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VR Indusrty Is Still Unstable

In 2016 CES, there are more than 40 booth display games and virtual reality related products. 2017, CES VR / AR exhibitors on the total number of more than 90, compared to last year more than a lot.

But the CES VR / AR exhibiting hot does not mean that just the past year, the industry has a dazzling results.

CB Insights, a venture capital data analysis firm, has released a report in the field of VR. The data show that the volume of transactions in the VR area in the first two quarters of 2016 fell significantly compared to the fourth quarter of the year, with Q2 trading down 38% in 2016 compared to the peak, while continuing to decline the trend of.

Known as the “VR first year” of 2016, may be some of the over reputation.

CES VR exhibitors are still dominated by the first show, but several big giants, such as Oculus, Sony PS VR and HTC Vive are not introduced new products. Oculus to Intel in a sofa with Rift head, the game notebook out of the show, Sony is only released 16 years a year of PS4 sales data. HTC Vive is not released second-generation products, just bring new accessories, sound will continue to promote the line layout.

AR, the end of 2016 due to false advertising storm ignited Magic Leap products bounced, Meta and Microsoft HoloLens is also the identity of exhibitors, there is no separate booth.

Although the giant is not much movement, but the CES on the VR producers are very active, from the mobile VR, one machine to the AR glasses, exhibiting hardware is still dominated by the first show.

For example, the bird to see the release of the VR one machine Pico Neo Consumer Edition, as well as a tracking kit. Big friends brought a new PC helmet E3 and space positioning program E-Polaris, 3G glasses on display the first generation of consumer version of the blue Po S1 set and 3Wand interactive package.

But can be said that the first significant and not too many surprises, but with the industry-related accessories more worth seeing.

Giant, HTC brought the Vive tracker Tracker, wireless VR upgrade kit, Vive Chang listen to smart headband and promise to Teng cooperation to launch Hi5 gloves.


Panoramic camera is an important part of the exhibitors. Insta360 brings a 8K resolution Insta360 Pro camera, which is designed for 360-degree VR movie design, priced at 3,000 US dollars. Compared to Nokia’s OZO up to 32 million yuan price, Insta360 Pro camera more “civilian”, or will be able to better promote the VR content production.


2012 and 2013, the capital of the VR industry investment events were only 1 and 4, the amount of investment is almost negligible. But by 2014, the investment event and the amount of investment rose to 17 and 270 million yuan.

2015 and the first half of 2016, investment in the event respectively rose to 57 and from 38 onwards, the amount of investment reached 2.4 billion yuan and 15.4 billion yuan. However, in the second half of 2016, access to investment institutions favored VR companies have been very few.


IResearch report also said that the current domestic VR industry, the number of companies in 100 or so, but to get more than B round of financing of not more than 10.


Start-up companies difficult, in addition to financing difficulties and profits will take time, as well as pressure from large companies. To the content, for example, the light media, China policy film, the digital kingdom, love Fantastic Art, Youku, micro whale, etc. have entered the bureau, large companies have their own resources for entrepreneurs is a development barrier, Their accession, IP royalties, etc. also with the rise. At the same time, some of the hardware companies, or “wait and see” stage of large companies, then choose the injection of funds or platform to provide benefits such as to join the industry.

Capital cold, the market demand is not high, one after another, some companies have begun layoffs rumors. Impact on the industry, than the storm layoffs and Mito entertainment wages.

A practitioner who has joked: “Of course, today’s VR manufacturers do not have a good day of the box,” he said, “I do not know how to do a good job, , More than those who entered, the product profit margins are squeezed, the money earned less and less. The most profitable line of experience may also be a good shop is not good.


Daydream introduced a “reference design” for the mobile VR headroom, meaning that some of the more complex VR hardware and software vendors will be impact squeezed, but another point of view, Daydream to the mobile VR a unified Standard setting, the hardware market is no longer uneven. But this is only the beginning. At present, the mobile VR market is still confused, in line with Daydream standard very few phones.

Google daydream view

The three giants have also shipped to the mire in the winter of the VR market hit a dose of the heart. But at present, Sony PS VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift specific sales are still unknown.

After that, Microsoft introduced the general VR head display solution Win10 VR, on this basis, there will be more performance is better, while the price will not be too high VR head appears, these products will become real consumer products.

In terms of content, Oculus Story Studio VR animation “Henry” (Henry) won the first VR film history Emmy, is also a memorable VR event.

