Huawei 2016 Sales

Huawei 2016 establish a long-term partnership with thousands of global distributors, retailers to. Currently has more than 3 million people in the retail promotion and service team, the world has over 70,000 retail positions and nearly 800 service stores.
In this speech, Yu Chengdong also mentioned some of the challenges facing Huawei. He said that in the past 2016, although Huawei’s business to further enhance the scale, but some businesses and some overseas countries did not meet the established objectives.
At the same time, Huawei overseas and new business is still in the investment period, Marketing, channels, retail costs investment growth too fast, short-term investment can not be completely dominant, the overall cost increased significantly. In 2017, Huawei will continue to increase in the basic capabilities, research and development, innovation and other areas of investment, which also on the profitability of Huawei made an unprecedented challenge.
This is similar to that mentioned by Xu Zhijun, CEO of Huawei this morning. Yu said that Huawei’s current capacity and resources in terms of cost, internal control, process IT, and supply chain are insufficient, resulting in the management of the organization being extensive and the fine operation capability is weak. .
In particular, supply chain problems such as payments, incentives, and so forth are in urgent need of improvement. In addition, the cost of parts and components and supplies is rising, and the shortage of supply is also a problem.
In addition, Yu Chengdong that Huawei’s current product is not enough focus, models, input-output ratio is low, the future will reduce the model and do fine.
He said in his speech: “2017 is the refinement of Huawei operations change, all to profit center.From all levels of organization, from every person, every bit of detail to improve the efficiency of efficiency, and strictly control the cost and risk, healthy growth.”
Speaking of the future, Yu Chengdong said that Huawei’s consumer business will continue to explore new technologies, new forms and new materials, and accelerate the development of intelligent home, sports health, VR / AR, artificial intelligence and other ecosystems.
“The next 3-5 years, we are not only the global market reshuffle period can survive 2-3 mobile phone manufacturers, is also the Chinese mobile phone market reshuffle to survive a very small number of mainstream mobile phone manufacturers, and will live “Yu Chengdong said, 2016-2017 Huawei is fighting for the rise, next year means to a bigger step.

Data Creates Sale

December 28, Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong in the leading electric media “network operators” hosted “2016 New Internet Business Summit” on the interpretation of the future of new retail.

Alibaba 11 this year, the first proposed new retail, retail, consumer goods brand’s dramatic response. “Everyone is discussing what the new retail is? What to do?” Zhang Yong said that the core of the new retail is based on the core of the goods from the core to the contents of the consumer insight into the starting point of reconstruction, triggering to complete the enterprise Internal reorganization between organizations, functional refactoring, and full Internet outbreak of new retail forces.

Zhang Yong believes that in the process of moving to new retail, including all the ecology of Ali, including all partners must be a new response, including the relationship between brands and retailers, brands and channel relationships, brands and Logistics business relationship, need to reengineering collaboration. “The traditional business relationship is a tree, in the pc Internet era is still a tree, from the brand side to the channel side of the one-way spoon-fed supply once spoon-type careless, easy to” intestinal obstruction. “Once the channel system collapse , The brand is not much better.

With the Internet population and consumer population, the full spread and full overlap, commodity producers and service providers, the relationship between consumers will change a lot. Zhang Yong believes that the development of e-commerce has also gone through three stages:

The first stage is the enterprise get together to touch the net, the power of goods and brand resonance of the dividend period. Amoy brand from the 2008 focus on the emergence of online start business, and then quickly developed into a “popular niche.” Into 2012 before and after a large number of known as the “traditional brand” of enterprises began to send online force. When they put the line of goods, the line part of the operating capacity of the company after the online, in the past few years broke out amazing energy. “This brand power in the role of the business in the run after a period of time, the final line of the Internet and merchandise in the brand power of this common point back to the resonance point, these are the same eternal business of some truth, when a “Businesses are waking up and starting to touch the net.”

The second phase is still referred to as some re-structuring that may be occurring within an enterprise. Over the past few years the development of better business, mostly in the enterprise to solve the organizational security issues, to solve the entire supply chain under the electrical business line in the enterprise organizational relationship issues. But today the whole move towards the core of the new retail, it is not only to complete the reorganization between the organizations within the enterprise, the reconstruction of functions between the use of the Internet broke new strength in business. More importantly, to complete the restructuring between business organizations, to complete further business innovation and evolution.

The third stage, not only such refactoring takes place online browsing behavior, online commodity elements, the occurrence of online business relationships, more importantly, the line and the line of the final user and the whole person, goods, Finally let the user feel the value. Today is a very important sign of new retail, its success is in fact the core of these people, goods, market business elements of the reconstruction can not be effective, can not really bring efficiency.

“The next stage of the new retail development is very important point, not only to the Internet as a way to sell with consumers, more and more businesses are moving to the integration of online and offline to consider, the integration of Zhang Yong believes that this is an important sign, you can go to determine the enterprise is not really come to a really new era of retail, or the enterprise can not go to this stage.

In fact, over the past few years, Alibaba has been working to build such a new retail infrastructure, and to build an information platform, payment platform, logistics platform and cloud computing platform, from the tactical level of “five new” (new Retail, new finance, new manufacturing, new energy and new technologies.

“Can not be narrowly understood as the new retail is online and offline interaction and integration, the whole channel is only part of the new retail, net red economy, personalized recommendations based on the user interaction, the user to buy the line change, etc. , Should be included in the consideration of the new retail .In marketing, to explore the effectiveness of one of the global marketing, entertainment marketing; in logistics, not only to send fast, but also to consider using large data for goods Operation more efficient. “Zhang Yong said.

Attached: Ali CEO Zhang Yong in 2016 the new network business summit speech Record

Zhang Yong: Ladies and gentlemen, businessmen and friends, media friends, good morning! 2016 will soon be over, at the end of this year when we look together in 2016, in particular, look forward to look at the future, before and after this year’s double-eleven new retail, caused all the retail circle of intense response, Causing all the consumer goods brand’s dramatic response. In fact, we are discussing what new retail in the end, how to do new retail. Just at the end of the year, especially today, so many business friends, so multimedia friends together, we can work together to explore the whole future of new retail.

I want to like a lot of new things, all the new concepts, new strategic thinking it eventually put forward the direction of the future, in fact, rely on us to continue to practice out, try out, do it. Today, I also take this rare opportunity to share Alibaba Group in this area of ​​thinking and we are experiencing the practice, in the end how we go to the new retail.

