. In some relatively extreme scenarios, a smaller amount of memory, a slower rate of flash memory may be a drag on performance.

Performance test results
Contrast test models The XZ xperia
(Snapdragon 820 + eMMC) Hammer the M1
(Snapdragon 821 + UFS)
Ann Bunny v6.3 (Comprehensive) Total: 144 784
3D: 59 685 Total: 158 521
3D: 61354
Geekbench 4 (CPU) Monocyte: 1601
Multicore: 3913 Monocyte: 1891
Multicore: 4731
AndroBench 4 (ROM) With 4K read: 39.72MB / S
4K with the writing: 13.97MB / s With 4K read: 107.17MB / S
4K with the writing: 20.39MB / s
The actual test found that 64GB eMMC flash memory in response to crushing the file when powerless. We refer to the hammer M1, eMMC flash memory random read and write speed is slow, which has become Xperia XZ appears to be less flagship place.


Small tangled × 2: Charging speed slightly slower

Sony added Qnovo adaptive charging technology, according to the phone’s performance, temperature status in real time to adjust the battery charging speed; system also provides battery care (Battery Care) option to prevent the device more than 90% after the charge is still a long time.


Xperia XZ built-in 2900mAh battery, support QC3.0 fast charge, but only comes standard with 5V / 1.5A charging head, complete a charge cycle takes 174 minutes. Sony tilt the direction of the balance to the point of durability, appears to be somewhat conservative. Today, mobile phone replacement rate is so fast, coupled with the charging time is very fragmented, slow filling of the user experience is not really friendly.


Life enough but no surprise

As the screen size is relatively small, Xperia XZ equipped with 2900mAh battery, but the space utilization compared to the same size models or slightly lower. After 5 hours of standard life test, Xperia XZ remaining power 38%, compared to other Snapdragon 820 models are normal play.


The Xperia XZ retains the STAMINA power-saving mode, with the battery life decreasing from the “recommended battery life”, “equalizer”, and “recommended device performance” levels. In extreme cases, Ultra STAMINA mode only retains 5 basic applications, does have a good power saving effect, but a large battery for the Android phone is a better solution.


Perhaps due to low product planning estimates, or Sony’s eco-China is too optimistic about the app, in fact, the entire market environment has long been strange bad. Xperia XZ price in the first echelon, part of the configuration may make consumers tangle, slightly regrettable that after the time is to witness the black technology.

2 pictures black technology: triple image sensor technology
Photo Black Technology: Triple Image Sensing Technology
Sony adds professional imaging technology for the Xperia XZ – triple image sensor, including Exmor RS ™ CMOS, laser autofocus sensor, RGBC-IR full spectrum sensor. Xpeira XZ supports predictive hybrid AF, including phase, laser and contrast focus, to predict the action of the subject, predictive focus and tracking focus.


Rear camera with IMX300 Exmor RS ™ image sensor, 1 / 2.3 inch integrated 23 million pixels; with 24mm wide-angle G lens, F / 2.0 aperture; Join the mobile version of BIONZ ™ image processor, can quickly process high-resolution images from CMOS Data, generating clear low-noise photos.


RGBC-IR full-spectrum sensor for the first time to determine the visible color and infrared information, compared to the existing RGB-IR more colorless “C” pixels, can be achieved under complex lighting conditions More accurate exposure, closer to the reality of color performance.


Shooting experience and sample analysis

Since the Xperia XZ is equipped with a two-segment physical shutter button, the focus logic is slightly different from that of a conventional phone: click the framing interface to obtain the focus point position and pre-focus, and press the camera button again to fine-tune the lens to complete the final focus. As the use of more biased in favor of the camera, the old Master’s usage is to select the focus point – press the shutter button half-press the shutter button.

IPhone 7 Plus vs. Xperia XZ

Sony Xperia XZ camera imaging part has two influential, one is much larger than the general wide-angle mobile phone field of vision, and second, it looks great flavor of the color reproduction, making the first impression on the screen like.



