About  HDR, we certainly have the impression, because the phone has long HDR camera this thing, it can take three different exposure photos and synthesis through the HDR technology, in order to obtain better results photos. HDR on television, although there are discrepancies, but the ultimate goal is to make quality better.

HDR stands for High the Dynamic the Range , Chinese translation is a high dynamic range , refers to the ability to accommodate bright and shadow detail. This concept is simple to understand that by increasing the brightness to broaden the image display range, in order to better show the light and shadow. Ordinary TV brightness is generally between 500 nits to 1000 nits, so the picture of the high light and dark light part of the details will be a lot of lost, or white into a black or a lump, so that quality is greatly reduced, and HDR TV Can reach more than 1000 nits, the screen can accommodate more color and detail, in order to get a better picture quality experience.

All in all HDR technology can bring leaps and bounds of the picture quality progress, far greater than the 1080P to 4K progress, coupled with the future of the basic TV will be equipped with HDR, prices may not rise too much, the value is not worth buying this problem a bit too much , The first question to consider how to buy a good HDR TV?

Most manufacturers in promoting their products will spend a lot of time ” HDR compatible “, ” HDR function ” and other words, the specific content and will not reveal too much, in fact, these words have a television does not mean they can play HDR content. HDR is currently divided into two criteria, namely ” HDR 10 ” and ” Dolby Vision “, if the TV supports HDR 10 standard playing Dolby Vision video standard, and can not bring HDR effect. So we buy HDR TV before the first to confirm the HDR version of the TV.

Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision is a comprehensive set of proprietary solutions, mainly following section describes the HDR, Dolby Vision technology can be understood as television and film source Flex technology, first used during the filming of high dynamic to standard Dolby toned work , To be completed after the film through Dolby’s own ecological chain release, and Dolby comes with a dedicated chip will detect the output capacity of equipped equipment, adjust the signal source parameters to optimize the output.

We see the film should be no stranger to the word Dolby, as the theater technology leader, Dolby HDR technology is indeed an advantage, but also laid out their own ecological chain, the overall quality is good, but the current support Not many manufacturers, not with the official 4K Blu-ray disc HDR format, so the promotion is still at a disadvantage.


Dolby Vision can be said that Dolby’s own things, other manufacturers would like to use it must spend an authorization fee, and veteran giants such as Samsung, SONY, LG and so is certainly not satisfied, in order to save to pay Dolby royalties, and strengthen themselves Product control, so they united and engaged in a HDR video program, that is, -HDR10.HDR10 and Dolby Vision core technology is the same, in brightness, color and other parameters with the Dolby standard is no different, the main difference in HDR10 only supports 10-bit color depth, Dolby supports up to 12-bit.

The actual effect is indeed Dolby better vision, but because this is the standard in most big companies to develop, HDR10 has become the majority choice, HDR10 is the official format Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray Disc on resources from it, HDR10 a natural Of the advantages, which is Dolby vision than on.

Overall, HDR10 End from the content side, burst Dolby Vision, market product selection particularly large, general users recommend HDR10, HDR10 also specific firmware upgrade advantage, while Dolby Vision can only hardware upgrades. Conditional watch Amazon, Netfilx, especially VUDU live online user, it is recommended Dolby Vision products, because of the above there are plenty of resources UHD movies, but also the image quality Dolby horizon ahead.


HDR in front of a meal, but still can not escape the question of rice, HDR TV HDR content needs to play to play the role of resource scarcity is 4K and HDR TV is facing the biggest problem. HDR than 4K has an advantage, that is, HDR content on the resolution is not required, even 2K can achieve HDR, compared to 4K content, HDR content quality progress more, so the current HDR content is also a great wealth , But are in the provision of foreign businessmen, the basic domestic can be ignored.

In addition to film and television resources, the game is HDR a big power point, riding the PS4 PRO on sale, the recent sale of large-scale games have announced support for HDR technology, such as “War Machine 4”, “Final Fantasy 15”, “GT Sport” , Etc., there is no HDR equipment you can not experience, this is the most gas.

There is no doubt HDR shine this year, although the film source is relatively poor, but it is still very optimistic about the development of HDR, because compared to the resolution in the 4K make a fuss, HDR really concerned about the quality of the core of the light and shade, Quality improvement is real, through the panel and the development of backlight technology, the near future beyond the plasma quality is also very stable. Currently HDR technology development has not yet unified standards, so we buy in order to prevent gimmicks products, or preferred Samsung, LG, Dafa brand in the high-end products for the wonderful, low-end products, then there is no need to consider the effect of the problem, When the choice of domestic brands is appropriate.