In fact, the history of the development of e-commerce, especially in the past ten years, almost twelve or three years of the entire e-commerce development process, especially when all brands began to touch the net in 2007, 2008 for signs, Days after the cat has been developed to today, the whole business development I think divided into several stages:

The first stage is the first around 2008, we are familiar with the familiar Amoy brand, there has been a number of Amoy brand, the rapid development of these enterprises, the vast majority of popular online niche line is not complete a Business, are starting from the online, online business, online development, and rapid development, then it should be very red, a number of Amoy brand business. Into 2012 before and after, with the 2012 double eleven, the first time we exceeded 10 billion, was 19.1 billion.

In fact, we can see a large number of traditional brands we called, I think it should not be the way to call, it should be said that there are some results under the line of some brands, some businesses began to force on the Internet. When they put the line of goods, the line part of the operating capacity of the company after the online, in the past few years broke out amazing energy.

Today, if we look around to see some of our businesses, if the second phase of these businesses began to fully touch the net after today, many businesses in the proportion of the whole business which may be more than 20% or even 30% are already on the Internet . In the first stage in turn the first batch of these Amoy brand, the past few years can be said that many people have their own hardships, as an entrepreneurial success, I remember a few days ago I met a familiar with the previous Moderator, he interviewed me eight years ago, when I said a word, I said: 2008, 2009, just this scene had 108 Amoy brand, if you go back to check the history, then you can see. I said five years, eight years later to have eight live very good has been very good. This sentence quite controversial, then did not dare to speak openly, but today, in retrospect, indeed the first stage of the Amoy brand entrepreneurs who went down after all brands have experienced common road and common Hard, common twists and turns. Today there are still some live well, they have Phoenix Nirvana, but the middle of life and death how many back, willing to know. There are a number of live well, a group of half-way unfortunately, some groups in the struggle.

After the second phase, why these lines of business after the outbreak of its energy line, may now look, especially in the past two years we see a very clear situation, some consumers are very familiar with Brand, like the brand also broke the amazing energy on the Internet, the brand power in the role of the business in the run after a period of time, the final Internet and offline in the merchandise force, brand power in this common point back to the resonance point, These are the business of some of the same ancient truth, when a company began to wake up after the outbreak of this touch of the network.

But I call the second phase still some refactoring that may be happening within an enterprise. Over the past few years the development of better businesses, mostly in the enterprise to solve the problem of organizational security, to solve the entire supply chain under the electricity business line in the enterprise organizational relationship issues, so that part of the ability of the business its entire operating efficiency began to erupt Out, the brand power, power of goods in this channel which can burst out.

But I think today the core of the whole new retail, it is not only to complete the reorganization between the organization within the enterprise, the reconstruction between functions, the use of the outbreak of the Internet business new power. More important point is to be able to complete the reorganization between business organizations, to complete the further innovation and evolution of business, this is the next stage we are going to go through something.

In the reconstruction between enterprises, I think the reconstruction of the business ecology, in different scenarios will occur, in fact, we once again returned to the business of the original, when we talk about consumer goods, when talking about retail, I think eventually returned to the words: people, goods, field (King), I like to speak on different occasions or the old saying. Today, the Internet has brought a lot of changes, but people, goods, field (King) did not bring change, our business eventually use the Internet technology and ideas to re-frame the relationship between people, goods, the re-search in the middle of this new Opportunities and new efficiencies.

In today’s entire business development to new retail, in the third stage around people, goods, field reconstruction, especially people, goods, market all the business elements of the reconstruction, I think today is a new retail Important signs, its success is in fact the core of these people around us, goods, market business elements of the reconstruction can not be effective, can not really bring efficiency.

In this process, I would like very, very important point, how do we look at the future of this development trend? How do we look at today’s new retail brought a lot of changes? In fact, it brings changes, around people, goods, field reconstruction can have many aspects.

In the past year, especially the wireless mobile phone business fully popularized, in other words 80,90% of consumers through the wireless this entrance, through the entrance to the consumer phone for consumer browsing time , This time the whole contact with the consumer goods and goods contact way is undergoing subtle changes. Or, not subtle, is a subtle and significant change. In the wireless era, the traditional shelves of goods on display, shelves in the PC era, we have been joking with the company what the line is different? Line is to put the physical shelf, the line is to put the virtual shelf, a side by side a commodity, a category classification, attributes, a layer of a bundle of structure browsing, and this structure is because the arrival of wireless is being broken, or To some extent be broken.

Today, the wireless era, the user with the Internet the most intimate contact way has changed, what changed? He clicked from the action into a sliding screen, do not underestimate the changes in the sliding screen action, the essence is a huge change, making consumer contact with consumer information has undergone tremendous changes. In this process, how to make consumer information, including goods, goods is a consumer information, can be better to consumers to contact, which is today, Ali, in particular, as the representative of the mobile phone Taobao wireless matrix, to discuss Lynx wireless, Taobao wireless focus on solving the problem, the way the content is also laying out changes.

The second point, because this way of change, making the goods as a single consumer message, consumption patterns in the expansion, we proposed today not only to promote the development of commodity supply chain, but also to promote the content supply chain.

In almost 2016, we proposed the content of the entire electricity supplier development direction, this year is so we go. We believe that the content of the future is the whole new retail consumers with the consumer reach the whole content of the content and multimedia is the indispensable stage of the process. The middle of all the business capacity is a huge challenge, because all the reason why the brand business to be successful, the core is to do strong brand, so strong products, strong retail companies because of strong retail. But when we want to produce content today, this time may not be a good producer of goods is a good content producers, the two are a subtle difference. So in the middle of the fact there have been a lot of social content production is booming, and these forces have formed the whole electricity ecological future of the new retail ecology is a very important emerging power, I think these forces can not be ignored A new group of forces, and the future will play an increasingly important role.

Of course, this power can be a second party, can be a third party, can be cultivated within the enterprise, but also can be cultivated outside the independent become a new business opportunity. This is the first change that we see happening on the Internet, the way the whole message is changed, the content of the information consumption is changed, the end product becomes a result, the commodity becomes an element of the whole content, Because like the content and then like the product, the last to be consumed, this is a very interesting process of change.

In this behind the use of large data to complete the personalized, to achieve thousands of people in the client side today in Ali has changed a reality, of course, become a reality, today, Ali, in the entire Internet we focus on solving the problem What is it? To solve the problem I particularly say today, we focus on solving the problem, that is, thousands of products to consumers personalized and business inventories, goods prepared with the flow between certainty to find a balance between , This balance is not found, all business operators have lost one of the most important grasper, because when all the problems are said to be personalized when the whole business base ⋯ ⋯ how do you go to stock it? How to do sales plan? Behind all the personalization must have something in common. This is today in the entire e-commerce, especially mobile Internet development to this stage, we see the reconstruction of the Internet occurred in the world, that is, the entire Internet, these elements are also occurring reconstruction.