Sony’s signature 24mm wide-angle G lens to accommodate more scenes, suitable for shooting scenes of the scene, but also facilitate the post-crop picture re-composition, with 23 million pixel CMOS is very appropriate.


Because Xperia XZ with RGBC-IR full-spectrum sensor, in most cases during the day to quickly adjust the color temperature, white balance performance trustworthy. Color reproduction than the human eye can see more vivid, not too much.


Laser focus sensor power is low, the scope of action is usually only 1-2 meters, mainly for macro scenes, or near and far landscape switching. Xperia XZ lens aperture is not large, but the shallow depth of field virtual effect is not bad.


IMX300 sensor pixel density is too high in the dark light but become a burden, the details of the traces of smear, resolving power of some serious decline. In addition, Xperia XZ hair color in a certain probability will be partial green, image quality compared to the day has a certain degree of decline.


This sample shot in the advanced automatic mode, the camera detects the ambient light, objects near and far, automatically trigger the backlight correction HDR, landscape mode, macro mode. In the light complex and even some backlit scenes, readily take a photo, the tolerance, availability, some unexpected, obviously a thousand dollars with the machine opened the gap.


In fact, Sony Xperia XZ can have more games are played, especially the use of 24mm wide-angle camera, in addition to more magnificent scenery shot, the portrait will also please sister.


The use of wide-angle distortion of the principle, from the low-angle shooting sister, they can see sister’s legs appear longer, compared to the normal angle before shooting when there is no such advantage.


In the normal angle of the shooting, if the sister’s legs slightly to the left / right display, you can also have a long legs to take the sister.

3 Appearance Iteration: new design new material
Appearance Iteration: new design new material
In the tired to follow the five generations of full-balance design (Omni Balance Design), Xperia XZ finally replaced the new style, that is, unified design (Unified Design). Sony is designed to make the design, technology, and the integration between people and lifestyles, “mobile phone is not just a technology product, but like a part of your life.”


Xperia XZ approach is to return to simplicity, abandon the complex lines, R angle and other elements, shape close to the slender flat rectangular. The frame as the whole frame, upper and lower ends of the fuselage is the thickest, to avoid the front and rear panel direct contact with the desktop. In order to take care of the grip, the box at both ends of the thinning, the screen glass and after the shell to play a smooth transition.


The top handset and speakers are integrated, and the front is still a symmetrical pair of loudspeakers, the length of which is drastically reduced and the position is no longer close to the frame. 2.5D glass edge of the screen texture is more prominent than in the past models.


As the forehead and chin some wide, Xpeira XZ machine screen is not high. The bottom is not configured touch buttons, but follow Google specifications, follow the screen virtual button, inevitably squeeze some of the screen space.


Side power key integrated fingerprint identification module, a special location led to its slender shape, but the recognition success rate is not bad. Power button and the box hit the color, it is particularly eye-catching, such a unique design, in addition to Sony no two home.


The back of a large area with ALKALEIDO ™ magnesium lithium aluminum back cover, this provided by the Japanese Kobe steel materials, not only thin and has good rigidity and thermal conductivity, light irradiation gradient effect is very unique. Below a small patch is a plastic material, signal overflow need to be achieved through this region.


Xperia XZ in the box without antenna leucorrhea, no speaker openings, no screws, and SIM card slot cover, volume and camera keys as possible without color, look like a seamless, very few industrial traces.


Xperia XZ IP65 / IP68 dustproof waterproof level, industrial design maverick, in the mobile phone industry called a clean. Unique total love and hate is clear, like the people doubly like, nothing more.

4 System Experience: clean and simple alternative
System experience: alternative clean and simple
Xperia XZ running Android 6.0 system, compared to increasingly bloated domestic ROM, the localization of customization is relatively small. This also means that the degree of commercialization is low, the benefits of a considerable portion of the system software, no annoying push and advertising. The system retains two menu, the icon shape is mainly nested round bottom, not blindly superimposed lighting, fresh and clean.


