Xperia XZ high-pass Snapdragon 820 processor, equipped with a 5.2-inch full HD screen. The main camera with 23 million pixel IMX300 sensor, equipped with 24mm wide-angle G lens; front camera from 500 million pixels to 13 million pixels.

When we are full of joy that there should be no short board, 3GB RAM +64 GB ROM storage portfolio has some spicy eyes. In some relatively extreme scenarios, a smaller amount of memory, a slower rate of flash memory may be a drag on performance.

Performance test results
Contrast test models The XZ xperia
(Snapdragon 820 + eMMC) Hammer the M1
(Snapdragon 821 + UFS)
Ann Bunny v6.3 (Comprehensive) Total: 144 784
3D: 59 685 Total: 158 521
3D: 61354
Geekbench 4 (CPU) Monocyte: 1601
Multicore: 3913 Monocyte: 1891
Multicore: 4731
AndroBench 4 (ROM) With 4K read: 39.72MB / S
4K with the writing: 13.97MB / s With 4K read: 107.17MB / S
4K with the writing: 20.39MB / s
The actual test found that 64GB eMMC flash memory in response to crushing the file when powerless. We refer to the hammer M1, eMMC flash memory random read and write speed is slow, which has become Xperia XZ appears to be less flagship place.


Small tangled × 2: Charging speed slightly slower

Sony added Qnovo adaptive charging technology, according to the phone’s performance, temperature status in real time to adjust the battery charging speed; system also provides battery care (Battery Care) option to prevent the device more than 90% after the charge is still a long time.


Xperia XZ built-in 2900mAh battery, support QC3.0 fast charge, but only comes standard with 5V / 1.5A charging head, complete a charge cycle takes 174 minutes. Sony tilt the direction of the balance to the point of durability, appears to be somewhat conservative. Today, mobile phone replacement rate is so fast, coupled with the charging time is very fragmented, slow filling of the user experience is not really friendly.


Life enough but no surprise

As the screen size is relatively small, Xperia XZ equipped with 2900mAh battery, but the space utilization compared to the same size models or slightly lower. After 5 hours of standard life test, Xperia XZ remaining power 38%, compared to other Snapdragon 820 models are normal play.


The Xperia XZ retains the STAMINA power-saving mode, with the battery life decreasing from the “recommended battery life”, “equalizer”, and “recommended device performance” levels. In extreme cases, Ultra STAMINA mode only retains 5 basic applications, does have a good power saving effect, but a large battery for the Android phone is a better solution.


Perhaps due to low product planning estimates, or Sony’s eco-China is too optimistic about the app, in fact, the entire market environment has long been strange bad. Xperia XZ price in the first echelon, part of the configuration may make consumers tangle, slightly regrettable that after the time is to witness the black technology.

2 pictures black technology: triple image sensor technology
Photo Black Technology: Triple Image Sensing Technology
Sony adds professional imaging technology for the Xperia XZ – triple image sensor, including Exmor RS ™ CMOS, laser autofocus sensor, RGBC-IR full spectrum sensor. Xpeira XZ supports predictive hybrid AF, including phase, laser and contrast focus, to predict the action of the subject, predictive focus and tracking focus.


Rear camera with IMX300 Exmor RS ™ image sensor, 1 / 2.3 inch integrated 23 million pixels; with 24mm wide-angle G lens, F / 2.0 aperture; Join the mobile version of BIONZ ™ image processor, can quickly process high-resolution images from CMOS Data, generating clear low-noise photos.


RGBC-IR full-spectrum sensor for the first time to determine the visible color and infrared information, compared to the existing RGB-IR more colorless “C” pixels, can be achieved under complex lighting conditions More accurate exposure, closer to the reality of color performance.


Shooting experience and sample analysis

Since the Xperia XZ is equipped with a two-segment physical shutter button, the focus logic is slightly different from that of a conventional phone: click the framing interface to obtain the focus point position and pre-focus, and press the camera button again to fine-tune the lens to complete the final focus. As the use of more biased in favor of the camera, the old Master’s usage is to select the focus point – press the shutter button half-press the shutter button.

IPhone 7 Plus vs. Xperia XZ

Sony Xperia XZ camera imaging part has two influential, one is much larger than the general wide-angle mobile phone field of vision, and second, it looks great flavor of the color reproduction, making the first impression on the screen like.



Sony’s signature 24mm wide-angle G lens to accommodate more scenes, suitable for shooting scenes of the scene, but also facilitate the post-crop picture re-composition, with 23 million pixel CMOS is very appropriate.


Because Xperia XZ with RGBC-IR full-spectrum sensor, in most cases during the day to quickly adjust the color temperature, white balance performance trustworthy. Color reproduction than the human eye can see more vivid, not too much.


Laser focus sensor power is low, the scope of action is usually only 1-2 meters, mainly for macro scenes, or near and far landscape switching. Xperia XZ lens aperture is not large, but the shallow depth of field virtual effect is not bad.