The second, I think in the process of moving towards new retailing, we are very clear today to see the entire business ecosystem in the various partners must be a new response, which includes the brand and the relationship between the channels, brands and retailers The relationship between retailers and commercial real estate, the relationship between brands and logistics providers and the relationship between service providers, must have a sense of reconstruction.

I have been on many occasions, said: Our traditional business relationship is a vertical relationship, just like the first point, the traditional way of the Internet world of consumer information in the PC era is a vertical relationship, with the original business relationship There are brands, a group of channel operators, once a year to open the order twice, the product Liangliang Liang, we order them, the goods set away, to the point of the goods away, or make a phone call, the Cargo pressure in the past. Over the past five or six years, we see that the vertical process, the spoon in which the various inappropriate, some goods to the channel inside the mortgage, but as long as the goods are not to the hands of consumers, regardless of the sales report is not the brand The company’s goods, he was responsible for this, the ultimate collapse of the brand, the seller is not much better.

Today, with the development of e-commerce, with the development of the Internet, especially with the Internet population and the consumer population is fully popularized and overlapping, today we move to new retail is a very important sign, in fact, the entire channel relationship, just said commodity producers And the relationship between service providers, commodity producers and consumers will be a lot of changes in the relationship between today and the use of the Internet can form a flat mesh of the relationship between the channels to form the most direct consumer insight, and these information can be better To serve the real goods designers, commodity producers, brand creators, to create a better brand, production and more to meet consumer demand for goods.

In fact, in the middle of this I think back to a lot of time that time is money, efficiency is life, insight into the consumer and the resulting rapid response capability is the key to winning in the market today. Today, especially in the past year, in the Ali platform can be seen on some businesses, in fact, several businesses over the past few years are familiar with, through a variety of voices told me that such a thing: Happy child, Now more and more difficult to do business, traffic seems to be less than before, traffic decline, my business how to do? This is today we face the status quo, in terms of terms from the platform or from each business terms, the Internet age, electricity providers rely on traffic dividend era has passed, and today we enter the entire business transformation of the deep water into the The real business elements in order to better reconstruct the efficiency of the deep water, pull a number of lines to sell goods into the network to sell a sale, the use of online traffic dividends easily reach the end consumers, more efficient to eliminate the intermediate links Goods sold, such an era is in the past.

How do we use the power of the Internet, not only to make the Internet a good sales channel, while it made a real consumer insight channels, a new customer access, and ultimately stand in the perspective of the whole network to think We upgrade the whole business. What products do consumers need? Consumer upgrades today is that we are talking about a topic, in fact, more and more difficult to wait on consumers, and why? Because the consumer tastes more and more diverse, consumer information collection channel is not information is closed, is the information explosion. As long as the planet around the world had fun things, new trends, trends, instantaneous point of explosion. At this time how our business to seize these popular trends? To seize the changes in consumer tastes, in the middle to capture consumer insight? At the same time can not only access to these valuable information and intelligence, and ultimately into the enterprise supply chain capabilities, to a flexible supply chain to quickly respond to the real time to produce consumer test products on the road, they like the product.

I think in a sense, we said in 2008 when the C2C, B2C eventually to C2B, this thing I think is imperceptible happen, we are on the way to the C2B, we are moving to new retail on the road. All of this strategic thinking, our judgments and trends in the future are actually evolving which occurred in, not overnight suddenly an old hen into a duck, must be unknowingly evolved which occurred, The final quantitative change occurred. This is the whole new retail which we see a huge space, all the information structure into a network structure, the Internet browsing mode not only into a network structure, the way the whole channel, channel construction may also become a network structure.

The most important thing in the middle of this coming, in fact, some companies have gone through, there are some companies about to experience, is the reorganization of business and partner business relations, such as how to deal with the current brand and now franchisee relationship , How to re-position the role of franchisees, how to re-locate the line under the required services and who will bear? This is the most important point, like the past few years to do a lot of good companies in the internal rationalization of the electricity business sector to the electricity company, to the electricity business, general manager, to the business team incentive mechanism to straighten out the interests of the whole mechanism , I think in the next stage, in the enterprise organization stage, I said just how these roles between the structure of interest mechanism, I think is the core of all interests, the problem is not resolved, we talk about the new retail, we talk about O2O , We talk about the whole channel, all the problems are dependent on the occurrence of these business partners, in breaking the original business relationship at the same time to frame a new relationship.

I think we all know that the division of labor will continue to be more and more small, the Internet does not mean that direct sales, direct sales of the Internet is a way to bring, in fact, we still need a variety of roles together to work together to serve the common consumers. And such a relationship, I think is the future we move towards the new retail process among the entire business organization I think will happen very drastic changes. And these changes, Alibaba Group is bounden duty, we take the initiative to jump off the water to lead and create these changes. This is the entire business, the entire form of change.

The third thing I want to say is that not only this refactoring takes place online online browsing behavior, the online commodity elements that occur in the offline business relationships, and more importantly the online and offline end users and the whole person, Goods, the final field so that users feel the value.

I will talk about an example behind us to understand. Today, China’s commercial facilities, supermarkets are almost the same, today really understand the department store there are a few? Not many. Shopping malls, it is further away from the goods, department stores is another form of real estate developers. Today, all the department stores to go in, the first floor is the cosmetics counter, the second floor is the ladies, the third floor is the men, each brand must have an area, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and department stores, Commodity or consumer decoration? Consumers in the end is to check the efficiency of the grid to shop to the counter to browse? Or to form a truly efficient way of contact and browse the way goods? A way to view the scene? I think this is today under the online retail format which is undergoing a lot of subtle changes, and this change in particular, we need today’s retail business and brand businesses, the platform to work together to complete such a reconstruction, and in the middle is missing Not possible.

Give an example very vivid description of the reasons are indispensable. Over the past year, many businesses know that Ali in vigorously promoting the “three links”, one thing is the goods pass, and the second is member links, and the third is through. This middle we do one thing, such as clothing business we have done one thing, is not satisfied with the line can be changed if the line size, return or modify, you can go to the nearest store, we put some cooperation business line Under the information to do. I heard a dumbfounding story, the last brand to tell me that this thing can not go on, and why? Because the mall found this thing, the original business in such a dry, the original online selling things can be shipped under the line, the line went down the line to return something that may be willing to, but the line of things to buy online delivery, Of the 25% of the deduction points can not get. And then began to let the security sub-door handle, courier into the store to pick up, because to enter the door to the mall to the counter.