System software designed to strictly follow the Google application development specifications, concise style, a little fresh taste. Each APP basic only corresponds to a function, there is no similar security housekeeper of this type of aggregation applications, application rights management needs to system settings to achieve.


It is worth mentioning that many system software is also attached after the launch of the UI presentation, the details are small but very practical and intimate. We feel that the starting point of customization system is not cold to grab the user value, if emotional care is also a kind of feelings, I believe there will be more and more users are willing to pay for this.


Sony’s business empire territory is vast, in addition to a strong sense of CMOS, the quantum dot backlight display technology – Terri charm color (Triluminos) has long been decentralized to the phone, through the quantum dot to improve the screen color gamut.


X-Reality image processing engine, mainly used to improve the color, contrast with the signal to noise ratio, combined with the Terri charm color technology, color performance together to make poor LCD screen also has a good Of the display.


Finally, we recommend two high-quality system applications, namely the original album and video master. The top bar of the album is used to rotate photos and videos, the photo layout and size below support gesture scaling, cool effect and use;


Xperia XZ system for the native Android modification traces lighter, you can quickly follow the Android version of the iteration. Interface style is neat and simple, localization function inferior to domestic ROM, like or not depends on personal preference.

to sum up
Sony is also known to the hardware giant, the underlying technical strength is still strong. Compared to its high cold tone and price, Xperia XZ did not show the advantages of Yiqijuechen difficult to compete with other international manufacturers for high-end market, the sound volume can not match the rapid rise of domestic manufacturers.

Recent concept of mobile phones continue to hot future, the market pattern is like a quiet before the storm. We faint to see the various vendors poised to go, Sony must be ranked among them, at least the current mobile phone business has stopped losses. If Sony really hard up, what would be some scenes?


About  HDR, we certainly have the impression, because the phone has long HDR camera this thing, it can take three different exposure photos and synthesis through the HDR technology, in order to obtain better results photos. HDR on television, although there are discrepancies, but the ultimate goal is to make quality better.

HDR stands for High the Dynamic the Range , Chinese translation is a high dynamic range , refers to the ability to accommodate bright and shadow detail. This concept is simple to understand that by increasing the brightness to broaden the image display range, in order to better show the light and shadow. Ordinary TV brightness is generally between 500 nits to 1000 nits, so the picture of the high light and dark light part of the details will be a lot of lost, or white into a black or a lump, so that quality is greatly reduced, and HDR TV Can reach more than 1000 nits, the screen can accommodate more color and detail, in order to get a better picture quality experience.

All in all HDR technology can bring leaps and bounds of the picture quality progress, far greater than the 1080P to 4K progress, coupled with the future of the basic TV will be equipped with HDR, prices may not rise too much, the value is not worth buying this problem a bit too much , The first question to consider how to buy a good HDR TV?

Most manufacturers in promoting their products will spend a lot of time ” HDR compatible “, ” HDR function ” and other words, the specific content and will not reveal too much, in fact, these words have a television does not mean they can play HDR content. HDR is currently divided into two criteria, namely ” HDR 10 ” and ” Dolby Vision “, if the TV supports HDR 10 standard playing Dolby Vision video standard, and can not bring HDR effect. So we buy HDR TV before the first to confirm the HDR version of the TV.

Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision is a comprehensive set of proprietary solutions, mainly following section describes the HDR, Dolby Vision technology can be understood as television and film source Flex technology, first used during the filming of high dynamic to standard Dolby toned work , To be completed after the film through Dolby’s own ecological chain release, and Dolby comes with a dedicated chip will detect the output capacity of equipped equipment, adjust the signal source parameters to optimize the output.

We see the film should be no stranger to the word Dolby, as the theater technology leader, Dolby HDR technology is indeed an advantage, but also laid out their own ecological chain, the overall quality is good, but the current support Not many manufacturers, not with the official 4K Blu-ray disc HDR format, so the promotion is still at a disadvantage.


