At this year’s CES show, Baidu released its artificial intelligence operating system system DuerOS, also announced at home with small fish to reach cooperation, small fish at home is the first equipped with Baidu DuerOS artificial intelligence manufacturers. Baidu said that this is the first time the introduction of dialogue type artificial intelligence operating system, Baidu is an important strategic product of artificial intelligence. DuerOS emphasizes the interactive nature of voice conversations through natural language. At the same time with the cloud of the brain, can always learn evolution, become more intelligent.


DuerOS is an open operating system, in addition to access to artificial intelligence robot, you can also support mobile phones, TVs, speakers, cars, robots and other hardware devices, while supporting the ability of third-party developers access.

At the same time, Baidu announced a strategic cooperation with small fish at home, small fish at home will be the first attempt DuerOS manual operating system vendors. The two sides said they will be available for the Chinese market in the spring equipped with a new DuerOS “fish at home” video intercom robot. Equipped with a DuerOS system at home video intercom robots, users simply use the wake-up word “fish small fish”, you can achieve through voice dialogue to complete the playback music, broadcast news, search pictures, find information, set the alarm, called Take-away, chat, control the family of intelligent hardware devices and other secretary functions.

You can also wake up multi-party video calls through voice conversations, voice mail and other family social and communication functions. Combined with 360 degrees on the face of the hardware automatic identification tracking, 8 m pickup and other capabilities, to achieve “liberation hands” experience.

The two sides believe that the robot will be the world’s first voice, screen and camera multimodal interactive experience of innovative intelligent products, is the first combination of communication and home social networking capabilities of the family of intelligent terminal products.

Small fish at home hope to continue to focus on the Chinese market and China’s home use scenarios. According to reports, the two sides will continue to launch after the Spring Festival series of products.