We can imagine this scene, because the middle of the entire business relationship, the relationship between the brand in the platform, there is a ring, a lot of stores are long in today’s shopping malls, department stores in the long, how they change? What role should they play in the overall format? Today we need such a new design, the only way to run through this road. I want to say is that this happens precisely because the entire business restructuring has not yet completed, we must consider this in the middle of the different roles in which to provide services and access to profits. There is no doubt that such a reconstruction can not make everyone satisfied with the existing vested interests can not be satisfied, if all this does not change, we must ultimately consider the consumer is not more satisfied with the efficiency of business is Not more ascension? I think we have to complete with such a re-measure the standard, the only way to do this thing down. And this must be some intermediate construction-type innovation, the original interest distribution mechanism to a new mechanism of distribution of benefits. This is a very important point in the changes we see today between business organizations.

The next stage of the new retail development is very important point is that we are more and more businesses, in fact, we have seen such a budding situation, not only to the Internet as a sales channel with consumers, more and more Many businesses are moving to the integration of online and offline to consider the integration of the business. I think this is very important in the middle can go to determine whether we really come to a really new era of retail, or the enterprise can not go to this stage, I think a very important sign that we can not in the whole channel Range, whether online or offline, no matter which sales channel, are can be identified, my customers (consumers) are can be identified, my customers are can be reached, and I Of customers are can be insight, and my customers are can be served. I think these points are all businesses to measure our completion of such a business and the Internet after the chemical reaction must be achieved.

Why are so many companies willing to do e-commerce today? Willing to do the Internet? In fact, willing to day cat to Ali platform up, very important point is what? Very important point is that today this is the brand’s online business positions, brand management, not only after the sale of goods, consumer information, the buyer’s information we all get, we according to the combination of such goods and information, in fact, according to Such a digital order, digital transactions, customer information, digital, which can get a lot of insight into the middle. In fact, a sign of the new retail is very important to complete just can be identified, can be reached, can be insight, service, and ultimately each enterprise must become a big data support company, each enterprise must become A data company.

Whether you are a retail enterprise or a brand enterprise, each enterprise must go to the data company, we are possible to do these four points, is possible to new retail. In this middle, today we are experiencing the stage, more and more businesses have begun not only to the Internet as a sales channel, and began to integrate online and offline sales channels to consider, the online and offline sales of products Integration considerations. A few years ago we talked about many times, today I still say again, very popular in the second phase, I started to say I think the past eight years, three stages occurred in the second stage, the network is very popular The era of contributions has passed, this era is a stage of the product, which is an enterprise has not straightened out the production and supply and demand relationship between the product, which is a balanced mechanism of interest has not been a good product. Today, when online and offline completely open up later, in fact, the era of network-specific contributions have been completely passed.

Today, we see the situation is that when our business in the completion of online and offline sales channel reconstruction, the price is completely after the convergence, in fact, more and more businesses are beginning to do one thing, in fact, we understand that with each Consumers, each user is an Internet user, we can in fact create the entire brand, branding, marketing can be done by electronic means. The Internet to bring the value of this business, is a wide range from sales to marketing, the two years all the brand companies, all of the entire market budget are substantially from the traditional media to digital media.

And such a conversion, I think so far in the vast majority of enterprises or a physical reaction occurred, I often jokingly said a word, but also against our own team, said Youku team, I said you took a customer , The original it in a certain television station put a 15 seconds of advertising, 30 seconds of advertising, today you say I put this customer over here, I put in 15 seconds, 30 seconds of advertising, nothing more than a network television , Meaning what changes? I think today, the vast majority of the so-called digital channels of the media put all the businesses concerned, all the brands concerned, this thing is not the nature of change, but put the place has changed, the physical changes, but no chemical changes What is the chemical change? Chemical change is through such a digital media not only allows consumers to receive messages, while the two-way interaction can occur, while further behavior can occur, while access to consumer data.

I think this is our marketing side today in the marketing side, to the digital media with the entire retail business, we are experiencing a process. So now I see a more and more clear trend is that more and more companies began to the media line and this line of electricity business simultaneously considered, because the original electricity business to spend a little cost of doing the effect of advertising, more Of the money in the hands of the brand people do, they do advertising called brand advertising, but what brand advertising in the end to measure the effect? I think all the final promotion, advertising, and finally the real consumer behavior should be used to measure the effect. And this behavior should be perceived, is a two-way interactive behavior, so this is what we see the whole business development to new retail on the road, from the sales side to the marketing side. On this basis, today more and more enterprises from the market side to further change to the supply side, which is in the next phase of the key to new retail, and real business to make good use of consumer identifiable, , Can be insight, service, after the end of these can go to the real side of the supply side of the reform.

Today, because of the infiltration of the Internet, so we have a possibility that no matter where consumers consume, in a physical world or in a virtual world, his economic behavior is real, as long as the real economic behavior , We have the opportunity to turn him into a real digital transactions, and really be able to precipitate every transaction, every customer data. And these things not only used in the final sales side, not only used in the marketing side, we need to make great strides he took place in our production supply side. And such a linkage, we must just say that in the C2B process, more and more slowly from the B2C to C2B, our ability to enhance consumer insight, through online and offline connectivity, making the user can identify the extent of play can increase. The original store as long as not a member, I walked into the store, that is, bought a left the state. But today, if it is a digital business, I can compare with the online data, I can know who he is, I can learn more about him, I also have the possibility of the second touch, perhaps not in a store , Perhaps a video site, perhaps in an electronic business platform inside the shop, perhaps in a social media, which is today we see a huge change, in fact, the more the cumulative user data in the global marketing, global reach On the occurrence of a huge role.

But this is not an end, but a means, and ultimately have this means after the real change or to return to the original business, that is, our goods. How do we respond to the needs of consumers really fast, able to produce, design the goods they need? Today, Alibaba proposed five new (new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technologies, new energy), in fact, these five are closely related, at this point, the impact of the Internet is from the sales side Toward the supply side, in fact, reflected in our five new, which is the relationship between new retail and new manufacturing. Today’s manufacturing is no longer a closed-door design to obtain orders, and then mass production, mass shipments, and the real consumer insight into the premise of rapid response to meet the needs of the user design, supported by flexible Of the supply chain, rapid production, can eventually use the mesh channel structure in time to reach consumers, and be able to obtain real consumer spending data into a cycle after the process.

I think this process is the next few years the entire business, the brand, all businesses face the opportunity of new retail opportunities in the face of the Internet when we common to go to build something, which is the next stage in the next line to do a good job , Or between the interests of the entire business partners and the reconstruction of the entire business scene, goods, field, we supply side must meet this demand to complete the supply side of the reconstruction, so that we can really good service users, we Data mining can play a useful role. Because the more data, the data that is not a burden, is the cost, that is, storage, data can be used to generate new value. But for all consumer goods companies, the data best use of the scene, should be in the production side, should be in the design, the entire supply chain links. Only in this way can we meet the needs of consumers. This is what I have seen, from the past we called electricity providers, facing the future we called the new retail development, we must see some of the changes in the trend.

