Prime Updater Removal (April 2018 update)

Prime Updater Prime Updater claims to be useful app which will help you promote experience while surf the web. If you are easy to be cheated by its name, you will later be desperately disappointed since it is the main source for ads on your PC. On the opposite, it is the punisher for your […]

goMovix extension Removal (April 2018 update)

About GoMovix extension GoMovix extension claims to give you better speed and good performance when you are surfing the Internet. However, after we studied it, we found that its main conduct is to trick you via ads and all its features prove that GoMovix extension belongs to adware category. As an adware, GoMovix extension is […]

Hellmolip Setup Removal

Horrible Things about Hellmolip Setup virus You Should Know Hellmolip Setup virus is considered as potentially unwanted program (PUP),which is able to flood your screen with numerous annoying ads. These ads are very dangerous since it’s make up by the monitored information extracted from the online activities. Therefore, you are easy to believe in the […]

BATATA SETUP Removal Steps

All About BATATA SETUP When BATATA SETUP appears on the system, computer users will be confused for they don’t download and install it before. According the computer security experts team, this is an adware-type malware. It is provided to display thousands of ads on the computer screen and its hit rate is high for its […]

How to Remove Twitter.Windows.dll? (Solved)

Everything about Twitter.Windows.dll Twitter.Windows.dll is not an good item you want you see in your computer and it is seldom discovered by the security system even though it is not a good item at all. Instead of showing on the desk of computer, Twitter.Windows.dll generally hides on the browser as a plugin in order to […]