Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512G SSD

SSD market has been completely captured by TLC flash, almost the same color of the new TLC SSD new products. We know that, compared to TLC SSD, MLC SSD addition to price disadvantage, the remaining advantages are obvious, such as speed performance, stability, reliability, erasure life. Helpless, TLC SSD manufacturing costs to prevail, resulting in the darling of the MLC SSD was gradually ignored.

Finally, at the end of 2016, let us see a SATA interface MLC SSD new, it is from the Toshiba-OCZ VX500 series SSD, in the end this a new MLC SSD performance? Today to give you a detailed evaluation.


OCZ, once all-powerful SSD brand, after incorporating Toshiba’s, began a new life cycle. Toshiba will OCZ after the integration of the product line for major adjustments, the original number of products is now only 3, also streamlined a lot of naming, respectively, RD400, VT180 and TR150, respectively, located in the high-end, midrange and mainstream, where the new VX500 is to replace the old VT180.


Capacity, a total of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB four specifications. As for the life of the consumers are most concerned about the problem, the life data into the amount of 74TB, 148TB, 296TB, 592TB, the maximum daily write volume of 40GB, 81GB, 162GB, 324GB, and the average time between failures is 1.5 million hours. The maximum sustained read and write speeds of the four specifications were 550MB / s and 515MB / s, the maximum random read and write speeds were 92000 IOPS and 65000 IOPS. The domestic has not started selling, the price has not yet been announced, the official reference price given, 512GB pre-sale 152.52 US dollars, to provide 5-year warranty after-sales service.


In the product packaging, we can still see the OCZ traditional style of small fresh blue packaging, and full of technology, a “TOSHIBA” logo tells us that it comes from Toshiba storage.


If the packaging is “OCZ”, the appearance of the product that it is, “Toshiba”, almost with Toshiba Q Series (Q200, Q300, Q300 Pro) nothing essentially different from the familiar Toshiba SSD users know that Toshiba SSD never liked For “shell”, and diligent for “core.”


Continuation of the design of Toshiba Q series SSD family style. Aluminum alloy material, a unique metal wire drawing process, feel good texture. The only people who can find OCZ SSD shadow, is affixed to the front of the SSD blue stickers.


Toshiba-OCZ VX500 on the back, and Toshiba Q300 series is exactly the same. But the label is different, the specific model VX500-25SATA3-512GB, 2.5 inches, SATA3.0 interface, 512GB capacity (our evaluation capacity, as well as 128G, 256G and 1TB optional).



Toshiba-OCZ VX500 is still versatile, strong compatibility SATA3.0 interface, backward compatible with the old SATA2.0 / 1.0 interface.



Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512GB aluminum alloy shell by the four screws, not the current popular button-type design, unscrew the screw can be easily opened, the back without any components.


Standard 2.5-inch PCB board design, each chip has a thermal silica gel, is conducive to quickly ease the heat generated when the chip work to extend the work of the chip life.


PCB board layout of the front of a master chip, and eight flash memory chips, single 64GB, composed of 512GB capacity. There is no component on the back.


Flash memory particles, from Toshiba 15 nm MLC, 8 single 64G form 512GB capacity, unlike most TLC SSD market, which a MLC flash memory advantage, not only reflected in the performance speed (with a long time after the capacity out of speed) But also in reading and writing stability, fault tolerance and life are very good.


Master, from the Toshiba Toshiba TC358790, very familiar with the feeling, from Q Pro to Q300Pro, are Fengyun master, Marvell Toshiba customized version, 8-channel, with no external cache design of the firmware. Firmware version: JYCX0101, and Q300Pro, Q200EX are not the same as the newer version.

3 Toshiba -OCZ VX500 512G SSD Performance Test
testing platform:

CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K (turn off all power-saving features)
Motherboard: Asus (ASUS) Z170-DELUXE
Memory: G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-3000 16G (8G × 2 )
hard disk: 1TB SSD (system tray)
Toshiba -OCZ VX500 512G SSD (test disc)
systems: Windows 10 professional Edition
drive: The system default Storahci

Read and write performance tests:

1, CrystalDiskMark performance test

CDM measured, the Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512G SSD continuous read and write speed of 552/522 MB / s, while the 4K QD1 random read and write speed of 24/142 MB / s, the test results are satisfactory.

2, AS SSD Benchmark test

Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512G SSD 4K random IOPS read and write to 91680 and 60131 (358,234 MB / s), with the official read and write data is basically consistent.

3, PCMark7 test

SSD test
Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512G SSD test results

In the relatively light load of the PCMar7 test, the Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512G SSD score of 5596 points, may be in the above two test software, MLC SSD compared to TLC SSD does not account for what advantage, that in the actual application test environment PCMark7 only reflected the power of MLC SSD.

4, PCMark8 test

SSD test

Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512G SSD PCMark8 score of 5001, breaking the 5000 mark, in my test many TLC SSD products, there is no one can break through 5000 points.

5, Anvil’s Storage Utilities software testing:


In the Anvil’s Storage Utilities software test, the Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512G SSD total score of 4428 points, eye-catching performance.

6, TxBENCH software testing:


Can be seen in different read and write conditions, the Toshiba-OCZ VX500 512G SSD performance will not be disappointing, such as the maximum 128KB QD32 read and write up to 552 / 523MB / s, QD1 also reached 311,440MB / s, In the home environment, this speed performance can greatly enhance the efficiency of PC computing.


Toshiba-OCZ VX500 series SSD to own master and MLC NAND V-Flash as a selling point, but also the preparation of optimized firmware algorithm, performance is good. Especially the practical application of the test PCMark7, PCMark8 test, the Toshiba-OCZ VX500 performance is better than some of the TLC SSD on the market. And 512GB official maximum write capacity of 296TB, the maximum allowable users to write up to 162GB per day, showing that in addition to performance, it is suitable for the pursuit of stable, reliable, long life in the high-end users.

At present, the Toshiba-OCZ VX500 SSD has not yet officially opened in the country to sell, but it is certainly a direct competitor to hide the Toshiba Q300 Pro, which will not play their own people to play their own situation? To see how you choose!