In 2017, VR also what may be the development

Accessories or feasibility
From the beginning of 17 CES show, this year, with the VR-related accessories or there will be new room for development. On the one hand, 2016, there are a lot of rumors that Microsoft, Oculus are studying the new VR controller, and CES on the giant HTC Vive do not hurry to push new products, but to start with the accessories, from wireless devices to Headset, VR gloves; Although the show is still the first show was mainly, but there have been a lot of good accessory products; the other hand, the current VR market, there have been many products, but only the first significant experience is more limited , In this environment, cut into the accessories market or have some room for development.

IResearch has produced a report on the 16-year VR industry. The report mentioned that the current content of about 3,500 VR platform products, and mobile-based mobile phone box lack of interactive features, mainly based on ornamental video and pictures. With the increase in VR accessories and the standardization of mobile VR development, 2017 or will be a good time for content creation.

Benefit chip manufacturers
In addition to accessories, catch the VR tide profit, there has been unknown to the chip manufacturers.

Whether it is VR / AR head are required to match the use of strong computing power, and for clear computing power, game content display, chip manufacturers, graphics manufacturers are more discourse.

In a VR-related conference in 2016, Intel’s director of technical sales, Gao Yu, said Intel could offer high-performance CPUs and GPUs at the same time as one of its strengths in the VR space because only CPUs and GPUs have enough performance Powerful to give users the best immersive experience.

2017 CES, Intel, NVIDIA, AMD and Qualcomm also brought a new chip processor. Fan love child article “virtual / augmented reality behind the hot, more like a chip makers wars” , the problems mentioned in the VR chip makers upsurge in how the layout.

With the rise of mobile smart devices, PC market gradually depressed, but the new demand there, from artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other new areas for the chip to bring new business opportunities. Nvidia also said in 2017 CES, 2016, British stock up 230%, net profit reached 1.2 billion US dollars.

Vertical field: VR + scene
Virtual reality technology floor, is in different areas to provide different use value. In 2016, VR + such as real estate, live, games, tourism, marketing and so has some success.

16 years, VR game has a lot of content, according to Ereli statistics, there are at least about 3500 VR games; with the voice of the first year of live, there are many companies are trying VR live, but the signal Transmission and bandwidth costs and other issues, not yet a lot of explosive power. Alibaba in VR shopping on the try, Buy + has just launched to attract a lot of vision. In the real estate and tourism, the current focus on viewing panoramic video and other aspects of this.


With the further development of 17-year VR, VR in vertical applications will be more in-depth, or no longer simply provide a simple viewing, entertainment, advertising, will also be in the medical, industrial and other industries to assume more functions.

AR in the industry application of the sound seems to be greater. For example, Microsoft last year for the world-renowned elevator manufacturer ThyssenKrupp company, provides 24000 HoloLens, these devices will be used to help the company’s technical staff more efficient handling of elevator installation and maintenance and other related issues. Volvo engineers in Sweden have also been using HoloLens to interact with virtual components. Domestic manufacturers of the wind R & D AR for a number of enterprises to provide technical assistance.

Although the second quarter of this year is not optimistic about the form of investment, but CB Insights investment in AR transactions this year is still bullish, and is expected to be 40% increase.

All-in-One and Mobile VR
2016 Shenzhen Huaqiang North’s war machine with the phone box, the machine defeat . Although these two products are currently unable to provide excellent VR experience, but one machine price higher than the mobile phone box, under the price war, one machine into development predicament.

One machine compared with the phone box, with independent computing unit, there are more interactive may be its obvious advantages, although at present, one machine experience has not been able to achieve it and the VR box is completely different Open standards, and hardware performance, lack of content and so have a relationship.

At the same time, but giant in 16 years to start with one machine, such as Intel Alloy , Oculus Cruz one machine the Santa .

Overall, the phone box can not meet the needs of more experience, PC VR and experience the environment has a high demand, one machine has a lot of potential users in fact. Of course, the premise is that hardware performance can keep up, one machine to get rid of the magic box as mobile phone box.

Although the bombing incident had a significant impact on Samsung, but the mobile VR, the Samsung Gear VR is still the main force. Mobile VR as an important virtual reality products, is still in the early stages of development of the VR market is very important, of course, this market does not require the proliferation of shoddy mobile VR products.

After the hustle and bustle of calm, death or opportunity?

Since 2014, Facebook spent 30 billion US dollars (in 2014 broke the price of 20 billion US dollars) acquisition of Oculus, the virtual reality calls will be growing. Some people have been fighting in this industry have repeatedly stressed that “VR is the future”, and some people in the development of bottlenecks, began to expand other businesses, but also offline experience store because of poor management options to sell equipment, leave the industry.