Today, we are on the road, the future completely in our own hands, how do we go to change, how do we seize the opportunity of the future? I would like to return to the origin or a word: each company because the Internet, because the development of the Internet, because the penetration of the Internet, are becoming a data company, how we really use the data to our wings? Including Ali, including all the peers, including reconstruction of business inspiration and driving force, and ultimately to meet the needs of end customers is the consumer’s needs, this is our simplification, we must go through this process. We are on the road, in the end of 2016, I also wish all businesses friends, all partners on the road all the way forward, and Alibaba together to explore the unknown, common to explore new surprises.

Why Game User Experience Is So Bad on Smartphone?

Over the years, mobile phones replace the MP3, MP4 and card machines and other electronic products, all rolled into one, but can not achieve outstanding, such as many MP3 sound quality can easily seconds off the phone. At present, MP4 has evolved into a Tablet PC, has a better life than the phone and has a larger screen. As for the card machine Well, if the black card and Sony Dafa than any cell phone are

So the phone is like a pot of food, what dishes are, but it is not authentic, the total feeling of something less. Although more and more end-trip implanted into the phone, whether it is the fighting effect or story content has increased dramatically, but in fact we often feel can not dripping to play. Use the phone to play games in the end what a bad mood?

The screen is too small

Smart phones from 2007 to the present, the screen size is growing, from 3.2 inches to 4 inches, 4 inches to 5 inches, and then to 6 inches or even a 6.4-inch giant flat-panel phone, undeniable screen is more suitable for playing Game, but in fact, a large, such as flat-panel phone when playing the game can not give us similar to the computer game brings us a wide field of vision, 6-inch mobile phone display and 23-inch computer screen effect is clearly small compared to the witch See the big witch, especially to play some scenes of the huge game. Therefore, the screen size is still one of the obstacles we play the game, after all, you stare at a long time so much a slap in the screen, eyes no matter how good, will feel tired.



Unlike watching e-books or browsing the web so “gentle” treatment of mobile phones, the game will take up a lot of CPU, GPU, memory and other mobile phone resources, power consumption is like a river burst, and a few inches of mobile phones will never plug too Of the battery, coupled with battery technology has been stagnant, play the game makes the phone use time decreased significantly. In addition to playing games, and now people’s lives can not do without mobile phones, brush microblogging, chase drama, songs, etc., most of the time consumed in the phone every day, which has a strong demand for mobile phone life. So life has become a mobile phone to play one of the biggest pain points.


Operation inconvenience

Although the current mobile phone screen quality to a very high standard, but in fact for the game operation will not have any real improvement. Relative to the mouse cursor on the PC monitor, the fingers of the 5, 6-inch mobile phone screen is clearly too great, so we can not as precise as the mouse operation, such as Call of Duty, across the FireWire shooting game needs or even Pixel-level precision. If the players hand a little fat that little, I am afraid to play every day love to eliminate such a game will be wrong next door to the box.

Hand tour of the disadvantages

In addition to the limitations of the phone itself, the game itself has become a PC, between the host and mobile phone watershed. Due to mobile phone performance and storage and other restrictions, the size of mobile games has always been limited to a range, which makes the original dozens of GB on the PC game ported to the phone, only a GB or even a few megabytes. As a result, the screen, story building and action design are greatly reduced, the main line of the story becomes no longer confusing, the screen is no longer as immersive.




Take the NBA 2K16, the mobile version is not only a small selection of models, but also changes in the game players little movement, can not reflect the technical characteristics of the players themselves, not to mention the 2K series has always been highly acclaimed career model In the phone side was castrated. Therefore, even withstand the 2K halo also did not like the PC / host version of the 2K16 as the global attention. Not just 2K16, such as Grand Theft Auto, Devil May Cry and other well-known stand-alone game portability to the mobile phone side of the playability is also greatly reduced.


Now the mobile phone games, more and more not fun, not only because of the size of the mobile phone games, more is now the mobile phone game market confusion and the proliferation of in-house model. Game companies only focus on short-term interests, leading to homogenization of the game more and more, the lack of quality.


In addition, Tucao has a variety of hand-travel phenomenon of krypton, do not pay for props, the game simply can not go on. And many of the game is simply the world of the rich, smashing the more money the more powerful, unfair. In fact, from Overlord, the host came over the times, more willing to accept a one-time payment.

Listen to how players say
Q: What kind of games do you like to play on your mobile phone? Where is the most uncomfortable place to play these games?

Roommate Liang students: recently been playing Onmyouji, really pit father, pumped SSR chance too low, and too time-consuming to obtain a type of God awakening, many times to brush the copy cycle. I may also be relatively low level of reason, so the feeling of brush strange, very slow to upgrade.

mobile game

Roommate Young students: king of glory and Yin and Yang, happy Diminshing music. The most unhappy place of the king of honor is the teammates too pit father, Onmyouji is the probability of pumping SSR is too low, and consumer music is the most uncomfortable place is someone else’s process has been in front of me, it is difficult to catch up because of network instability, Often stuck.

Zhang roommate students: shootout game. Play when the pop-up window often, to guide you for consumption. Playing shooting games or no PC-side fun, whether it is a sense of combat or manipulation of the computer is not good, so playing did not take long to remove, and only play games on the computer.

to sum up
Phone play games is not fun, on the one hand because the inherent limitations of mobile phones, precise control experience is not good, the game plot, the picture is relatively thin rough. On the other hand is hand tour manufacturers lack of innovation, only focus on immediate benefits, lack of patience to build quality.


Since the inherent limitations of mobile phones have been placed there, then the mobile phone manufacturers should try to “dance with shackles”, such as the explosion as the intention of making the game is really luck, even up to 60 ocean expensive price can not stop The real gamers enthusiasm. We expect to encounter more sophisticated and playable games on the phone, at least the time “waste” in the good game.

innovation is more important than resources

In recent years, you must have noticed these changes:

P & G, Unilever, Coca-Cola and other companies have more and more big brands lose power, continue to be a sudden appearance of a small impact on the status of small brands, but also blocked the small brands are increasingly weak.

Past entrepreneurs are often asked, “If Tencent did you how to do,” any small team are worried about being suddenly imitated by the giants more than before the business come to naught. But recently chat with some investors found that the whole business circles to discuss this matter fewer and fewer people, the giant imitation to defeat the original start-up companies are less and less cases.