Dolby Vision can be said that Dolby’s own things, other manufacturers would like to use it must spend an authorization fee, and veteran giants such as Samsung, SONY, LG and so is certainly not satisfied, in order to save to pay Dolby royalties, and strengthen themselves Product control, so they united and engaged in a HDR video program, that is, -HDR10.HDR10 and Dolby Vision core technology is the same, in brightness, color and other parameters with the Dolby standard is no different, the main difference in HDR10 only supports 10-bit color depth, Dolby supports up to 12-bit.

The actual effect is indeed Dolby better vision, but because this is the standard in most big companies to develop, HDR10 has become the majority choice, HDR10 is the official format Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray Disc on resources from it, HDR10 a natural Of the advantages, which is Dolby vision than on.

Overall, HDR10 End from the content side, burst Dolby Vision, market product selection particularly large, general users recommend HDR10, HDR10 also specific firmware upgrade advantage, while Dolby Vision can only hardware upgrades. Conditional watch Amazon, Netfilx, especially VUDU live online user, it is recommended Dolby Vision products, because of the above there are plenty of resources UHD movies, but also the image quality Dolby horizon ahead.


HDR in front of a meal, but still can not escape the question of rice, HDR TV HDR content needs to play to play the role of resource scarcity is 4K and HDR TV is facing the biggest problem. HDR than 4K has an advantage, that is, HDR content on the resolution is not required, even 2K can achieve HDR, compared to 4K content, HDR content quality progress more, so the current HDR content is also a great wealth , But are in the provision of foreign businessmen, the basic domestic can be ignored.

In addition to film and television resources, the game is HDR a big power point, riding the PS4 PRO on sale, the recent sale of large-scale games have announced support for HDR technology, such as “War Machine 4”, “Final Fantasy 15”, “GT Sport” , Etc., there is no HDR equipment you can not experience, this is the most gas.

There is no doubt HDR shine this year, although the film source is relatively poor, but it is still very optimistic about the development of HDR, because compared to the resolution in the 4K make a fuss, HDR really concerned about the quality of the core of the light and shade, Quality improvement is real, through the panel and the development of backlight technology, the near future beyond the plasma quality is also very stable. Currently HDR technology development has not yet unified standards, so we buy in order to prevent gimmicks products, or preferred Samsung, LG, Dafa brand in the high-end products for the wonderful, low-end products, then there is no need to consider the effect of the problem, When the choice of domestic brands is appropriate.

Recommended Android Smartphone

Undoubtedly, Apple’s iPhone is the benchmark in recent years, mobile phone design, almost every generation iPhone after the release of the mobile phone will become a very Android object of imitation. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is Apple’s latest mobile phone products, although these two models of RAM, specs and top Android phones still lags far behind, but on the experience, the film quality is still the industry’s leading, Especially the smooth running speed of the system in use for a long time will not have a big change, which is a lot of Android phones do not have.


However, in recent years, the iPhone launch of the lack of eye-catching highlights, significantly reduced the ability to innovate, no iPhone 4 release when the kind of amazing feeling. IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus screen resolution is not the industry’s top, even with the flagship Android mobile phone compared to a certain gap. In the new iPhone after the listing, there is no one night a lot of people queuing up the scene, snapping up the situation is rare. IPhone sales increase the situation is also rare.

If you have used a variety of iPhone, it will be on the iPhone Shenmeipilao. If you have a recent purchase plan, but do not want to buy iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you may wish to look to the Android camp, there are many comparable to the iPhone or even some aspects of the Android phone is not up to purchase. Next, small series to introduce several flagship phone using Android system, they are OPPO R9s Plus, Vivo Xplay6 , Huawei Mate. 9 , Meizu PRO. 6 Plus .

