Huawei 2016 Sales

Huawei 2016 establish a long-term partnership with thousands of global distributors, retailers to. Currently has more than 3 million people in the retail promotion and service team, the world has over 70,000 retail positions and nearly 800 service stores.
In this speech, Yu Chengdong also mentioned some of the challenges facing Huawei. He said that in the past 2016, although Huawei’s business to further enhance the scale, but some businesses and some overseas countries did not meet the established objectives.
At the same time, Huawei overseas and new business is still in the investment period, Marketing, channels, retail costs investment growth too fast, short-term investment can not be completely dominant, the overall cost increased significantly. In 2017, Huawei will continue to increase in the basic capabilities, research and development, innovation and other areas of investment, which also on the profitability of Huawei made an unprecedented challenge.
This is similar to that mentioned by Xu Zhijun, CEO of Huawei this morning. Yu said that Huawei’s current capacity and resources in terms of cost, internal control, process IT, and supply chain are insufficient, resulting in the management of the organization being extensive and the fine operation capability is weak. .
In particular, supply chain problems such as payments, incentives, and so forth are in urgent need of improvement. In addition, the cost of parts and components and supplies is rising, and the shortage of supply is also a problem.
In addition, Yu Chengdong that Huawei’s current product is not enough focus, models, input-output ratio is low, the future will reduce the model and do fine.
He said in his speech: “2017 is the refinement of Huawei operations change, all to profit center.From all levels of organization, from every person, every bit of detail to improve the efficiency of efficiency, and strictly control the cost and risk, healthy growth.”
Speaking of the future, Yu Chengdong said that Huawei’s consumer business will continue to explore new technologies, new forms and new materials, and accelerate the development of intelligent home, sports health, VR / AR, artificial intelligence and other ecosystems.
“The next 3-5 years, we are not only the global market reshuffle period can survive 2-3 mobile phone manufacturers, is also the Chinese mobile phone market reshuffle to survive a very small number of mainstream mobile phone manufacturers, and will live “Yu Chengdong said, 2016-2017 Huawei is fighting for the rise, next year means to a bigger step.