In the past do the most important marketing budget, a 1000W budget of the program, no matter how poor strategy can also be more than a 50W budget program. But now rely on the budget to roll more and more difficult others.

Even not only business, personal growth in the field, there are more and more young people to rise rapidly.

This in the end is why? Why in the past by virtue of capital, traffic, resources and other means, the existing winners to continue to be successful. And lack of resources is now lack of awareness of the small brands have become so have the opportunity?

A formula to explain: Why get into a small brand?

This article, I would like to use only one of the most simple formula to explain the above problem.

(Ps. This is Li called the first article quoted in the animal theory of mathematics)

1, 10 million marketing budget beat the story of 30 million

First of all, before the story, on the above important issues, the industry has long been a lot of discussion:

For example, this is because people’s innovative ability to become strong – this is not ah, in the past a small brand also thought of a lot of good ideas, how not so easy to survive?

For example, this is because the giants become open, and can accept the investment rather than their own copy – this is not right, because the company will do the maximum benefit decision-making, they must be open because they do not so easy to succeed Not because they suddenly become good.

For example, this is because the consumer preferences change, began to like niche goods – people’s herd needs is actually there, it is unlikely that such a short period of time even the basic needs have changed.

Such a complex question, in the end what may be the reason? I like you, have been trying to understand the problem, after all, live in this era, we must understand this era of “rules of the game” changes.

A formula to explain: Why get into a small brand?

Here we work together to study this issue.

In accordance with the practice of the scientific community, many complex problems are often first from the simplest model to study.

For example, in order to reveal the mysteries of human DNA inheritance, direct study of the human body is too complicated too difficult – people have as many as 23 pairs of chromosomes, and 30 years to multiply generation, to collect sufficient generations of samples estimated to take hundreds of thousands of years.

So geneticists found the fruit flies to study, and humans, the fruit fly only four pairs of chromosomes, 10 days will be able to multiply generation, and a female fruit fly can multiply thousands of one – the geneticist The superior conditions of the study, and then finished the study deduced to humans on the convenience.

A formula to explain: Why get into a small brand?

In business, we also need to find such a can be used to simplify research. Just some time ago coincidentally let me find this area – a 10 million marketing budget to defeat the story of 30 million marketing budget.

Normally it seems impossible, because there is basically no expert program can make your ROI (return) more than 300 times the other people, so that 10 million of the marketing budget to defeat others 30 million.

But this is indeed a true story.

A few days ago I was with the beauty of the beauty of the beauty of the total beauty of Huang discuss marketing issues, they suddenly discovered that they do that year, they open the cosmetics Taobao shop, through creative copywriting optimization, only the conversion rate higher than the competitors 3 %, With 10W budget to defeat someone else 3000W.

The reason why this is because the capital turnover Taobao system is very fast, and today cast a 10W ads on Taobao, the day will be able to convert back to the next day to get a little more than 100,000 more money to vote, so every day snowball, The results of their initial funding a year with 10W, the final vote of more than 2000 million ads.

The competition is because the conversion rate is low a little bit, but each time running will lose a little (Taobao is the auction model), the final one year invested 30 million, but sales are not more than they.

A formula to explain: Why get into a small brand?

Ultimately, they rely on the weak point of innovation and advantages, leveraging the huge results. And this is actually just a simple model.

Second, the era of compound interest

Why is the “compound era”? In fact, this whole story can be a simple, we have learned high school model – compound interest model to explain.

Compounding formula:

A formula to explain: Why get into a small brand?
(Where n is the number of turns)

According to Huang said, when Taobao cash flow is often 1-2 days, that is, more than a year can turn 200 times.

Even if only 3% of each rate of return, then 1.03 of the 200th power, is 369 times.

Then, 100,000 times 369 times is more than 3000 million.

(Ps. The actual calculation is much more complex than this, but this is only the most simple model to understand)

In other words, because the turnover is very fast, even if you have only a weak efficiency advantage (such as high conversion rate), but rely on strong “compound effect”, will eventually produce hundreds of times the gap, so that the original advantages of a huge Of the results.

At this turnover rate, Cosmos is about 300 days to catch up with the giant rival – that is, its competitors (the original giant) must be 300 days to react and by imitation, copy, etc. in any way To achieve a similar effect Beauty Korea makeup, or 30 million capital formation of the great advantages will come to naught.

This simplified case explains why small brands in the information age are able to challenge big brands that are well-known, well-funded, and lucrative – because not only money, but all the resources (such as brand awareness) are moving faster.

This means that once a company innovates to optimize its efficiency (ie, the “rate of return” in a compound interest model), it can quickly roll up like a snowball, giving its original popularity, channel, capital, etc. Resource advantages quickly cut.

A formula to explain: Why get into a small brand?

In the traditional era, this is clearly impossible.

We put the same case to the television age to see, with television put the era of the most simple case:

Assuming the beginning of the year, you have 10W marketing budget, signed an annual advertising agreement with the television station, which led to sales under the line, before the end of the success of the dealer where the back section, you get 120,000 (equivalent to 20% rate of return).

Then your rival a giants have 3000W marketing budget, also signed an annual agreement with the television station, but they may be creative, products, and so not as good as you, and thus lower efficiency, only 10% of the rate of return by the end of 33 million.

We assume that the giant is slow to follow your innovative strategy and achieve a similar rate of return to you, so if it turns around once a year, how long will it take for you to catch up with the “30 million VS10 million” gap?

Very simple, the following equation of the n solution out on the line:

A formula to explain: Why get into a small brand?
Calculated with a calculator, found that n is 65.

(Ps. In order to simplify, the user does not take into account the above active diffusion, the dealer and other variables)

In other words, you do a certain innovation so that an efficiency increase of 10% in the number of years of turnover times of 1, the original giant need stupid, slow, refused to innovation, institutional rigidity until 65 years do not follow up , You have a chance to exceed them.

Giant re-ossified can not be rigid to 65 years are not prodigal son to this level, so the new brand, the new team would like to counter-attack through innovation, in that era a bit difficult.

(Which is why “from 0 to 1” that new products often require 10 times improvement in order to counter-attack, because to reverse the gap in resources)

This is the most important and only one of the models that this article wants to analyze – the compound interest formula.

A formula to explain: Why get into a small brand?

Whether it is a small war on the brand, or the workplace of the new emerging smart young people, their relative advantage of the original giant is the compound interest formula in the “rate of return”:

Such as through innovation to reduce the product price, thereby increasing the sales conversion rate;

Such as the discovery of new market positioning entry point, so that the same advertising exposure resources in exchange for more users;

Such as the development of a new feature, so that the same user resources to leave more (retention) – these are essentially a resource “rate of return.”

