ASUS Transformer3

ASUS Transformer3 continued the typical design of such equipment, flat panel + keyboard combination makes a person can distinguish this is a combo computer. The fuselage is the most interesting part of the natural fall on the screen, Transformer3 is equipped with a 12.6-inch touch screen resolution of 2880 × 1920 3K level, it also has 121% sRGB wide color gamut And 450 nits of screen brightness, which also means that it can bring a very good display.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to be able to make the screen display further, Transformer3 with ASUS exclusive Tru2Life imaging technology. The intelligent software algorithm, regardless of what the video screen, each pixel sharpness and contrast can be optimized, so that the video looks clearer, more richer and more realistic. In addition, Eye-Care mode can reduce the harmful blue light emitted by the screen, so as to achieve the effect of protecting the user’s eyes, very intimate.

Now a lot of time, we evaluate the traditional notebook products tend to selectively ignore the front of the camera part, but for the Combo device is concerned, is still very important. ASUS Transformer3 is equipped with a 500-megapixel front camera, the actual imaging effect is great, if you often self-timer or video chat, then it will not let you down.


Its power button is located on the top left side of the fuselage, adjacent to a group of volume control buttons. I do not know if you noticed, Transformer3 power button and many similar products on the treatment is different, it uses a concave design. From an intuitive visual point of view, this approach is good to take into account the overall aesthetics. Of course, the more important point is that its integrated fingerprint recognition.

To be honest, fingerprint recognition is not uncommon in today’s notebooks. Its arrival for the user’s data security provides a higher level of protection, which for the business office crowd, undoubtedly has enough attractive. Another point, ASUS Transformer3 will be fingerprint reader and power integration with the design, but also makes the system from the boot to enter the system more convenient this process.

Compared to a glance can see the overall exogenous, often the details of the part of the polished to better reflect a product is fine enough. You can see, Asus Transformer3 edge using a metal cutting process, which also makes it seem high-end range of children full.

Compared to traditional notebook products, two-in-one equipment is often more emphasis on some audio and video entertainment, which also put forward a higher sound requirements. This part of the Asus Transformer3 with SonicMaster Premium sound master sound technology, and in the fuselage on both sides of the distribution of the two speakers, the results of intelligent amplifier technology, can bring great shocking sound. Personal feeling, to create a surround effect, it’s quite a force to the performance.

Due to their own property constraints, both the recent listing of the light of today or we are talking about combo equipment, external expansion capabilities are not satisfactory. Interface section, ASUS Transformer3 is equipped with a headphone / microphone combo interface and a Type-C interface. And Apple 2016 MacBook Pro, want a richer external expansion, can only choose another equipped with docking station to solve.

Speaking of this part of the configuration, I deliberately went to the official mall looked under the ASUS. Currently available in two different types of docking station optional, one is three-in-one million with a docking station to support the type of transfer USB-C, HDMI and USB 3.0 interface; the other is the seven-in-one million with a docking station, Support for the type of SD card reader, headset, microphone, USB-C, 2 × USB 3.0, RJ45, VGA and HDMI interface.


In contrast, three-in-one million with the advantage of the dock is cheap (compared to seven-in-one dock to 370), and a head should be smaller, easy to carry, casually throw bag on can. Seven-in-one docking station has obvious advantages, the interface type and number of support than the former more, the disadvantage is also clear. As for how to choose, and if I do not like the local tyrants, then a better cost-effective three-in-one, the latter can be purchased in addition to the adapter can be.
Transformer3 back of the fuselage treatment and before we have done Ling Yao 3, it also continues the family has always been drawing concentric design. You can see, in the light irradiation can show a strong metal texture, rather personality.

Front we talked about it equipped with a 500-megapixel front camera, can be said to force enough. The rear camera, Transformer3 also not disappointing, up to 13 million pixels, means that when you travel, you can rely on to record along the scenery along the way, the imaging results are quite satisfactory.

In the final analysis, two-in-one device to assume the main role or office, which is it compared to the traditional Tablet PC’s advantage. Although in recent years, Apple is trying to indoctrinate the iPad to meet everyone’s office needs, but from the actual use of point of view, whether software or hardware, you want to replace the traditional PC, there is still a long way to go.

I do not know if you have experienced Apple’s iPad equipped with that section of the keyboard, personally, the overall handling is not satisfactory, long text entry, you will find it very “suffer.” The other hand, ASUS Transformer3, it is indeed part of the keyboard tuning under the Fan Kung Fu, 1.4mm key way and a strong combination of feedback force, the overall impression does not lose the general light of this.

In addition, it’s this keyboard also supports three backlit, you can according to their actual use needs to adjust the light brightness. In addition, the official also provides, including the colorful orange, quartz white, and reckless coffee, including three other different kinds of keyboard protective sleeve color, in addition to the black, To a large extent to meet the needs of different groups of people.