In May 2016, the Commission suspended the definition of cross-defined, VR industry was covered, followed by Mito entertainment payroll incidents and the demons of the demon layoffs seem to continue to promote the 16-year VR from the fiery scene to get out , Tend to calm.

17 years to just come, there is a new message that foreign do virtual reality multi-task operation software development Envelop VR company closed down.

The VR / AR investment trend report released by data analysis firm CB Insights shows that despite 16 years of declining investment in the VR sector in the past two quarters, the transaction volume has increased by nearly 42% over the same period last year, 90%.

CB Insights believes that while the overall VR market is still in the early growth period, although the development is not as rapid as the previous year, but in accordance with the current trend of development, VR aspects of trading volume is still a certain upside.

Recently, Zuckerberg in court ZeniMax against Oculus lawsuit that the VR is not as he originally thought it was mature, really good virtual reality products may take 5 to 10 years to appear.

There are also relevant sources, the market for this industry’s attention is a good thing down, so practitioners can be more settled down under the heart, more calm and do the early work.

How to Remove .Merry file virus Completely?

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get rid of .Merry file virus

A hot ransomware called .Merry file virus have broken out this week and now is still spreading quickly. .Merry file virus now is distributed through a fake file of chrome font, which is known to be Chrome_Font.exe. Most of users downloaded and double-clicked Chrome_Font.exe and then all the files are encrypted with a .Merry extension. It drops a MERRY_I_LOVE_YOU_BRUCE.HTA file to inform the users that their files are encrypted with RAS or AES encryption and they have to buy decryptor with bitcoins. Here is one of the warnings:

TELEGRAM @comodosecunty
Any attempts to return your files with the third-party tools can be fatal for your encrypted files! The most part of the third-party software change data within the encrypted file to restore it but this causes damage to the files.
Finally it will be impossible to decrypt your files! There are several plain steps to restore your files but if you do not follow them we will not be able to help you!

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Hackers prefer to produce MERRY_I_LOVE_YOU_BRUCE to infect the PCs. When they will compile thousands of emails containing the downloading programs to various users. They will name theses emails as the bank bills , coupons, or anything else which could catch the attentions from users. When users are attracted to check these emails, they this ransomware on board.

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Funny Collection virus gets inside the PC with some viruses but it is not as easy to be detected like viruses. So even the security application find out the viruses and remove them, Funny Collection virus still enters in and is left there. And it will detect the browsers search tool and replay it with its plugins. Even users don’t give any permit to this operation, it still happens. And security guides cannot easily find it out as it is small in size and not aggressive. So it takes some time for the computer to reflex to this change and it has enough time to mess up the system.

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Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

Razer  shine in the CES Consumer Electronics Show, and today’s “Razer” not only focus on light peripherals product design and development, gaming Notebook and many other product line completion will also “Razer” to a new brand height.

Today, we return to the “Razer” the most expertise peripherals product line to DIY enthusiasts to bring a new mechanical keyboard products – “Razer Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2”.

This product is still part of the Razer “Black Widow” keyboard product sequence, which is a well-known netizens a keyboard product line, but this latest “V2” model keyboard is exceptionally mysterious, even this year the world’s largest One of the exhibition “CES”, we have not seen this kind of product. The 23rd article on the evening of 23:00 release time is precisely this product the world’s NDA can be the earliest exposure time.

From the model point of view, we can see that “BlackWidow Chroma V2” is “BlackWidow Chroma” upgrade products, these two products at first glance very much imagine, but “V2” is a newly designed keyboard new products, in the This we also got the first generation of “BlackWidow Chroma” in the content inserted for comparative evaluation.

Evaluation of the content we will use a large number of details of the previous generation contrast

The same RGB backlight concept, the same number of buttons, different details and materials, the new listing of “Chroma V2” does have a very strong sense of technology; this evaluation will be based on product appearance, design 1, two generations of details, And other multi-dimensional test. Players have any suggestions and views on this product please go to the comments below to say what you think.


First of all, we take a look at this “Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 keyboard,” the design, a mysterious masterpiece of Chinese New Year has finally opened its veil.


“BlackWidow Chroma V2” keyboard and the same number of the first generation of the keycap, also uses a 104 +5 the number of keys, V2 version of the left side of the main keyboard area still retains five additional keys. The keyboard as a whole is more angular than the early generation, fashion and avant-garde at the same time reveals a retro style.