Recommended models: OPPO R9s Plus
Reference Price: 3499 yuan
Recommended reason: Self excellent results

OPPO recently introduced a new generation of flagship mobile phone OPPO R9s Plus, OPPO R9s Plus can be seen as an upgraded version of OPPO R9 Plus, compared to the OPPO R9 Plus hardware configuration specifications improved continuation of the OPPO R9 Plus excellent self-timer, long Life and other characteristics. Price, OPPO R9s Plus OPPO R9 Plus price relative to the price slightly increased to 3499 yuan, the purchase budget for the consumer made a relatively high demand.


In the software configuration, OPPO R9s Plus equipped with Android 6.0-based ColorOS 3.0, flat style with a simple bright color, and then with simple wallpaper, so ColorOS 3.0 overall look very small fresh. And many mobile phones, R9s also ColorOS 3.0 added a “pseudo-base station” function, the technology can identify pseudo-base stations from the SMS, and automatically filter out to ensure the safety of users. In addition to SMS security, ColorOS 3.0 also on the application store for a security upgrade.


OPPO R9s Plus uses a 6 inches 1080p screen looks good, but from the industry’s top level there is a gap. OPPO R9s Plus equipped with a Qualcomm Xiaolong 653 processor, with 6GB RAM +64 GB ROM storage portfolio. Xiaolong 653 is an improved version of Xiaolong 652, mainly A72 clocked from the Xiaolong 652 1.8GHz upgrade to 1.95GHz, GPU frequency slightly increased, while the baseband part of the upgrade from X8 LTE to X9 LTE (uplink peak rate increased to 150Mbps). OPPO R9s Plus built a capacity of 4000mAh battery, the daily standby time of more than 1 day.


In the shooting, OPPO R9s Plus relative to the R9s have some changes in the 16 million dual-core AF lens under the optical image stabilization, with F / 1.7 aperture and multi-frame noise reduction technology, so you can in low light conditions will have more Good proofs performance. R9s Plus front lens also reached 16 million pixels, in addition to support the beauty level adjustment and panoramic self-timer, R9s Plus also added gesture self-timer and background blur, the overall playability higher.


Comments: Now many large-screen mobile phone, but the real selling large-screen phone is not much. OPPO R9s has been listed for some time, the aircraft in the major suppliers have a high rate of praise, I believe R9s Plus and R9s will be the same access to such a high concern. OPPO R9s Plus time to market is relatively short, the recent price adjustment is unlikely, if your purchase budget of 3,500 yuan, need a self-timer excellent large-screen mobile phone, you can choose OPPO R9s Plus.



Double-curved screen mobile phone is more unique, as some consumers to buy mobile phones to consider factors. vivo has launched a large-capacity storage with a curved screen and dual phone Xplay5 , this phone is regarded as a landmark product in the domestic independent brand mobile phone history. Even if released in the industry-leading position, but if after a period of time, the advantage will be reduced or even no advantage. Recently, vivo launched Xplay5 replacement Xplay6 . Xplay6 with 5.5-inch 2K resolution screen, with Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 processor, 6GB LPDDR4 memory, 128GB UFS2.0 flash memory, rear 12 million pixels +5 megapixel dual camera, front 16 million pixel camera, high-profile configuration And fashion elements together.


Xplay6 vivo is second dual-curved screen phone, the use of Super AMOLED flexible panel evolved to the second generation, viewing area position 5.46 inches, 2K resolution in the industry-leading level, not grainy. Bending radius is as small as 5.92mm. Xplay6 the back cover and the box in one piece, using a mirror frosted process, feel smooth and delicate. Upper and lower antenna close to the box position, improved for the dome U-shaped design, the width of only 1.8mm, with a very good sense of unity.


In the software configuration, vivo Xplay6 running on Android 6.0.1 of Funtouch 3.0 system, UI design ideas and the new system iOS very much like in the case to ensure that the rounded rectangle to redraw all the system icon, use more vivid color And fresh. In addition to the screen outside the screen, Xplay6 also supports Always-on Display this new feature, in the case of extinguished screen can display time, QQ, micro messages and other information.