The advantage of the original giant is to master a lot of “capital”:

Such as money to invest more advertising at once, and then creative was also poor to buy;

Such as a flow of resources which can make an instant download several million APP;

Such as dealer resources so poor products can be on the shelf … …

Through innovation to improve the “rate of return” important, or have “capital” (Note: This capital is not just money, contacts, traffic and other existing resources are capital) important? This depends on the “turnover rate” – in the era of traditional turnover speed is not fast, of course, is important capital; and once the turnover rate becomes faster, the return rate will be more important than the capital.

For example, we take a money and unrelated resources, “connections” to give examples. On the “network”, there is a good father to introduce you to a variety of dignitaries in this way effective, or their turn into a good person, everyone who knows you are recognized by your ability to recommend to The next person?

This depends on the “network” of the resource turnover rate.

A formula to explain: Why get into a small brand?

If you have a network of contacts, you have a network of 10 active contacts, while the other is rich and effective network of 1000 initial contacts; but you are better than him, you know your people Each chat has a 10% probability of recommending you; and understanding of the rich people have a 0% probability of his recommendation.

A year later, you become a network of 11, his contacts or 1000 – so hundreds of years to catch up.

And if people are easy to talk to every day, “recommended talent” on this topic, “network” of the capital turnover of the day once, the equivalent of your network can be multiplied by a daily 1.1 months down the numbers would not dare to think Regardless of repeat recommendations).

(So ​​the emergence of micro-letters, people communicate more, but is easy to make people counter-attack)

In short, the information age, the turnover of various resources have become faster and faster:

Faster turnover, the role of creative advertising will be more likely to exceed the role of advertising budget.

The faster the turnover, the role of product innovation will be more likely to flow, channel monopoly role.

The faster the turnaround, the easier it will be for a business strategy to outweigh the role of resources (because “strategy” is more like resource use efficiency and “good strategy” is a competitive advantage in itself)

In other words: innovation, strategic thinking, unique thinking, new ideas, talent creativity, more and more important. While the flow, capital and other value of the role of stock, more and more low.

No wonder everyone said:

“Now, tens of millions of budget easy to get, but a good program is hard to find.”

Third, why the turnover speed becomes faster?

In front of us to understand the speed of turnover speed up, so that the role of resource monopoly gradually reduced, so as to innovators, small brands bring more opportunities. So in the field of marketing, in the end why this happened?

What has led to an increase in turnover in the marketing area?

In addition to conventional technological advances (such as the convenience of payment) and other factors, I think these factors to speed up the turnover of consumer goods switching speed, the impact is very large:

1, channel monopoly reduction

Consumer choice in the past mainly rely on channels – such as a township consumers to see only wow ha ha mineral water on the shelves, of course, only buy wow ha ha, and the channel is actually a very slow turnover of resources.

A formula to explain: Why get into a small brand?

We know from the previous model that once your business relies on a slow-moving resource, it means that you are hard to attack as an innovator and, of course, once you become a leader, even if you stop innovating, Harder than you.

For example, you as an innovator to develop a better and better new products, but you only have 10 channels, wow ha ha has 1000, because they may be six months into a cargo, so each time you purchase a batch of each conversion Batch, the results of 3 years down the possible development of less than 100.

In the meantime, as long as the wow Haha react to develop the same products with you and quickly Distribution, your advantage gone.

And if you have occupied a large number of channels, basically you can lie to make money, do not even have any innovation – anyway, who is very slow counter-attack, before he grows copy on the line.

Now, the impact of consumer choice channels is declining, so this “very slow turnover” of resources has become less important, eventually leading to increased turnover speed, so as to bring opportunities for small brand innovation.

2, the increase in third-party evaluation and brand power decline

After the end of the channel age, we ushered in the brand era. If the channel is to occupy the position on the shelf, then the brand is occupying the position of the mind.

The arrival of the brand usher in a lot of opportunities for innovation, but unfortunately, the brand is also a relatively slow turnover of resources. (Positioning said, the mind is difficult to change)

This is certainly a good thing for successful companies – as long as the enhanced positioning, built the moat brand, even if the competitors launched a better product, how? I am still the industry leader.

Coca-Cola brand in the year to establish the “cola leader” status, even if the back of Pepsi through the user evaluation proved better than Coca-Cola drink, can not go beyond Coca-Cola – because the user does not see Coke brand evaluation.

A formula to explain: Why get into a small brand?

But now in many industries, the situation has changed – with third-party evaluation information (such as friends, business review, network red evaluation, search engines, etc.) more and more users become more and more rely on third parties Information rather than the brand itself to make judgments.

A few years ago this has a very sensational study found that in the United States Yelp (similar to our public comment) the more fire areas, chain restaurants, the more difficult the day, but the independent restaurant fire.

A formula to explain: Why get into a small brand?

This is because the past, the user does not know which restaurant is good, had to judge by brand (“This is a well-known brand, choose it right”); and now we directly open comments, one can see is a four-star or five- The degree of brand value is reduced.

Similar to our electricity provider – past the line can not see the evaluation, you certainly buy well-known brand appliances, and now can see the praise, the same price, a 5 star but a small minority brand, another 2 stars and a half Are bad reviews of the well-known brands, you certainly choose the former.

This is our theme (why small brand opportunity to become more) have any effect?

The biggest impact is – to further speed up the flow of resources, so that the role of past success further reduced.

This is because with the “brand” and “channel” is different from the results of the evaluation is a fast turnover of resources – product quality can be instantaneous response, and brand perception changes will take a long time.

If consumers rely on the brand to do the same as in the past to judge, then you do a better business smart bracelet, consumers have not heard of this brand will not buy, you certainly do not have opportunities; but if consumers rely more on evaluation Judgment, we see you on the evaluation of Jingdong is much higher than the millet, of course, more likely to buy.

A formula to explain: Why get into a small brand?

Therefore, the arrival of the information age (such as interpersonal communication, net red recommendation, third-party evaluation, power supplier evaluation), in fact, speed up the pace of change in consumer preferences, thereby further improving resource turnover speed, Have a chance.

3, enterprise resources, “externalization”

In addition to the above factors affecting consumer choice, the third on the turnover rate of great impact, is the enterprise resource “externalization.”

A formula to explain: Why get into a small brand?

Said here, “corporate resource externalization”, refers to the enterprise more and more through external resources to do things:

Such as the past is the need to build their own technology to build servers, and now have a cloud service;

In the past an enterprise to accumulate user data to do their own analysis, can now directly buy open BAT pay data resources;

In the past to accumulate their own money into the rolling profits, and now directly to use VC to finance on the line.

