Honor in this year enrich its product line, in addition to the Play, Honor series, also introduced before the V8 Honor and honor NOTE8. The Honor of this year’s pollen conference brought a surprise to everyone that the Honor of this year will not continue with the launch of the new machine, the Honor of the new Magic. For this phone, before the Internet is also part of the exposure, the more stunning rumors, but when the real machine debut, carefully look at this phone does have some unusual.



Configuration Review

From the hardware configuration point of view, Honor Magic is not a flagship ultra-high-performance mobile phone, the machine is equipped with a Kirin 950 processor, this processor has been applied to the Honor of the Honor 8 and V8, the performance has been recognized by everyone . The screen may be a Honor Magic a bright spot, 5.09 inch 2K resolution AMOLED screen may be those who like small screen and the pursuit of high-resolution user’s favorite memory Honor Magic uses a combination of 4GB RAM +64 GB ROM, to meet Usually the use of demand.

Honor Magic configuration parameters
CPU The Kirin 950
GPU Mali-T880
screen 5.09 inch, 2560×1440 resolution AMOLED screen
12 million color camera rear +1200-megapixel rear black and white camera

800-megapixel front-facing camera

system Android 6.0, the Honor of Magic Live
size and weight 146.1×69.9×7.8mm 145g
battery capacity 2900mAh, HUAWEI innovative fast-charge the Power Magic
Network standard Dual sim dual standby full-Netcom
Special feature Double 3D glass, intelligent IC chip, temperature protection chip
Listing price 3699 yuan
Camera, the Honor Magic uses a front dual lens design, and rear camera for the same dual lens design, respectively, 12 million pixel color camera and 12 million pixel black and white camera. In addition, the Honor Magic is a major highlight of the battery, 2900mAh Although the capacity of the battery is small, but the charge speed is very fast, the official said the Honor 30 minutes to charge 90% of the charge.


Design, the Honor Magic gives the first impression is amazing. Prior to a lot of mobile phones are used 3D glass design, this design brings a better feel, and the Honor Magic uses a double 3D glass design, that is, before and after the glass material. In the fuselage of the eight side has a curved handle, not only brought an excellent feel, while the visual effects are also very shocking.


Honor Magic is the Honor of its first pre-fingerprint recognition module phone, in the experience, the Honor Magic’s fingerprint recognition speed quickly. In addition, in the HOME button also joined the Magic Touch function, the user can click the HOME button to return to the main interface, double-click to multi-task switch, sliding HOME key is the return operation.

Honor Magic

Honor Magic’s front camera is very unique, using a dual lens design, in addition to the normal color lens, there is an infrared camera, which allows users in the dark environment can also be self-timer. In addition to the camera, the handset also joined the proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and infrared LED lights, thanks to the UV coating process, the Honor of the Magic body only the top of the color camera is exposed. Here to say about the Honor Magic to join the new features – FaceCode, when the user picks up the phone, the phone will automatically bright screen, when you put down the phone, the phone will automatically extinguish screen. In addition, the Honor Magic also supports FaceCode function, when the phone has a new message, only pre-entry of face information to see the message details, others can not see, this is a very useful feature.


Magic back of the fuselage also uses 3D glass design, the back of the top is two 12 million pixel color / black and white parallel bionic camera, the camera on the left side of the flash.


In order to make the Honor Magic more beautiful, the Honor of this phone SIM card slot design in the bottom of the fuselage, power button and volume control keys are designed in the right side of the fuselage. Bottom from left to right were 3.5mm headphone jack, SIM card slot, TYPE-C charging port and speaker.
4G network: the entire network , mobile 4G , Unicom 4G , telecommunications 4G Screen Size: 5.09 inches
Screen resolution: 2560 × 1440 pixels System: the Android 6.0
Battery capacity: 2900mAh CPU: Kirin 950 2.3GHz (8 cores)
User Rating: 3.5 parameters offer pictures reviews Reviews Forum Dealer



The Magic Run Magic Live, known as the wisdom of the system, there are stable and evolutionary version, the two versions can switch to each other. Honor in the system by adding a lot of intelligent features, such as SMS interface can directly identify each other’s voice, can be directly displayed GPS or weather and so on.

Honor MagicHonor Magic

Honor Magic information can also be embedded inside the keyword links, such as movies. When your chat records the film-related information, the system will automatically add the link for the movie name, recommend the recent Reying large, and according to the user’s favorite to provide theater and booking functions. When you arrive at the cinema, the Honor Magic will pop up tickets for ticket votes, and finally read the movie will pop up critique interface, this series of features can be said to be very intelligent.


In addition to these, the Honor Magic also perceive the owner, the perception of the environment, life helper, travel assistant, and so humane function, due to limited time on the site, the content will be described in detail for the future.


Magic for the Honor of so many intelligent features, surely a lot of people are worried about the safety of mobile phones, this Honor in the conference also said the Honor Magic has a four-fold privacy protection, the first is the user’s data are stored in the phone , The second for the authorization, all data collection are subject to user authorization; the third Honor Magic also anti-intrusion protection, so that privacy is more secure; the last Honor Magic is equipped with the Kirin chip encryption function, Make your data more secure.

Hardware Configuration

Honor Magic hardware configuration is not the top of the moment, but also reached a high level, the Kirin 950 processor has a decent CPU performance, GPU for the Mali-T880, standard 4GB RAM +64 GB ROM, read and write performance Have a good performance, to meet the needs of users usually no pressure to use.


To say Honor Magic hardware highlights, that is, the battery. Honor Magic is equipped with a 2900mAh capacity battery, for a phone with a 2K screen, this capacity is not large, but this battery has a magical place, that is, charging speed is very fast, the official claim that 30 minutes can charge 90 % Of the electricity, the speed of the current number of fast-charging mobile phone in the lead.


Whether it is front camera, or rear camera, Honor Magic has a decent performance. Honor Magic front of the dual cameras, respectively, 800 million pixel color camera and an infrared camera, this infrared camera allows users in dark environments can also take the United States and the United States from the camera.


Rear lens, the Honor Magic uses a 12 million pixel color +1200 megapixel black and white combination, which is consistent with the Honor of the above 8, both to reduce the photo noise, but also to improve the quality of photographed in low light conditions.

to sum up

Simple hands-on experience, the Honor of Magic this phone gives the biggest impression is the intelligence, which also fit the theme of the conference. More and more serious in the homogenization of today, consumers may no longer single to pursue the hardware configuration of the phone, more fancy cell phone ease of use, such as the intelligent system and so on. Aside these do not say that the Honor of Magic is indeed a work well, the design of small screen mobile phone stunning, for those who prefer small screen mobile phone users, may be the best choice Magic Honor.