In the shooting, vivo Xplay6 front 16-megapixel camera, aperture for the F / 2.0, equipped with pre-soft light, support self-timer and low-light self-timer. Rear camera, vivo Xplay6 dual camera design, respectively, 12 million pixel main camera and 500 million pixel depth of field prediction auxiliary camera, two cameras can work with the background blur of the photo shoot.


Comments: If a domestic independent brand mobile phones of more than 4,000 yuan, so many consumers are not considered, there are always exceptions to everything. vivo Xplay6 a dual curved screen design, this design belongs to a rare design in the domestic brands mobile phones, can be considered to attract consumers on the one hand, with Samsung hyperboloid phones in direct competition. Most of the domestic flagship phone priced at 2,000 yuan or 3,000 yuan, but the vivo Xplay6 pricing of 4498 yuan, compared with foreign brands competitive price advantage is not obvious, the purchase of the consumer budget put forward higher requirements.



3 Huawei Mate 9: rear dual cameras
Recommended models: Huawei Mate 9
Reference Price: 3399 yuan
Recommended reason: rear dual cameras

Huawei’s high-end mobile phones a lot, part of the model design standards not inferior to foreign brands flagship phone. Huawei Mate 9 introduced Huawei P9 Leica dual-lens design, black and white pixel sensor camera mentioned 20 million pixels and 12 million pixel color camera sensor adding optical image stabilization technology. Huawei Mate 8 rear 16 million pixel camera. Relative to the Huawei Mate 8, the Huawei Mate 9 also increased the laser focus, 2 times double zoom, front camera aperture from F / 2.4 increased to F / 1.9, support auto focus.

Huawei Mate 9

Appearance, Huawei Mate 9 is basically a continuation of the previous generation models of design style, including our familiar screen and the proportion of high-profile three-stage magnesium alloy body, the overall design still gives people the feeling of the business atmosphere. Huawei Mate 9 retains a similar ID no border design, mobile phone in the off-screen status of the overall perception is very strong. Color, the Huawei Mate 9 provides ceramic white, champagne gold, mocha gold, moonlight silver, obsidian black and sky gray six color.

Huawei Mate 9

Huawei Mate 9 Front 8 megapixel camera with F1.9 large aperture, auto-focus, but also through fingerprint recognition module, when the self-timer function acts as a shutter. In early 2016, Huawei released P9 / P9 Plus with Leica cooperation with “black and white + color” dual camera critically acclaimed, now upgraded Mate 9 above for the second-generation dual Leica camera, with a new “color + black and white” double Camera combination, and add the long-awaited optical anti-shake function (12 million pixel color sensor). Huawei Mate 9 support phase focus, laser focus, depth of focus (using ISP) and contrast focus, compared to the first generation of Leica phones, focusing speed increased by 30%.

Huawei Mate 9

Huawei Mate 9 equipped with the new Huawei Kirin 960 processor, which pioneered the commercial A73 CPU core, 4 * A73 + 4 * A53 architecture, maximum speeds up to 2. 4G Hz. Official data show that compared to Kirin 950, Kirin 960’s CPU performance by 18%, 15% increase in efficiency. In addition, the unicorn 960 also incorporates a low-power micro-intellectual co-processor i6, support low-power step-by-step and navigation. Huawei Mate 9 equipped with a 4000mAh capacity battery, to achieve more than 1 day standby time is not a problem. Huawei Mate 9 running on Android 7.0 EMUI 5.0 system, the new system in addition to a certain change in the visual design, the other feature is the entire interactive system has been simplified, allowing users to more convenient and quick to use mobile phones.

Huawei Mate 9

Comments: Huawei Mate 9 is a fairly high level of design flagship phone. Huawei Mate 9 of the configuration have reached the level of the flagship phone should be, compared to Huawei Mate 8 upgrade is relatively large, to keep up with the trend of development of the times. Rear dual camera design is more popular design, which will attract some consumers to pursue fashion. Huawei Mate 9’s starting price in the domestic flagship mobile phone brand is relatively high, but considering the overall design level is relatively high, cost is not low, intends to buy new flagship mobile phone consumers can consider this phone.