Primary keypad

Small keyboard area design

The upper right corner of the keyboard lights enable a new design, the indicator is no longer hidden in the panel below, but in the new development of the mirror area to show a separate attitude out. Making the keyboard as a whole more complete, light identification has also been greatly improved; this part of the design and “Razer Black Widow 2016 Ultimate Edition” keyboard is roughly the same.

Keyboard side design

The keyboard as a whole FN functional area and the basic layout of the various parts of the basic and consistent with the first edition, and also used Razer and most of the keyboard manufacturers Yan Yongde ABS light-permeable keycap, the ABS light-permeable keycap whether it is working feel or light transmission effect Are first-class standards. To say that the keycap in fact there is a detail worthy of praise, single keycap inside and outside the paint stains have a very good secondary treatment.


Additional keypad

In the previous article we have talked about the V2 version of the keyboard continues the original version of the main keyboard area on the left of the 5 additional buttons, and different from other manufacturers in here, “steal material”, Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 keyboard keyboard even additional keypad Also uses a native mechanical shaft switch.

Closing base bracket

Key-in-one design

Keyboard connector design

Razer Keyboard shaft switch

Can be opened and closed the angle of the base bracket, key-in-one design, USB HUB access function, Razer original green axis switch, a series of designs follow the “Black Widow” series of remarkable product advantages, The latest V2 version of the keyboard is more competitive. Perhaps the netizens saw this did not see the new listing of “Blackwidow Chroma V2” and “Blackwidow Chroma” What is the difference, then the next two pages we will use the article to answer your questions and doubts.


So, then to the text of the “main event”, since it is “V2” version of the new product, then in the end compared to the first generation What is the difference? Let’s take a look at it!

The keys are redesigned

First, we talked about the key layout, pay attention to the figure of these two keyboards of “F1” button, the new product “F1” button located directly above the number “2” button, rather than the first generation of “2” and “3” This is good news for many gamers who want to play the gaming game. Optimizing the layout of the buttons is also a good experience for gamers in a tight, intense gaming experience.

Redesigned keyboard I / O interface

Keyboard I / O area interface, the new product integration of the audio interface, the design has become a combination of interfaces, and USB HUB design remained unchanged, this design is to meet the current mainstream combination of headset audio interface, to meet the mainstream industry Of the design.


Another very large design changes are reflected in the keycap, and from the modeling point of view is not too big difference, but the paint coloring process more perfect. And also done in the font optimization, cut out the old black and thick black font design, but with a simple and smooth fine lines fonts.

V2 version of the keyboard comes with the original base is not compatible with the first generation of the keyboard

The biggest difference between the old and new is the original palm rest, and in the “Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2” keyboard box implanted in the original cortex palm rest, and the keyboard inside the main shell implanted magnet, you can easily The palm rest is fixed to the keyboard. But one thing to note, after our actual test, V2 version of the new keyboard products with the palm rest is not backward compatible with the first generation of the keyboard.

Brand: Razer Keyboard5 first generation of add-ons & V2 Reviews
First generation & V2 add-ons evaluation

Finally, we take a look at “V2” keyboard and the first generation of products, “additional items” and it comes with accessories.

The BlackWidow Chroma V2 keyboard comes with a native cortex palm rest

We have compared the keyboard in the previous article has been referred to the V2 version of the new product with the box with the palm rest of the cortex, and this palm rest is not backward compatible with other “Black Widow” series of keyboard products, so like a full set of design “Faith” or to choose the latest listing of the “Blackwidow Chroma V2” keyboard.

More excellent material and workmanship

With the box comes with the test button device

Press and hold to trigger RGB lighting

The “Blackwidow Chroma V2” keyboard comes with a test shaft that is visible on the front of the product package. The user does not have to unpack the package to feel the keyboard keypad body, unlike the other “brother” products in the family. Feel. We open the keyboard packaging, pull out the insulation bar, long press the test device can be RGB feedback backlight, very worthy of collection.

Evaluation Summary:

Into the first month of 2016, many DIY manufacturers with “CES” CES exposure of many technology products, but Razer has come to the front, the first in China before the New Year release of this “Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2” keyboard. Perhaps many users at first glance this is in the “fried rice”, but according to the evaluation of this article, I believe netizens also on this new “black widow” keyboard with more understanding, the price of this keyboard we Temporarily not known, but the product attributes and specific point of view, this must be thousands of dollars and even higher keyboard products.