IMX300 sensor pixel density is too high in the dark light but become a burden, the details of the traces of smear, resolving power of some serious decline. In addition, Xperia XZ hair color in a certain probability will be partial green, image quality compared to the day has a certain degree of decline.


This sample shot in the advanced automatic mode, the camera detects the ambient light, objects near and far, automatically trigger the backlight correction HDR, landscape mode, macro mode. In the light complex and even some backlit scenes, readily take a photo, the tolerance, availability, some unexpected, obviously a thousand dollars with the machine opened the gap.


In fact, Sony Xperia XZ can have more games are played, especially the use of 24mm wide-angle camera, in addition to more magnificent scenery shot, the portrait will also please sister.


The use of wide-angle distortion of the principle, from the low-angle shooting sister, they can see sister’s legs appear longer, compared to the normal angle before shooting when there is no such advantage.


In the normal angle of the shooting, if the sister’s legs slightly to the left / right display, you can also have a long legs to take the sister.

3 Appearance Iteration: new design new material
Appearance Iteration: new design new material
In the tired to follow the five generations of full-balance design (Omni Balance Design), Xperia XZ finally replaced the new style, that is, unified design (Unified Design). Sony is designed to make the design, technology, and the integration between people and lifestyles, “mobile phone is not just a technology product, but like a part of your life.”


Xperia XZ approach is to return to simplicity, abandon the complex lines, R angle and other elements, shape close to the slender flat rectangular. The frame as the whole frame, upper and lower ends of the fuselage is the thickest, to avoid the front and rear panel direct contact with the desktop. In order to take care of the grip, the box at both ends of the thinning, the screen glass and after the shell to play a smooth transition.


The top handset and speakers are integrated, and the front is still a symmetrical pair of loudspeakers, the length of which is drastically reduced and the position is no longer close to the frame. 2.5D glass edge of the screen texture is more prominent than in the past models.


As the forehead and chin some wide, Xpeira XZ machine screen is not high. The bottom is not configured touch buttons, but follow Google specifications, follow the screen virtual button, inevitably squeeze some of the screen space.


Side power key integrated fingerprint identification module, a special location led to its slender shape, but the recognition success rate is not bad. Power button and the box hit the color, it is particularly eye-catching, such a unique design, in addition to Sony no two home.


The back of a large area with ALKALEIDO ™ magnesium lithium aluminum back cover, this provided by the Japanese Kobe steel materials, not only thin and has good rigidity and thermal conductivity, light irradiation gradient effect is very unique. Below a small patch is a plastic material, signal overflow need to be achieved through this region.


Xperia XZ in the box without antenna leucorrhea, no speaker openings, no screws, and SIM card slot cover, volume and camera keys as possible without color, look like a seamless, very few industrial traces.


Xperia XZ IP65 / IP68 dustproof waterproof level, industrial design maverick, in the mobile phone industry called a clean. Unique total love and hate is clear, like the people doubly like, nothing more.

4 System Experience: clean and simple alternative
System experience: alternative clean and simple
Xperia XZ running Android 6.0 system, compared to increasingly bloated domestic ROM, the localization of customization is relatively small. This also means that the degree of commercialization is low, the benefits of a considerable portion of the system software, no annoying push and advertising. The system retains two menu, the icon shape is mainly nested round bottom, not blindly superimposed lighting, fresh and clean.


System software designed to strictly follow the Google application development specifications, concise style, a little fresh taste. Each APP basic only corresponds to a function, there is no similar security housekeeper of this type of aggregation applications, application rights management needs to system settings to achieve.


It is worth mentioning that many system software is also attached after the launch of the UI presentation, the details are small but very practical and intimate. We feel that the starting point of customization system is not cold to grab the user value, if emotional care is also a kind of feelings, I believe there will be more and more users are willing to pay for this.


Sony’s business empire territory is vast, in addition to a strong sense of CMOS, the quantum dot backlight display technology – Terri charm color (Triluminos) has long been decentralized to the phone, through the quantum dot to improve the screen color gamut.


X-Reality image processing engine, mainly used to improve the color, contrast with the signal to noise ratio, combined with the Terri charm color technology, color performance together to make poor LCD screen also has a good Of the display.


Finally, we recommend two high-quality system applications, namely the original album and video master. The top bar of the album is used to rotate photos and videos, the photo layout and size below support gesture scaling, cool effect and use;


Xperia XZ system for the native Android modification traces lighter, you can quickly follow the Android version of the iteration. Interface style is neat and simple, localization function inferior to domestic ROM, like or not depends on personal preference.

to sum up
Sony is also known to the hardware giant, the underlying technical strength is still strong. Compared to its high cold tone and price, Xperia XZ did not show the advantages of Yiqijuechen difficult to compete with other international manufacturers for high-end market, the sound volume can not match the rapid rise of domestic manufacturers.

Recent concept of mobile phones continue to hot future, the market pattern is like a quiet before the storm. We faint to see the various vendors poised to go, Sony must be ranked among them, at least the current mobile phone business has stopped losses. If Sony really hard up, what would be some scenes?