4 Meizu PRO 6 Plus: Flyme
Recommended models: Meizu PRO 6 Plus
Reference Price: 2999 yuan
Recommended reason: Flyme

Buy a small budget, but also want to have a flagship mobile phone, then there are many models to choose from. Consumers purchase budget of 3,000 yuan may choose Meizu PRO . 6 Plus , which is a set of large-screen, large memory, large battery in a mobile phone. PRO 6 Plus is Meizu’s 2016 annual finale of the drama, is still family-owned, but we are familiar with Facebook, it is easy to positive and PRO 5 confusion. The Meizu PRO 6 Plus the biggest change in the back of the fuselage, which is the Meizu’s masterpiece. The back of the new Floating Design micro arc design, full of beauty.

Meizu PRO 6 Plus

Meizu PRO 6 Plus screen viewing area is 5.7 inches, the screen is made of Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels, regardless of the screen viewing area or screen resolution greater than the Meizu PRO 6 (high), display The effect is still good in the flagship phone. In terms of software configuration, PRO 6 Plus runs the Android 6.0-based Flyme 5.2 system, followed by a flat design style, bright color fresh, overall, relative to Flyme 5.1 and not much change.

Meizu PRO 6 Plus

Meizu PRO 6 Plus equipped with a Samsung Exynos 8890 processor, relative to the Meizu PRO 6 is equipped with Helio X25 ten-core processor to be stronger. RAM / ROM combinations have 4GB +64 GB / 4GB + 128GB two versions. Test results show, PRO 6 Plus Geekbench single-core run is divided into 1478/3857, CPU theoretical performance and Xiaolong 820 platform models at the same level, and GPU performance is slightly weaker than Xiaolong 820, the performance test score of more than 11 million, in the industry’s top level, the short term will not fall behind. Meizu PRO 6 Plus battery capacity of 3400mAh, PRO 6 Plus using a new generation of mCharge fast charge technology, the normal use of standby can be more than 1 day.

Meizu PRO 6 Plus

In the shooting, Meizu PRO 6 Plus camera combination for the front 5 million pixel camera, rear 12 million pixel camera. Front camera using the beauty algorithm from ArcSoft, Face AE facial brightness to support intelligent adjustment function, natural color when the self-timer shine. Rear camera has a 6P lens group and F2.0 large aperture, the same use of the Sony IMX386 sensor (pixel size 1.25μm), while supporting laser focus and phase focus, continuation of the PRO series ring color temperature flash design (10 LED lights composition). It is worth mentioning that, Meizu PRO 6 Plus support for four-axis optical image stabilization, compared to the general support for optical anti-shake phone is concerned, the machine can cope with more complex shooting scenes, improve shooting success rate. Image quality close to the top camera phone level.

Meizu PRO 6 Plus

Editor Comments: Meizu Meizu PRO 6 Plus with respect to the PRO 6 is more atmospheric, intend to buy a giant screen phone consumers is a good choice. Meizu PRO 6 Plus relative to foreign brands flagship mobile phone price advantage is obvious, relatively more affordable. Meizu PRO 6 Plus is currently equipped with 2K resolution screen phone in a relatively low price of a mobile phone, pay attention to the screen display of the consumer can choose this phone.

Summary: The above description of several new models are high Android flagship phone, specs, not be left behind in the short term. Some features of these phones are Apple’s iPhone are not available, the experience is quite good. Hyperboloid plan to buy mobile phone consumers can choose Vivo Xplay6 ; OPPO R9s Plus and Huawei Mate 9 for purchase budget of around 3,500 yuan, plan to buy large-screen mobile phone is a good choice for consumers; Meizu PRO 6 Plus for the intended Buy 3000 yuan file giant screen mobile phone consumers is worth buying.