Tencent Publish the “asked the doctor for free” service

Tencent mobile QQ wallet in its urban services sector publish a new service called “free to ask doctor”. The official said, users simply submit your questions online, the fastest available medical professionals replied within three minutes.

It is reported that the “free to ask the doctor” service provider backstage consulting medical professionals from the medical networking platform. According to official data provided by the Medical Alliance, currently, Medical Alliance has more than 400,000 users of real-name authentication practitioners, more than 75% above the main treatment and physicians, including more than 230,000 doctors from three hospitals.

Previously, the service free to ask the doctor has appeared on multiple mobile health platforms, such as rain doctors, peace good doctor, ask the doctor quickly, Sina love to ask doctors.

Suning’s investment projects are nearly 20

Suning announced the investment of domestic fresh fruit fresh electricity providers easily. According to reports, Suning investment group is easy to fresh fruit C + lead investor in the square round of financing, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, Credit Suisse and many other domestic and foreign institutional investors with investment. Previously, fresh fruit have been easy to Alibaba Group, the cloud front fund and KKR Group’s investment. Several parties were not announced the amount of financing and financing accounted for.

It is understood that fresh fruit Yi was established in 2005, it is an electric one of the earliest established branded fresh, current national coverage of 330 major cities and regions.

Suning aspects Investment Group, said Yi Fresh fruit fresh supply chain to quickly enhance the Suning fresh category of business strength; easy to have nationwide coverage of fresh fruit warehouse with integrated cold chain logistics system 2C, Suning, especially in the field of logistics is warehousing operations has a deep accumulation, the two sides have extensive cooperation in space in cold chain logistics.

According to iResearch data show that in 2015 China’s agricultural products 1.46 trillion retail market, fresh market size 49.7 billion yuan electricity supplier, electricity supplier of fresh penetration rate of 3.4% over the next three years Fresh electric provider market growth will maintained at above 60% in 2018 will reach 236.5 billion yuan, a huge space for development.

Suning Investment Group in March 2016 officially settled in Shanghai, located in the “China-focused business world-class industrial investment group,” focus on “Advances in technology and consumer upgrade market in China,” Su Ning is the holding group practice “leading industrial ecology, create a better quality of life, “the purpose of the important layout.

Since its inception, Suning retail investment groups around the Internet, TMT, financial services, cultural and sports fields has invested nearly 20 projects with a total investment amount of over 18 billion yuan.

Sony Guangzhou factory strike ends

According to the Nikkei Chinese network news, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony, “Sony Electronics South China” is located in Guangzhou camera parts factories November 10 large-scale strike, causing chaos continued until 25 pm just ended, will resume production.

It is reported that the plant has about 4,000 employees. As a condition to return to work, Sony made for each employee up to pay 1000 yuan compensation, equivalent to about half of the employees one month’s salary (basic salary) of.

As of the 25th, there are already more than half the striking employees to return to work in the undertaking signed.

A 26-year-old male employee said in an interview: “to get the equivalent of half a month’s wages, is quite satisfactory.”

In addition, Sony also raised absenteeism during the strike are also treated as attendance, pay full wages as usual, most of the staff to accept.

Sony The factory mainly produces smart phone camera parts, Apple is one of the main suppliers, and by the end of the coming war is a very important period, must not be lost, Sony this compromise as far as possible, in order to return to work as soon as possible.

However, because the entire production line shutdown two weeks time, equipment maintenance, take some time to return to work will take at least one week.

The dispute originated in the strike on November 7 Sony announced about 10 billion yen the factory sold to Chinese enterprises, employees feel uneasy, the requirements of economic compensation, and therefore began to protest.

In fact, according to China’s “Labor Contract Law” stipulates that if the only change employers, enterprises need to pay any financial compensation to employees, while Sony slippers are considered to end the strike as soon as possible and make the painful judgment.

Xplay6 Reviews

lonely endure deep the line in order to keep busy today. It is the absolute focus and concentration, so that in vivo the way Hi-Fi and Self-portrait Yiqijuechen. Today vivo to local advantage and gradually extended to the audience, the most representative of the product development capabilities featuring flagship Xplay6 can do? The first step in transition Camere & Music in turn go then?
Xplay6 using 5.5 inches 2K resolution YOUM flexible panel, equipped with Snapdragon 820 processor, 6GB LPDDR4 flash memory and 128GB UFS2.0. Rear 12 million pixel (IMX362) +500 megapixel (depth of field) Dual camera, front 16 megapixel camera, self-timer and add soft lights, the battery capacity of 4080mAh.

Xiaolong 820 platform is based on 14nm process to build, CPU using 2 × Kyro 2.15GHz + 2 × Kyro 1.59GHz architecture, GPU is Adreno 530. From the hardware to run sub can be found in all aspects of performance Xplay6 are regarded as high-end, 128GB UFS 2.0 flash memory performance is very good, 4K random read speed of 118.46MB / s, 4K random write speed of 16.81MB / s.

Xplay6 equipped with 4080mAh battery, we carry more than 77 hours of battery endurance test. Power drops from 100-18 percent, the final score of 10242 points for Xiaolong 820 model is fairly good results.
In twin-engine flash charging technology (double-charging chip + double charging circuit) blessing, Xplay6 first 60 minutes charged 71% of the electricity, charging curve is linear; the first 120 minutes filled to 99% capacity, complete a charge cycle takes 126 minutes.
All in all, Xplay6 in industrial design, detail work on there may be significant perceived progress. The overall shape is more compact, concise, metal and glass combined with delicate texture, reflecting the flagship model of sincerity.