Not long ago, a friend asked me which combo election, when it comes to why the choice of such equipment, his answer is: when the usual office when (traditional) notebook, at home when watching movies You can remove the keyboard, directly as a flat, it is in line with their own needs. I believe that many want to start combo friends should be like him, multi-mode use is the reason we choose.

Tablet mode, ASUS Transformer3 can achieve all the features of the Windows tablet. Even in the blanket, you can easily hold it in the hands to browse the web or read the information, which is a traditional notebook can not be achieved (even 13.3-inch, the volume is still too large). The adaptive screen, to meet the different grip in the normal display, it is convenient.

With the mobile office has become the norm, we portable devices for notebooks also put forward higher requirements, and the future of thin and light notebook equipment is the development trend. Benefit from their own attributes, two-in-one portable device in terms of the traditional notebook is undoubtedly more advantages. Official given Transformer3 fuselage thickness of 6.9mm, with a dollar coin from the point of view, the thinner than the latter.

Weight, ASUS Transformer3 travel weight of 1432g. The weight of the whole machine is 690g, the weight of the keyboard protection cover is 559g and the weight of the power adapter is 192g. It should be noted that due to the error of the measuring instrument, the weight of the three items is slightly different from the actual measurement value, but the gap is not Big. On the whole, such a weight for the frequent business travel office crowd, is undoubtedly quite attractive.
Everyone in the discussion of whether the notebook is good enough, often around the two, but life and cooling issues. For the two-in-one audio and video entertainment equipment is concerned, the performance is no doubt that we are more concerned about the part, but because of the thermal performance of the strength will directly affect the user experience, which can not help but let us Transformer3 of the cooling performance is quite looking forward to. This part of the test I chose a closer to the actual use of the environment video playback, as well as the traditional PCMark 8 life test in two ways to carry out.


First, under the video playback test environment, the screen brightness is set to 100%, while opening the keyboard backlight. As can be seen, the test starting charge was 97%.


After 30 minutes of uninterrupted video playback, the battery power from 97% to 87%. From the screenshot below shows the results of the power display, the remaining capacity can support 4 hours and 8 minutes use of time. Of course, this part of the test is only for everyone to provide a reference, different use of the environment, the battery life is also different. Here we look at some of the more objective PCMark 8 battery life test.


PCMark 8 is a set of comprehensive performance analysis for the PC system test suite, it will be various projects were classified, these projects are Home, Creative, Work, Storge and Applications. One of the Storge main test is the computer’s storage performance and stability, and Applications are mainly for Microsoft Office and other third-party software for testing.

PCMark 8 test conditions: screen brightness of 75%, while opening the keyboard backlight. PCMark 8 in the test environment, Transformer3 to produce a 3h22min results. For a two-in-one device, this performance is quite good, used to move office or entertainment, fully meet our normal needs.

Cooling part of the test also chose the same idea with the previous life. The difference is, this time I did not Furmark pager test, but by playing 30 minutes of video to the way. For a two-in-one device, the ultimate cooling test is clearly not much practical reference. Ling-huan 3 to see the actual performance of heat.

From the heat distribution map, Transformer3 fuselage high-temperature area is located at the bottom of the junction with the keyboard protective cover, the maximum temperature of 30.8 ℃, the other part of the temperature control is satisfactory; the back of the high-temperature region appears in the left, the highest Temperature 28.0 ℃, and because the fuselage is made of metal material, Transformer3 back temperature is very uniform. Overall, thanks to its ultra-low heat carried by the m3-7Y30 processor, Transformer3 thermal performance can be said to be very stunning.

PCMark 8 is for Windows system performance benchmark test software, home (Home) test is one of the test mode (a total of 5), mainly to simulate the use of ordinary users of the environment, the test project covers web browsing, document processing, Video chat, and light load games, etc., and includes OpenCL acceleration and traditional two test modes.


● AS SSD test

AS SSD Benchmark is a German SSD test software, you can test a continuous read and write, 4K alignment, 4KB random read and write and response time performance, and gives a comprehensive score. The software also comes with the Compression Benchmark project, which can give a curve, describing the data model with the compressed data occupancy rate (compression ratio) increases, the performance of the transformation.
The article here almost come to an end. Looking back ASUS Transformer3, family-style concentric design of the introduction, making it look full of personality, will not appear too mediocre, quite recognizable. Hardware configuration, the seventh generation Inte Core m3-7Y30, 8GB memory, 256GB SSD combination, the performance is not strong enough, but for audio-visual entertainment and light office it fully able to cope. Or that sentence, according to their actual use needs to choose it.