This has the effect of further accelerating the turnaround of resources.

This is because: the resources outside the enterprise certainly faster than the internal turnover.

Take money, in the past you increase efficiency by more than a year earned 10W, so this 10W into the next year to increase investment, turnover is very slow.

And now as long as you improve the efficiency of the first year earn 10W, venture capital will trust you here to return more, so directly to you 10 million to vote to the second year. Equivalent to 10W of capital, the formation of “potential” to attract external cooperation, rolling into the second year of 10 million.

A formula to explain: Why get into a small brand?
When an enterprise can be more and more directly through the external access to resources, rather than their own accumulation, it is easy to speed up the turnover rate. So that the “rate of return” this matter becomes more important than the “capital”.


“Why do small brands become more and more innovative and more important than resources?”

This question I think and study for a long time, until finally returned to all of us high school mathematics school, the simplest compound interest model.

But precisely because of this model is too simple, it is so easy to be ignored.

You have 1 million, others have 10 million, your advantage is really someone else’s 1000 times it?

This is true in a slow-moving world, but in a fast-moving world, it will soon catch up to you with a compounded effect, as long as it optimizes a percentage point improvement through innovation.

See here, I think you have to understand the beginning of the question.

Alienware 17 Review

If you understand the previous generation of “Alienware 17”, then see it at first glance will find the difference between the two – the fuselage behind more out of the part. First of all intuitive visual, it looks more tough, while the old section will appear to be more smooth. As for this generation of new products choose a new mold of the reasons, personally think that thanks to the new GTX 10 card.

Alienware 17

In order to Hold GTX 10 graphics card heat, including today’s protagonist of the new “Alienware 17”, many of the recent listing of the new have chosen a new mold. How the actual cooling effect aside for the time being, at least in the overall appearance or bring us a lot of freshness, after all, with a set of mold to see a long time, there will be Shenmeipilao not.


Or just mentioned, as the new “Alienware 17” rear fuselage that part of the original intention, obviously not to please the eye, functionality is the key. In addition to the left and right sides of the two cooling windows, the central part of the interface becomes the main distribution area, providing RJ45 network cable interface, Mini DP, HDMI, Thunderbolt 3 and Alienware graphics accelerator port. Also on both sides of the fuselage, the new “Alienware 17” designed a total of 2 USB3.0 interface, a Type-C interface and headphones, microphone interface.


Objectively speaking, it’s interface type rich enough, including our usual use of video, audio, data transmission interface are included. But only two USB3.0 interface, or slightly less, As for the Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 interface, even in the actual data output than the former has a huge advantage, but the current status quo is a large number of peripherals still follow the old interface standard equipment , Useless, very embarrassing. In fact, it would be better to be replaced by a USB3.0 interface, of course, only personal recommendations.


The screen, which is equipped with a 17.3-inch IPS matte screen, a resolution of 2560 × 1440. Compared to 15-inch or 13-inch screen, 17-inch “big screen” in the game when playing the overall picture is clearly better.


In contrast, you have no way in the portability of the “Alienware 17” made too many demands, after all, the body size in that arrayed. Of course, compared to desktops, its portability or properly properly win.


C side of the overall layout is not much change, the left is still a row of shortcut keys, with the top of the small keyboard 4, designed a total of nine editable shortcut keys. In addition, the new “Alienware 17” at the top and the bottom of the screen with a mirror of the article, it seems high-end range of children full, but no practical application Own ~).


Alienware’s keyboard keys are something I really like. The “large trapezoidal design” which is small and large in size can be felt as “stable” at the first press, and it is also possible to avoid mis-contact. Specific adjustment part of the key process is moderate, but the feedback force is relatively strong, it is also very much in line with the requirements of gamers for the keyboard, no problems.


● love to see and hear the “play lights” link powerful Word brother

Directed at the Alienware notebook light industry, the title of “play lights” link is essential. Alienware 17 “, including the aliens above the top cover pattern, left and right sides of the two (four) lights, B side of the screen below the ALIENWARE words, power key, keyboard backlight and touch Control board. Compared to previous generation products, the new A and the abolition of the fuselage in front of the bottom of the light belt, in turn added a new light on both sides.


Lighting effects set up is not complicated, as shown in the figure, you can use the mouse to click to indicate areas, according to their own preferences to choose a variety of colors. Lighting Alienware 17 provides both distortion and pulse styles, and supports custom blink speed and duration.


OK, this part of the play also play, the following terms as a gamer, I am part of the game for the lighting of view. Game manufacturers in the promotion of their own products, many will add similar to the “dazzling light effect, so that fighting more cool,” this description, but in fact, like Alienware to play the same flowers are not many.


Of course, the actual playing the game when I do not care about whether it is dazzling lights, or even basically do not open light, but the manufacturers have to do something tricks, find a selling point is not?


● GTX 10 is a new card to force cooling is also good


Life, cooling, and the actual performance part, I installed the “Watch Pioneer”, through the game for 30 minutes the way, generally carried out the test. First look at life, the official battery capacity given 99Wh, compared to most 60-80Wh the same level of product, or very conscience. Open the keyboard backlight and a variety of lighting, 30 minutes after its battery power from 98% to 62%, the system gives the remaining time available for 44 minutes. Not a “genius”, the game’s normal life performance.


Hardware configuration, the new “Alienware 17” equipped with an Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, 16GB of memory, 512GB solid state + 1TB mechanical hard drive and GTX 1070 alone significantly. During the game, I use Fraps software to intercept the real-time frame number of 104, does not appear a card a card situation, play up very smoothly.


In addition, we draw the heat distribution from the point of view, the actual 30 minutes after the game, the fuselage positive high-temperature area concentrated in the central location, the maximum temperature of 40.2 ℃; back high-temperature area concentrated in the heat window and above the hollow, the maximum temperature of 45.9 Lt; 0 & gt; C. Overall, whether positive or reverse, the performance of this part of the heat is still great.


Early adopters report
Here the new “Alienware 17” of the early articles on the basic come to an end. Summarize the short time to get started, I evaluate its advantages and disadvantages.

Alienware 17


1, overall performance is good, generally used to play the game properly due no problem, after all, this generation GTX 1070 was quite a force.

2, the new mold looks more tough, the overall look better (personal views, you may not find it).

3, the handling is still good, nothing to pick.

4, it seems, thermal performance is satisfactory.

* 5, playing out the flowers lighting effects (PS: the majority vote in support of the editorial department ……)

Alienware 17


1, the conventional USB interface is too small, one on each design, really enough (not bad money if you can buy a docking station ……).

2, body size is too large, portability is a problem, take it out really is the individual force job.

3, temporarily not found ……